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Found 2 results

  1. Currently when i launch hexxit 1.0.10 the game runs smoothly for about 10 minutes then completely freezes. The game doesn't stop responding or even crash, and it just overlays on my screen until either I restart my computer or sometimes have the luck to get to task manager and stop the process. After I restart my computer or manage to close hexxit, the pack then refuses to open as if the play button doesn't work, until I can uninstall and reinstall the pack for another thrilling 10 minutes of gameplay to the same problem. tried fixes: -updated java from 8u111 to 8u121 -uninstalled and reinstalled the pack (works but problem continues) -computer restart -changing ram allocation from 4GB to 5GB, (also tried lowering to 1GB and 2GB) -changing video settings to lowest (wont let me change server texures without freezing) I am currently running on windows 10 with 64bit OS with 6GB of ram total and an AMD Quad Core 2.5GHz processor, and the pack runs smoothly until abruptly freezing. I can't give any more information on the issue because the pack gives me 0 info on what is going on, no logs, no crash reports, nothing.
  2. Hey Everybody, this is my first time starting a thread on technic forums so forgive me if i do anything wrong. Alright, so a little over a month ago i started taking various mods on Curse and from the "Attack of the B-team" modpack and a few others to make a modpack of my own for personal use. It is privately published and have been doing very well making changes as i see fit and expanding to it. So for the problem, as of today i updated my pack once again, ran it through techniclauncher and proceeded to play it. All worked well and i was surprised with its stablility until about 20 minutes in everything bug out. My character was still able to move around, the game ran lag free, and i could break blocks. The problems were that mobs froze in their place. They did not recognize me walking by them or take any damage when i tried to left-click on them. The odd part was that their animation stayed intact? Bats still flapped their wings, and horses still wagged their tails, but nothing otherwise. Another problem i found was that although i could break blocks i recieved no dropped item from them. Can anybody tell me what is wrong so that i may be able to fix it? Below are the mods i have installed through technic (v1.6.4) CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4- [1.6.4]bspkrsCorev5.0 [1.6.4]CrystalWing.Forge.1.6.4.r04.Universal [1.6.4]TreeCapitator.Forge.1.6.4.r09.Universal [1.6.4+] ChickenShed (v1.1.2) [1.6.x] WildCaves v0.4.3.4 _1.6.4_FoodEx_1.6.2 1.6.4.BetterStorage_0.7.3.38 antiqueatlas-3.0.0-mc1.6.4 Aquaculture_1.2.4 ArmorSmelter_1.6.4_b1 autoutils-1.6.4-1.0.1 backpack-1.26.29-1.6.x Better Archery 1.6.3 for 1.6.4 (modpack) BetterSignsMod[v1.6.4.B] BloodParticles_10_164 Carpenter's Blocks v2.0.3 - MC 1.6+ ChickenChunks chisel-1.6.4-1.5.0fix CodeChickenCore CraftGuide- DynamicLights_1.6.4 ExtrabiomesXL-universal-1.6.4-3.15.7 Hats2.1.5 KeithyUtils_1.2 mc-roguelike-1.6.4-client-v1.2.6 Morph-Beta-0.7.1 OptiFine_1.6.4_HD_D1 roguelike-v1.2.9-forge-1.6.4 TConstruct_mc1.6.4_1.5.5.4 twilightforest-1.6.4-1.20.5 UndergroundBiomes 1.6.x - 0.4.2c VillageTaverns-2.1.6-2.14 WeaponMod yalsm-2.0.3 ZansMinimap1.6.4 As a side note, how do i know if the roguelike dungeons mod is working? i can't seem to find any spawns of them anywhere?
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