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Found 12 results

  1. Website: http://apocgaming.org | Server IP: AS.APOCGAMING.ORG | Discord: https://discord.gg/uctbDQb Technic Modpack Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/agrarian-skies.1540828 You can also join our AS 4.1.0 server using Curse, Technic, or ATL. For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here: http://apocgaming.org/servers AGN is a community of gamers for minecraft and other online games founded in 1999 for gaming and setup in 2010 for minecraft servers. We host independently from Zilacon's own privately ho
  2. Looking to combine Tekkit and FTB, preferably FTB-Infinity-Evolved, into one modpack. If not Infinity-Evolved, it may be easier to combine Tekkit with an older version of FTB that is also on 1.6.4. I run a small server and half of us like the technical aspect of Tekkit and the other half like the more creative side of FTB. We are trying to combine the aspects we like of both into a single modpack, if it does not already exist. The essentials of Tekkit we are looking for are galacticraft, logistics pipes, modular powersuits, thermal expansions, mystcraft and buildcraft. Does anyone know of a mo
  3. Behold: Project Spacequest is a modpack about aspiration in any which way possible, whether it be for the sky, for the depth in the earth, for other, never before heard of, mystical lands, or so much more. The pack is designed for player independence and journey through many different means, all following into two categories: Magic, and Tech With the dedicated server (recommended for best experience) players will have conflicts and struggles as they all go forth in an attempt to dominate the universe by whichever means of their choosing.
  4. WHITELISTED Hello, I'm currently looking for members to play with HQM packs, since it get's boring playing alone If your interested leave your NAME: IGN: AGE: SKYPE: LOCATION: SKYPE IS MANDATORY Just so we can communicate I will send out IP Addresses
  5. "Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI) is designed and configured with a slightly more balanced feel to it, in order to evoke the spirit of modded minecraft that has been somewhat lost with newer packs. This, along with the fairly extensive modlist, allows for much more long-term worlds. This pack contains a humongous collection of the very best 1.6.4 mods." - Modpack Creator Whitelist Sign up: The TPPI server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. Ways to sign up for the whitelist: Erebus forumsPlanet MinecraftMinecraft Forums?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic ForumsF
  6. Honestly, EE2 is hands-down one of my all-time favorite mods, and the MC community has always loved it. However, it went obsolete because of this "almighty" EE3. Now, EE3 could get interesting, but it's been a bunch of trash for a very long time (I hope to see progress on it within the next couple of months, but we'll have to see if that actually happens). Point being: EE3 is a very incomplete project and EE2 has been recreated. The only modpack I have seen ProjectE in that is really viable in terms of use is TCR Classic Reborn. And honestly I have not seen a single pack that resembles FTB: Mo
  7. Please copy and paste. Fill out and then post a reply! Ingame Name: Age: Why you want to join: Skype Name (PM me if you want it to be private): How well do you know this mod pack: Do you agree to the rules? Website: www.KingdomsCity.com Donation Store: www.KingdomsCity.com/shop TeamSpeak: TS3.KingdomsCity.com
  8. I have been working on a modpack for me and a few friends. I currently have 190 + mods installed and have already crashed a few times but I have fixed those. The client side pack works fine but the server crashes on start up before the world will even load! This is an issue. Crash Report : http://pastebin.com/NiiRk1dU Any help is greatly appreciated. I can see at the bottom of the report that there is an issue with gregtech but I really need gregtech in this pack as that is like the main mod. If there is any way around having to remove it then that would be great but if not then I wil
  9. For the "flagship" series of my new channel (by new I mean 50 subs and 20 videos) I've started a Rage Tech survival series. I'm keen to get your thoughts/opinions/criticisms on the videos to help me improve, and hopefully get a constant audience to view my videos. Thanks for any viewers =D VIEW HERE ----¦> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfhGElIgXFg <¦---- VIEW HERE
  10. Hi all, I tried creating a custom modpack server and seemed to have numerous issues setting up. After removing the mods that seemed to be causing the problems (which on a feed the beast server had worked fine together), I still get error messages. Except this one doesn't seem to be mod related. The error I keep getting is: Does anyone know how to fix this? Or are any of you better at creating custom modpack servers then I am? Please help. UPDATE: I just noticed that I put Not Enough Items in the server mods folder (Derp), although now removing it, it crashes on startup now (i
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