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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, how the title says, I cannot log in with my account, it says that I haven't any license for Minecraft. But the strange thing is that I have a license (Minecraft Windows 10 License). I can download the game from the Windows Store and start the game. Any solutions?
  2. So I've been trying to open the technic launcher but it won't load past the logo.
  3. Hi all, It's 51-yr-old Dad here, trying to install the latest mod that the kids want. It's not the usual process of copying ZIPs and JARs to the proper folders - a piece of software is going to do that for me. OK, the kids really want this mod, so we'll install Technic Launcher as seems to be required. OK, installed. Please enter Mojang ID and password. Nope! Why should I give Technic Launcher my Mojang ID and PW? I'd love to read about why this is necessary. Is there a one-page about this software and what it does? Screenshots? The About page has history and bios. The Wiki doesn't seem to be written for beginners like me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you! Dad/Tom.
  4. jwebb12

    Can't Login

    I can't seem to log into the launcher. I do fine with the forums and the main site; however, when I launch the .exe, type in my info, and click login it informs me that my credentials are invalid. I'm an idiot. I resolved the issue.
  5. So I'm having a problem with Technic. I'm trying to log in through the launcher but when I use the same password and username/email I use for my standard minecraft/mojang account it won't let me log in. Honestly this is really making me frustrated and I would really appreciate someone helping me out. The password for my regular Minecraft/Mojang, Technic and Technic Forums is the exact same, so I don't know what the issue is. Same goes for the username (P41G3).
  6. So I'm having a problem with Technic. I'm trying to log in through the launcher but when I use the same password and username/email I use for my standard minecraft/mojang account it won't let me log in. Honestly this is really making me frustrated and I would really appreciate someone helping me out. The password for my regular Minecraft/Mojang, Technic and Technic Forums is the exact same, so I don't know what the issue is. Same goes for the username (P41G3).
  7. This is probably never going to be read ever, but When you log into Technic Launcher the screen asks for a name and password, however some people might wrongly assume this is asking for their username. Simply put, I think the header should be changed to something like 'email address' or have it written in parenthesis in order to make the UI clearer.
  8. I cant log in to launcher. I tried many times but it always tells me that username or password are incorrect. Can someone help me? I'm sorry for my english
  9. Hello , I'm new I recently bought the account of minecraft ' premium ' . I wanted to try the Modpack to amuse a bit but .. The launcher does not come in, in what sense ? In the sense that tells me wrong password even I try with email but the same . Can you help me please!
  10. Just started using the Technic Launcher. I create a mudpack with 170 mods which I've been using for over a year on a private server. When I launch the game through minecraft launcher, I can log into the server but when I launch it through the technic launcher, I can't log into the server. It gives me back a Failed to Login: Invalid Session. (yes, my minecraft launcher is closed meaning that I don't have 2 accounts logged in). Would anyone know what this is all about? This is my server output [18:24:56 INFO]: [email protected][id=<null>,name=xxx,properties={},legacy=false] (/104.xxx.xxx.37:55xxx) lost connection: Disconnected [18:33:13 INFO]: [email protected][id=<null>,name=xxx,properties={},legacy=false] (/104.xxx.xxx.37:55xxx) lost connection: Disconnected Thanks
  11. Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to login in the launcher. At the homepage everything works perfect. I also tried a second account but with no luck. Please help!
  12. Hi to whoever is reading this, I have been playing technic modpacks for ages now, but for some reason yesterday the launcher decided that whenever i run the .jar file it would seem to open fine but instead of bringing me to a username and password login box it would give me a completely white box. Help? This happens every single time i try it. PS I am on a mac
  13. If i do my username and my password it says that it isnt right (the username or password) if someone knows a fix for this tell me then pls.
  14. As you can see from the title and image,this error keeps popping up whenever I join a server.This doesn't only happen to hexxit but other modpacks as well.Though this error doesn't show when I'm using the official launcher when joining servers there.I already confirmed it has nothing to do with my firewall as I disabled it while doing as above said but with the same result.I also suspected it was my anti-virus so i uninstalled it and tried to connect to a server with one of the modpacks using the technic launcher but there was no difference.I also checked my hosts file and reset it but still didn't work.I went to go into my router settings but there wasn't anything blocking technic or the servers.I did anything to solve it but it still wasn't fixed.
  15. I have encountered a problem while trying to use the tecnic launcher. While using my correct Mojang purchased account info the launcher keeps giving me an error: Invalid Credentials: Invalid username or password error. My normal accout for mincraft launcher works fine. I am using my username as instructed by the tecnic launcher.
  16. I am extremely confused by this issue. So, I've had the Technic Launcher for nearly a year now and it has never given me this problem before. It will not let me log in and I have made 100% certain that my credentials are, indeed, correct; it continues to say that my credentials are invalid, which is a lie. I have tried five times now. I have restarted my computer and I have just restarted the launcher, itself. I checked to make sure there was no issue with my account. I logged in to both the actual Technic website and minecraft.net. With the exact same credentials, I had no issue logging in to those. But, the launcher still won't recognize my account. I have no idea what is going on. Any help would be much appreciated. Please and thank you. ^.^
  17. Cant login with an account and it keeps telling me i have it wrong when it works on the proper minecraft client Invalid Credentials. Invalid user name or password.
  18. Hi, I have some problems when I try to login to the Launcher, the following error occur: "An error occurred while attempting to reach authserver.mojang.com" Here's the log : http://pastebin.com/n6qyG3A0 Thank you
  19. yugix14

    name chages

    as im sure you are aware minecraft added name chages unfortunately this is new and comes with major glitches as such a glitch that does not allow me to sign in weather I use my old name my new name or my email can you please fix this so I can go back to playing modpacks please
  20. Hi, i had a profile on the old website, but now when i try to register on the new one, it always says "something went wrong". Please help
  21. I'm getting no verification e-mail when i click "Re-send verification e-mail." - I use Gmail - I have looked in "All mail" - I have looked in "Spam" Can anyone help? EDIT Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of post?
  22. I just recently bought a minecraft account (A few hours ago) and i can log in to the vanilla minecraft launcher, but when i try to log into the technic launcher it keeps saying i've put in wrong credentials when i know they're right... please help!
  23. I recently had to re-install my OS (crunchbang linux). Nothing new with the install, same as last time. I went and installed java 8, like I have before, but when I went to log into the technic launcher I got a message "cannot connect to minecraft.net". Any Idea ?
  24. Hello guys, i have a problem with my technic launcher. when i try to log in it says: "Auth servers inaccessible an error accured while attempting to reach minecraft.net" i know that the forums are full with this problem, but i tried everything i read and nothing worked :/ on my other pc (an older one) it works perfectly fine, but on my laptop it does not. about my laptop: java: version 8 64bit (newest update) anti-virus: AVG security; windows firewall i tried to shut down the antivirus and firewall, re-installed the launcher, re-installed java, making the launcher an exception for the firewall, pinged minecraft.net with no response and another funny thing: yesterday morning it did work and stopped working in the night. i hope someone can give me some advice. thx
  25. I have good internet, I have re installed the technic launcher many times, and i even restarted my computer, a lot. Whenever i try to log into standard minecraft or the technic launcher, i always get a popup that says "Cant connect to minecraft.net" Any suggestions on what i should do? Any and all help is appreciated
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