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Found 5 results

  1. so this is my 1st modpack, a list of the mods in it are Aether II Applied Energistics Baubles Better Storage Big Reactors Buildcraft Ender IO Mo' Creatures Extra Planets Fossil & Archeology Galacticraft Industrial Craft Iron Chests Legend Gear MCA Natura Tinkers' Construct Camping Mod Weeping Angels Witchery there is also a server that has just been opened I tried to include something for everyone so I hope you enjoy! If anyone has any advice or tips please let me know =)
  2. Jump into a world where dinosaurs are still existent and technology is advanced more than you could ever imagine. Jump into a world where the only limit is your imagination! Join us on this adventure through the thickest of jungles and over the highest of mountains. We will survive! Jump into a world where you can ride your dinosaurs into battle and fight side by side until death! Jump into a world where your items are safe from raiders and trolls while still having the fun PvP aspect alive! FossilTech is a Dinosaur Tech pack made in 2014. We have ran multiple servers in the past before landing in the powerful dedicated server we run today. We ensure that we offer the best PvE experience on our servers to keep your items and dinosaurs safe from griefing and raiding. We have multiple locations that you can PvP other players to see how your gear will stand against some of the most powerful people on the server! You can vote for daily rewards as well as receiving extra bonuses. Our chat rules insure that the server is friendly for all ages to play without there being the issue of inappropriate language and slurs being used in front of our younger audience. So come and check us out! Download our modpack and the server is there waiting for you! You can also join our website and teamspeak server here: RoboJackPlays: FossilTech Manager
  3. This is a cool Dino tech modpack that is themed around the Jurassic World movie! Complete with a official server that is already in the multiplayer section from when you download! This modpack contains 78 mods (may change in updates!) If you would like a list please come on and tell me and i will shortly publish a list after requests! We are a very new modpack and we are still learning about how the Technic thing works! We have our own Discord server and all of our server staff are using that we also have a forum that people can fill out to apply for staff if needed! So please come on the server/discord and come and talk me and the other staff/owners will be happy to help! Modpack Link: Modpack Name: FossilTech We do recommend allocating more memory to your Technic to make the pack run smoother See:
  4. Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file: general { B:BrachiosaurBreaksBlocks=false B:DinosaursGrow=true B:DinosaursHunger=true B:SpawnAcademy=true B:SpawnAnu=true B:SpawnShipwrekcs=true B:SpawnWeaponShop=true B:TRexBreaksBlocks=false I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice? The next issue is with the tropicrafts mod. Im trying to white-list myself and a friend to be able to use the coconut bombs but still no luck: # Message that will be displayed when someone without permission tries to use a coconut bomb S:cocoBombWarning=You do not have permission to use coconut bombs Check the coconut bomb whitelist in the Tropicraft config file! # List of users who can use coconut bombs. S:coconutBombWhitelist=Ram_Whitehearth KaroniSigara Not sure why its not working but I could really use some help. Thanks for your time, Ram
  5. Im having an Issue with the large dinos (T-rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, Triceratops, ect.) breaking blocks, including bedrock, when they run into them. This makes it impossible to build them a cage short of creating their own island for them. Is there any /gamerule or code I can type in to turn off block breaking for these mobs? Turning off mob grieving does not work. Thanks for your time, Ram