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Found 5 results

  1. I need help when uploading Attack Of The B-Team. When I go on, it loads up and all until I try to create a new world or get onto one already made. It comes up with a screen explaining what is happening and then it says |Return To Title Screen| or |Quit Game| If you click the first one, you still cannot go onto a world or create a new one. Please help me: I want to try out AOTBT and see how it works ~Thanks
  2. PLEASE HELP! I HAVE TRIED FOR MONTHS TO GET THIS THING WORKING! EVEN WHEN THE PACK WAS HANDED TO ME I COULD NOT GET THE PACK TO WORK FROM MY COMPUTER! 1: http://www.minecraft...y13-forge-spmp/ 2: http://www.minecraft...0000-downloads/ 3: http://www.minecraft...164smp-statues/ 4: Morph mod http://www.minecraft...almost-any-mob/ 5: Flan's mod: http://flansmod.com -With extensions: 6: BOII/MW3 7: Simple parts 8: Civil package 9: -Dimensional doors: http://www.minecraft...nal-doors-v222/ 10: -Tinker's construct: http://www.minecraft...kers-construct/ 11: -Wireless redstone: http://www.minecraft...-redstone-v161/ 12: -Soul cage http://www.minecraft...updated-112014/ 13: Nei, or TMI whichever works best. THESE MODS, Fairly simple,I need to be strung together in whatever's closest to a 1.6.4 version, and made for easy download and play.(meaning all anyone should have to do is type in the code and go) I can not do it myself, not because I can't make a pack, but I simply can NOT get any running with my cruddy mac. computer with security that makes about as much sense as snake-pants. It's name should be: Waffe-craft As well servers are also going to be an issue because they're going to be needed, so the easiest way to make one of them is preferred, but let's focus on the map right now. This pack is being made for another forum: CODZ, there it's going to be used to help improve future cod zombies map ideas 10-fold. We would be ever grateful, and whomever makes this pack should see it grow in popularity. Just a recap: -Weeping angels- Morph mod Galacticraft Flans mod (multi-part) Dimensional doors Tinker's construct Wireless redstone Soul cage Statues and I prefer, but it's not needed, for there to be a form of NEI or TMI around 13 or 14 mods, should be quite simple If anyone's actually willing to help me, I can give you the info for a dummy account, the dummy account can hold/host the pack and I'll take it from there once you're done. Or if you want to keep hold of it that's fine, just make it public. I have tried, many times to make this pack, and every time I keep running into the same issues I CAN'T find answers for… PLEASE I'm begging here for help
  3. Hello, I was playing on tekkit classic the other morning, on my server, and everything was fine as usual, I came off the server for a little while, and now whenever I run the tekkit classic modpack, the Mojang screen loads, it takes a while, then the screen goes to the standard dirt background, it stays like this for about ten seconds, then a brief error message comes up thats too quick to read, then the screen immediately goes white and stays like it. This is really annoying me because I need to get on the server to be an admin. This problem is persistant and annoying and I would like help with ASAP. Thank you.
  4. I haven't found any help with this so far, so here goes. System running: Windows 7 Home Premium Java 64-bit 16 gb ram (6 allocated to B-team) AMD FX-4100 CPU (Quad Core) Radeon 5500 graphics card Problem: Every 2-5 seconds I suffer a lag spike and a drop to anywhere between 1-13 FPS I have done the following: Allocated more than enough ram without changes Run on the lowest possible graphics, far runs the same as tiny. Reset the pack PLEASE HELP ME
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