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Found 8 results

  1. I have attempted to install the launcher on my 64-bit windows 8.1 system at least half a dozen times now. Each time I have had this screen display ad infinitum. i have inspected my specs and i am running java 8, with update 151. If i need to install an older version i am unaware of it. I would strongly appreciate any advice towards this matter. Thank you.
  2. I've run into an issue where, when trying to install new modpacks, it gets stuck on "installing Minecraft" absolutely without fail. It happens every time, no matter the pack. I searched Google for a solution, but the newest thing that was coming up for me was from 3 years ago, and it said to install vanilla MC in the Technic launcher. Issue is, that too got stuck on "installing Minecraft." I'm at a loss here. Anyone know what's going on?
  3. Hello everybody, I am new here and hope that my question will still be answered. Unfortunately I couldn't get a real answer to the question in the common search engines. After a long time I have to play Minecraft on my computer again. Here I would like to play the "Tekkit"-Version, but unfortunately the installation of Tekkit fails. I have already tried to install it on an alternative path, but unfortunately it stays at 25% and 33% respectively. (see Screenshot) Here are the logfiles, I hope they are not too much [B#402] 2019/05/26 10:04:32 [INFORMATION] Console Mod
  4. Can anyone please give ma detailed instruction how to install the modpack Project Ozone 2: Reloaded without curse and with MultiMC. I've already downloaded the "Pack": https://mods.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/244939-project-ozone-2-reloaded#t1:other-downloads But it is only 100MB big and contains only about 10 mods. How do I have to install it?
  5. OK so, basically I downloaded the TechnicLauncher.exe from the site, and tried to start it up, a little loading circle pops up indicating that something is happening and it stops after a few seconds, then, dead silence. Not sure what happened there, tried redownloading it, nope, so I decided to look into the properties and found that it 'blocked' me, here's an example: "This file came from another computer and may be blocked to help protect this computer" Not sure if this is helpful, I unblocked it, and still nothing. Ran as administrator, wen't into troubleshooting, it's not even open in ta
  6. So last night I uninstalled PixelSpark because it couldn't launch. When I pressed install to try and reinstall it, I got an error that said: "Error installing the following pack: PixelSpark - Pixelmon An error occurred while attempting to delete 'C:/Users/*****/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/captainsparklez-survival-pack/mods/1.7.10/CodeChickenLib-1.7.10-' from the cache Please check your system settings." Although I didn't really know what this means, I attempted to go into my files manually to delete said file. However, it said that the file was currently in use, ev
  7. I used to have a AOBT server with my friends but I've decided to bring it back but I cannot seem to get it working. Does any one have a a solution to the error I am getting? 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server stopped 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server shut down 16.01 21:04:44 [server] INFO /run.sh: line 31: 30106 Killed /monitor.sh "$PID" "$USER" 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 detected 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 dead! 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO ... 16 more 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.LaunchClassLoader.findClass(
  8. Hey People's of Technic Forums! I've been trying to install Sphax for hexxit and haven't been able to. Before you say, I have followed every instruction. I've moved the patch to the base folder, then put that in <.technic/modpacks/hexxit/texturepacks>. It should be worth noting im putting in 1GB RAM, but i can't put any more in. Screenshots:
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