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Found 5 results

  1. Note this is a MODIFIED version of Tekkit Legends. it was working fine earlier today, but then I went to create a new world and I kept crashing on load, tried re-creating and nothing worked! Here is the recent log, all crashes have a very similar log... http://pastebin.com/4MRP3n4c
  2. After scouring the internet for weeks, I finally decided to come to the source of the issue. My Tekkit Classic will not launch, instead I get a separate window as if it were to launch that is pure grey. I have tried everything that the internet has to suggest, and still nothing. I'm getting the age old error message in the console of: Exception in thread "Minecraft main thread" java.lang.RuntimeException: sidedDelegate null when attempting to getMinecraftLogger, this is generally caused by you not installing FML properly, or installing some other mod that edits Minecraft.class on
  3. I remember when Tekkit Lite first came out, and everyone was sketchy about it because it had no EE2, but it had EE3, which was basically nothing. I remember being told that they were planning to fix it and bring it out on the next version of Tekkit (> . <). Although when Tekkit (Space) came out, most of the gaming community that I knew were extremely disappointed, not only because they didn't include a fix for EE2 to be in the next upgrade after TL like they promised, but they removed IC2 as well. So my question to you is, after the developers saying one thing but doing another, as wel
  4. I used to have a AOBT server with my friends but I've decided to bring it back but I cannot seem to get it working. Does any one have a a solution to the error I am getting? 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server stopped 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server shut down 16.01 21:04:44 [server] INFO /run.sh: line 31: 30106 Killed /monitor.sh "$PID" "$USER" 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 detected 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 dead! 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO ... 16 more 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.LaunchClassLoader.findClass(
  5. Hey guys, i have a problem with my modpack. When i install the mods on my minecraft it just works fine without errors, but when i use it as a modpack with tekkit, it just dont work. When i start it, i get the vanilla screen of minecraft. I made 2 folders: bin, mods in mods i put mods and coremods, in bin i put the forge and named it modpack.jar (its a jar file, no zip) i zipped the whole thing (mods and bin are in the root folder of the zip) and uploaded it to my webspace. when i start it, like i said, im getting vanilla. can u help me? modpack: http://ni100
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