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Found 16 results

  1. MindTheAxe

    Tekxit 1 FPS

    Im Having a lag issue with tekxit getting 1-10 fps. im running 15 chunks with other settings turned down! i allocated 4 gb of ram and it ever only uses 40% of it(tried 2.5gb and made no difference), i have 64 java 8 and havent added extra mods to it. Logs available on request. Help appreciated! Specs: windows 10 64bit fx-9830p 2.6ghz-3ghz rx 550 4gb 8gb ddr4 ram Acer Nitro 5!
  2. Gravel

    Issue with Blightfall display

    i did a long session of debugging, now its doing this weird bug where its in the corner. I have no idea what to do now. I appreciate any help!
  3. Ah, Tekkit Classic, the old toy that still gives joy and warmth despite its age. Please post all bugs and issues on the Tracker. Here are some simple guidelines: Does the pack run/download at all? If not, post on the Tracker launcher that goes for all Technic packs that wont run. Does the pack download fine but once on a server/singleplayer you crash during gameplay? Make sure its not server related (memory issue, server downtime) before making a report on Tekkit Classic Tracker Please read and follow the Tracker Rules and Guidelines before posting this makes it easier for us to find the issue your having You might experience bugs and issues when playing this pack, but please remember that all mods are being updated for MC 1.7x and beyond. Chances are you might stumble on a bug that has been fixed by the mod dev for a different MC version
  4. bouwer2100

    Modpack crashes

    I have made a modpack, but everytime i press play, it loads mods and stuff, then crashes and says: When i add UniversalElectricity, the game crashes at the mojang screen, en opens the technic launcher again. I tried the newest 1.6.4 downloads, but the dev, api and core dont work(i dont really know which to add, tried them all) I just started out making modpacks, so i dont have a clue. Can someone tell me which i should use(api, dev or core), so i can send a crash report.
  5. Hi -- trying to connect to a b-team server...I assumed I had to go into b-team mod via technic launcher, then choose multiplayer and set up the server, yes? If so, I do that, but then when I join, I get the 'dirt' screen, says "joining" but then kicks me back out to the technic launch splash screen... What am I doing wrong? (and if I just go in via the game itself, it won't even recognize the servers. Thanks for any help! Melissa
  6. MrAintScurred

    Issues Logging into Technic Launcher

    for some background, i haven't run my technic launcher since i migrated my Minecraft account to a mojang account. EVERYTHING WAS FINE BEFORE THE UPDATE. -Tonight i decided to try and run my technic launcher because i felt inspiration to play some tekkit but sadly and to my shock i was unable to log in into the launcher (which is new and update to the latest) User name is fine and i reset my password to see if that would help and it did not, so is there anyone out there that knows why this is happening? Is it an error on my own end for merging into the mojang account?
  7. ChristmasKiller

    Problem with custom mod pack

    I have re-did my whole mod pack, and now it has gotten a little bit further, now instead of just re-opening the Technic Launcher immediately it goes to the Mojang screen then closes and re-opens the Launcher. Mod Pack: I can't get the paste bin, because my file exceeds 250 KB.
  8. WorstMinecrafterEver9

    Project Red

    Every time that I leave the Nether my item transport system from project red disappears. The blocks are no longer there after I leave the Nether. I have tried breaking the "block" that I know should be there to see if the chunk would update and it would appear and it won't. the only solution I have been able to find that works is to restart my attack of the B team. IS anyone else having this issue? Anybody have any tips that I could try to see if it works? It may be that I do not currently have ample ram dedicated or something else. I am not sure. thanks for reading all of this! I greatly appreciate any help.
  9. Ok so I am just writing to tell about some of the issues that I have had and some that I have overcome when creating my Attack of the B-team server. Problems over come: The first problem I had was after I had setup the server running technics default server jar. I decided to upgrade to mcpc to add plugins. The problem that I ran into was that the map with the stock jar would not work correctly with the newest version of mcpc released February 1. After hours of trying to figure out what to do and hundreds of players already have joining and leaving the server I decided it was best to do a map reset and that fixed the error. The crash I had is listed at this link: The Next problem I had was a known problem with minions. For whatever reason I was causing crashes of the server. Don’t have a copy of the error. But It had minion listed in the error. My simple solution to that was remove minions, I have since then read that it’s a bug and some servers have had to remove it. The problems that I’m still having: The server uses A LOT of Bandwidth and A LOT of Memory (RAM). I also run a couple other servers but my pride is my tekkit classic server, comparatively the Attack of the B-Team server with 30 players on will use the same amount of ram and MORE bandwidth than my tekkit classic server with 60 people on. Both servers have 16 GB dedicated ram and SSD drives in them. The Attack of the B-team server is using a consistent 8Mbps Up where as the tekkit will use at MOST 5Mbps with the listed loads. The Attack of the B-team will use 14-16 GB of ram whereas Tekkit will use 10-14GB. Occasionally the server will lag really hard and then it will drop all internet usage for about 2-6 seconds and then be back up and running fine. During that 2-6 seconds the server does have block and player lag, the server isn’t responsive to commands, and has bandwidth being used. I have not determined the problem yet, I do know it isn’t a network or hardware problem because this server was running other versions of minecraft and never had an issue. Here is a picture of what is happening to the Bandwidth or Ethernet when it lags: A little info in the server: It is an Attack of the B-Team server Dedicated 16GB of ram Dedicated 256GB Samsung SSD Running MCPC+ (mcpc-plus-1.6.4-R2.1-forge965-B229) Plugins are: Griefprevention, buycraft, essentials, announcer Ip: Any questions on setting up a server or having issues I can try to help. If you have any fixes for anything listed I would love to hear what they are, or any other improvements I can make. PM me with any questions. ***************UPDATE************************* Have noticed: Dubstep gun causes lag Elevator causes lag Some players cant morph into passive mobs. others can. Cant shift click in fossil and archeology machines the lag with network may be due to sync items. not sure just a theory. Issues fixed: With griefprevention players couldn’t ignite nether portals, have to be inside a claim. Took a bit to figure out. **********************UPDATE**************2/6/14****************** This is the error in console when the internet lags, players will be talking then this error, then everyone is kicked. and then rejoin as usual. never restarrts...server is also un responcive: ************UPDATE************2/7/14 Ok I have updated my server to 1.0.4 I am seeing the same issues with minions. From looking at the error it looks like it may have something to do with the grief prevention plugin. Still having issues with the random network lags, as of right now it is not essentials, last 3 to test are worldgaurd world edit and grief prevention. Will update on results. *********UPDATE***********2/9/14 every time I get the tick error, the servers Bandwidth goes to nothing and the disk usage goes to MAX. It must be trying to save something, not sure what or why but it’s trying to save. ***************UPDATE***************2/10/14 not that ppl are on the moon. Galacticraft is erroring out which is fixed in a newer version of galacticraft........ So im getting a huge crash loop and yah we will see what happens....... ***************UPDATE***************3/10/14 Yay more issued with the update 1.0.9c. Looks like the galacticraft update has caused some issues with the dim. The only way to solve it that i know is to reset the world again. I am currently looking into a way to fix this issue. **********UPDATE******************3/13/14 FIX FOR "Failed to register dimension for id 9" 1.0.9c update 1) Delete spacestaion9 folder from the main folders pages (for qcraft) 2) Delete Spacestaion 9 folder from the world foldler 3) In the "world/data" delete Spacestaion.
  10. So i placed down a bloodwood chair in my world. Immediately after i placed it it crashed, i got back on. Then every time i even LOOKED at it, it crashed!! So i avoided it. then i accidentally placed down a block next to it, so i mined it, it crashed....for the 8th time...i tried to get back on, but it refused to let me on! I tried restarting, quitting, shutting down my computer, and exiting the launcher! I looked on the forums ( '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> ) and all it said was to delete the item in the mod. I tried that, i got an error, i put it back, reloaded it, still didn't work. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is going on?! -Blockbrain98
  11. So, after I finished my modpack I tried to make a custom server but im getting a couple of errors. Here is the pastebin -> Been trying to solve that for 3 hours but wasn't possible. If anyone could help me would be awesome.
  12. Ok, so the launcher loads up fine and I can select and play any of the predefined mod packs just fine. However whenever I go to add a new mod pack the launcher locks up and I have to task manager the thing to close it. The same thing happens when I choose to select the options menu but not any of the web links (Steam, forums, etc.). Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
  13. Today after not being on my B-Team server for maybe 2-3 days, I cannot join the server for some reason. When I hit "Join", it tries to load for about 3 seconds, then shows a list of missing ID's. Here's one of the 21: "ID 12016 from Mod betterstorage is missing". Most of the ID's are for betterstorage but there are a few for witchery. Then at the bottom it says "You cannot connect to this server". Btw I am running the latest recommended version as is the server.
  14. I was working on an army and creating a titan when I saw something in the distance. Not to my suprise I found what appeared to be stonehenge. So I flew back to my monstors and titans when I saw a witch out of nowhere. I was confused at first upon seeing this because I was playing on peaceful difficulty and on superflat mode. She had a name and all I can remember is her first name which I think it was Morgana. There were no buildings close by and I was getting sceptical. Morgana _________. I though of using her as a test subject for my guns power. SO FIRE AWAY! This is what scared me the most. It had said in the chat, " Morgana________ hit the ground too hard." She wasn't in the air high enough and she spoke to me! IN THE CHAT, so by this point I checked my difficulty and left the game. PLEASE TELL ME WHO SHE WAS OR COMMENT IF YOU HAD MYSTERIOUS ENCOUNTERS WITH THE GAME BECAUSE NOW I WENT FROM EXCITED TO TERRIFIED. I'm pretty scared and now I want to tell my jealous friend about this because he wont be too jealous now. But seriously. Who [or what] spawns in the middle of nowhere, has mc avatar charactoristics, talks to you in the chat, on a superflat world, on peaceful mode, dies one block above the ground, and scares the living crap out of you. My best gues is MORGANA if thats her name.
  15. King_Flyff

    The making of a mighty modpack!

    Well met peeps and peepsies! As you read in the title I have the dream of putting together a mighty mod-pack! But sadly I am quite the greeny at making mod-packs and could really use some help. I promise you a great treasure for your help in creating this mod-pack! A "Mighty Thank You!" from me, regrettably i can't promise you anything else so i hope that it will suffice! I don't think there will be allot of work to be done since I've done everything that the Technic guide told me to do. I hope that one of you experienced, brave, helpful people out there will be willing to join me in my quest! Best Regards Flyff
  16. I am unfortunately having issues with the "Attack of the B-Team" mod pack. Every time I start a new world in sed modpack, I go 5 minutes in, clear down a few trees, and it crashes saying "Internal Server Error" and it brings me to the menu of quitting out of my game browser, or going back to the start menu. I know the issue is my graphics card. I have quite a good gaming computer, I can handle quite alot of games, but sadly, I am poor and not able to afford a graphics card now or any time soon. Is there a possibility, however way it may take, to install the Optifine mod? That is all I require, whether it be a different build of the modpack, or simply inserting it into my self. I want to enjoy this modpack, as I have viewed Chimney, BDouble, Skysm, and the guys play it through their videos on Youtube. Does anyone have any solutions? Thank you, OctopusBeard.