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Found 17 results

  1. We made this modpack with the idea around never getting bored. We added tons of magic based mods. Ars magica 2, Witchery, Thaum craft, and Draconic Evolution are just a few. We also have quite a few machinery mods to allow those who love to automate some freedom. The goal of this modpack is to make it so you never achieve end game. There's so many big mods in this modpack, you will never be able to master them all and there will be tons of variety in how players play. We will have a server coming soon, and it will automatically be added to your server list Contact us with questions or suggetions at [email protected] Download it here. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/maginery.905543
  2. I have an idea for a mod that adds in various industrial machines and materials Machines/ multiblock structures Train elevator/turntable inspired by the one in resident evil games requires a big shaft to be built to house it, Goes up and down and can rotate trains. Not sure how to integrate it with a train mods rails, Elevator uses a wall rail to move up and down etc Steel/metal supports would be stairs beams etc. Made from steel and textured to look nice Pneumatic door made of metal and opened via a special keycard and pneumatics Keycard reader used to restrict access to areas via electronic lock Metal door slides into walls Metal door with doorknob can be opened like a regular door but is made of metal and can be locked via a key Concrete comes in blocks panels and segments Tunnel borring machine digs tunnel and lines it with concrete segments and rails Turbine multi block Generates power from water power/ generator built from multiple blocks and creates power depending on power input method Ingot press used to shape metal items into various shapes made of multiple blocks Computer circuit press used to make various computer circuits made of multiple blocks Card writer used to write various cards used to access mag card readers etc. Security system used to lock various doors and systems to control access to areas, integration with various computer mods possible Materials steel Silicone Concrete Rebar (iron ingot shaped into a rod shape and mixed with clay water sand and gravel) Copper Computer circuit
  3. This modpack is called Destruction and Despair, it is strongly focused on pvp, raiding and being mean. If you want to kill people, swear in chat, blow up peoples bases, this is the place for you! Modpack Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/raiding-and-glee.804495 The server will automatically be in the servers list, simply click multiplayer and join! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/0oYz6fyYXsUzeog1 You can go to the discord to receive support, simply message one of our staff members or use the help channel! Common issue(Old java version crashing minecraft): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nWDzcYHg1Usuu7xIIm_Q7-knYanlNBC7Y_sj8knfqag/edit?usp=sharing Staff Application: http://goo.gl/forms/sGR56dMXTC Donation store: http://destructionanddespair.buycraft.net/ Server info: The server is about 2 weeks old. We are dedicated, experienced, relaxed and respectful staff. The server is a factions, and if you are raided, you can not come complain to us. We have weekly events such as drop parties, pvp arenas, and dog fights where people get in planes and blow eachother to death! Screenshots:
  4. Hello Guys! I just wanted to make a post on here to let you all know about my popular YouTube series, Tekkit Classic Wars. Its all about a few different factions of people playing on my Tekkit Server. We all spawn in at once, run off and begin the arms race against each other to see who can become the most powerful person on the server. There is then massive battles with all the Tekkit gear, including tons of nukes ofcourse! All up until the final battle, where the champion of tekkit wars will be victorious! I upload videos of Tekkit Wars every Tuesday and Friday as well as lots more exciting gaming content to my channel every week! Including things like Hexxit, regular minecraft, other modpacks, Civ 5, don't starve, UHC etc. I know you guys all love Tekkit Classic as much as me, so give my videos a watch, see what you think, subscribe to my channel, and then hopefully in the near future I will be running a server for all my fans to play Tekkit Wars on together! Check out Season 1 Episode 1 here : Check out Season 2 Episode 1 here : Thanks Jack (SkyGliderGaming)
  5. ThunderBite is proud to bring you our custom modpack - Superbia's Extreme Adventure! This modpack filled with goodies such as Thaumcraft, Thaumic Horizons, Immersive Engineering, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, Magneticraft, BestMazes, Tinker's Construct, Aether 2, Lycanite, Infernal Mobs, Magneticraft, Applied Energetics, and Runic Dungeons! Our modpack and server are setup to provide you with outstanding gameplay throughout your progress. With the addition of quests your early game keeps busy with figuring out the ropes. We'll help you along the way, don't worry. With all the middle of the road mods such as Thaumcraft, Immersive Engineering, EnderIO, Magneticraft, Tinker's construct (with armor and weaponry addons), Thaumcraft addons such as Node Tracking and Thaumic Horizons and Exploration, let's throw in Rotary craft as well. Oh, and beware of the Infernal mobs and Lycanite addons. They are pretty intense! With all of this, your mid game is packed full of content! Then, we cap it off with your end game. Exploration is your friend as you have all the items you think you could ever want. Delve into Draconic Evolution and find out just how much more there is. Venture into the depths of the runic dimensions, and fight for your life. Test how good your armor is, you might be surprised how much more work you have to do. Your armor is good? What about your power? Have you tried making the ever daunting Fusion Reactor from reactor craft? Why not visit heaven using the Aether mod? All of this is topped off with our detail tuned plugins which addon perks and new features as you continue on through you game. The more you play, the more extra gameplay you get! What are you waiting for? Get the modpack for your Technic Launcher found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/superbias-extreme-adventure.773457
  6. Hi guys. I´m trying to finish engineer quest line and i need to build a rancher and fluid transposer. Rancher is no problem but there´s no recipe in NEI for fluid transposer (and other Thermal expansion machines). It´s strange because earlier in game i have built pulverizer and there´s no recipe even for it. Anybody can tell me where´s the problem? Thanks in advance
  7. I was using a rancher to shear some sheep. It was working fine when I first put it down, however it is not working anymore. I tried changing the position of it and everything. It just isn't work. When I first put it down it sheared a few and then just completely stopped. Does anyone have any information or advice that I could have? Thank you.
  8. So me and my friend have just downloaded original tekkit to play on my server and to start tekkit i need things like tin and copper according to youtube videos, I can see that there is tin and copper in the not enough items menu but when we have been mining all we have found is vanilla ores, Are tekkit ores harder to find i dont understand is there a problem is there none in our world can anyone help im stressing out?
  9. It Begins Again...The world is left ravaged by countless nuclear explosions, war, and mining. The surface is left as a nearly leveled plain of dirt with the occasional trees and plants. Below lies nothing but dwindled ores and rock for miles and even further below lies the hollow caves left from the exploits of the resources... You awaken in your tiny bunker to view the destruction and you appear to be the only one out there... Survival is your only thought... NOTE: To increase accessibility in-game, configs and/or content packs have been modified to properly fit the pack or to get working! Pack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hollow-nightmare.592152 This pack was originally in 1.6.4 and was nothing but a large, empty cave that was pitch black. Now in 1.7.10, it brings both the classic cave diving (courtesy of Enviromine's Cave Dimension) and an apocalyptic feeling (The Wasteland Mod). Scavenge the wasteland's ruins for water, food and supplies or even better some guns! Not only do you have to keep cool and hydrated, but now you must collect a variety of foods AND wander the pitch-black nights alone! Proper ores are a rarity since most of the underground caves have nothing but poor veins of minerals. I hope you guys will enjoy it! REMEMBER: TURN WASTELAND WORLD TYPE ON!!! SCREENSHOTS: Overworld Underground Caves: Police Station (Rare WorldGen Spawn) My In-Game House MODLIST: All Mods belong to their respective owners, I only take credit for editing configs to make them work together. Modlist: Advanced Dispencers Another One Bites the Dust (AOBD) Apple Core Applied Energistics 2 Backpacks Backtools Better Storage BiblioCraft BuildCraft Catwalks Chicken Chunks Chisel CodeChicken Core Compact Solars (IC2) ComputerCraft CoroUtils Custom Chest Loot Custom Recipes Dense Ores DiseaseCraft EnetBridge(IC2) EnviroMine Ex Nihilo Extra Utilities Flans Mod FPS+ Hardcore Darkness Holo Inventory Hunger Overhaul Industrial Craft 2 Combinable Armor (IC2) Nuclear Control (IC2) IChun Util Iguana's Tweaks Iguana's Tinkers Tweaks Infernal Mobs Inventory Tweaks JABBA JNBT Launch GUI Mantle Map Writer MineTweaker ModTweaker MrCrayfish Furniture My World Gen Not Enough Codecs Not Enough Items NEI Addons Not Enough Keys Open Blocks Open Lib OptiFine Pam's HarvestCraft PlasmaCraft Poor Ores Railcraft Simple Lanterns Somnia Special Mobs Spice of Life Tinkers' Construct WAILA Wasteland Mod Wild Caves 3 Ziplines TIPS: +Find The closest source of water, even if it is dirty. +Save your ammo, use a sword +Invest in Canned Foods or Jerky (They dont go bad) +Invest in a Camel Pack, they can be equipped to your chestplates as well! +Certain Foods Restore Sanity +Dont drink the green water, its either poison or acid +Make a Sink/Well +Stone Torches are better as they are cost efficient! +Use a Hammer on stone or poor ores! it drops nuggets instead of the ore! +Cars are great for traveling! +Use backpacks to save inventory space! +Get Gud! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected] or make a post on this forum! I reply to emails faster though. THis modpack generates no revenue whatsoever, downlowad links/direct links are not sent through AdFly or AdFocus nor do I request donations...
  10. It Begins Again...The world is left ravaged by countless nuclear explosions, war, and mining. The surface is left as a nearly leveled plain of dirt with the occasional trees and plants. Below lies nothing but dwindled ores and rock for miles and even further below lies the hollow caves left from the exploits of the resources... You awaken in your tiny bunker to view the destruction and you appear to be the only one out there... Survival is your only though... LINK: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hollow-nightmare.592152/about FOR BEST EXPERIENCE: Allocate more memory to the pack and when creating a new world, go to World Type and select Wateland!!! This pack was originally in 1.6.4 and was nothing but a large, empty cave that was pitch black. Now in 1.7.10, it brings both the classic cave diving (courtesy of Enviromine's Cave Dimension) and an apocalyptic feeling (The Wasteland Mod). I hope you guys will check it out! Surface: Caves: Modlist: Applied Energistics 2 Backpacks Bactools Better Storage BiblioCraft Chicken Chunks Chisel Compact Solars (IC2) ComputerCraft Dense Ores DiseaseCraft EnetBridge(IC2) EnviroMine Flans Mod FPS+ Hardcore Darkness Holo Inventory Hunger Overhaul Industrial Craft 2 Combinable Armor (IC2) Nuclear Control (IC2) Iguana's Tweaks Iguana's Tinkers Tweaks Infernal Mobs INventory Tweaks JABBA Map Writer My World Gen Not Enough Codecs Not Enough Items Not Enough Keys OptiFine HarvestCraft PlasmaCraft Poor Ores Railcraft Simple Lanterns Somnia Special Mobs Spice of Life Tinkers' Construct Wasteland Mod Wild Caves 3 Ziplines Zombie Awarness
  11. Hey guys! I really love this new modpack, especially the mods Galacticraft and Tinkers Construct. But, just when I was ready to fly to the moon, the last update came out. But after this update, al my machines wouldn't work anymore, the power wouldn't go into them. The only thing my Advanced Solar Panel will power is the Energy Storage Module, and this one wouldn't power the other machines either. So, is this a bug? Do more people got this problem? Or are there some rules for wiring I don't know about? Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi, Is there a way to test the amount of rf/t flowing through an energy conduit, or if not, any mod you know of that can? I'd like to see how much rf/t my amass of dynamos is creating. Thanks! -TheDogePwner
  13. Greetings, Tekkiteers! I'm sure most of you have tinkered a lot with the mods in Tekkit, and built yourself useful factories and worry-free item supply chains. I'm also sure that many of you have a sense of style as well, and tried not just to make it work, but to make it work elegantly. And to look impressive as well. So how about sharing some of those achievements here? I'm not suggesting to heap together a lot of "here is my base" screenshots, but rather pictures of specific machines that serve a specific purpose. You have a machine assembly of blocks that solves a particular problem very elegantly? You created a well-known solution, but added a personal touch that you're proud of? Let's see it! I will give one example of my own to show how it works. You post one or more pictures of the machine, or machine complex, and describe it briefly, like so: Name: if it actually has one Purpose of construction: what does it do? How it works: in case it's not blatantly obvious What I especially like about it: write a poem if you like, but try to get across why it's great Here is my example: Name: Breaker Cross Purpose of construction: Obsidian generator, trench style (+Cobblestone as a byproduct) How it works: Gelid Cryotheum and Lava form Obsidian (and Cobblestone) between them wherever they touch. A trench-style generator exploits this by placing the fluids far enough apart that they are both preserved. Block Breakers remove the Obsidian and Cobblestone each time they reappear, creating an infinite source of both materials. What I especially like about it: The Cross is a multi-trench, which allows 16 Block Breakers to run off just seven buckets of Cryotheum and two buckets of Lava. This can be reversed, as Cryotheum is much harder to obtain than Lava, but the Breakers would have to sit further outside that way. I made it this way around simply for aesthetical reasons. It could be built even larger and expanded to a grid, if you really need tons of the stuff. So what about yours? Feel free to share whatever you like.
  14. IP: play.evolutionrd.net Website: http://evolutionrd.net/ Dynmap: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/map.php Mumble: mumble.evolutionrd.net Port: 64738 Pack: Evolution-RD Evolution R&D, also known as Evo, is one of the oldest Tekkit based servers still standing today. We were founded more than 2 years ago in February of 2012 during Tekkit Classic 1.1.4. We are an ever expanding and diverse group of individuals who love building and taking the game to new heights. We offer 4 main worlds for usage by the community. The first being the Overworld where you spawn. This is where you can build to your hearts content without fear of griefing. The second is the Scrapworld where you can gather resources and is replenished every so often so supplies don't go scarce. Finally, The Nether and The End where you will find many ores, plants and creatures. These worlds are also reset every so often. Between exploration and pushing the server to its limits, the fun never stops. New players are always joining and making friends, starting villages, building master pieces and learning the ways of the mods through research and development (#AwfulPun). Remember to contact staff with any questions you may have. Simply read the rules and start playing! Recently, we just had a full map reset and the world was remade for our second instalment of 1.6.4. Due to this, a variety of players are starting towns and we need more people to populate this new world. We are always looking for new players and we never turn down anyone so long as you follow the rules. Our server is run by a team of professionals in the field of Server Hosting, Software Development and IT. We offer some 100% custom mods coded by staff members that are not found on other servers, with the new map, the mods will only grow. There are a few banned items, generally the stuff you will find on other servers due to nature of how the item interacts with the world. This is to ensure griefing is kept to minimum and the players won't have to worry about lost projects or severe lag. Evolution R&D is full of different Plugins and Mods that help protect players and their creations while allowing them to work together to grow the servers economy. Dynmap LWC (Chest/Door protection) Precious Stones (Land and area protections) ChestShop Fe (Economy Plugin) Prism2 (Grief Protection) WorldBorder Multiverse PermissionsEx Essentials PlayerHeads First you will need to download the Technic Launcher from here: Download Next you will need to follow the steps here: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/howto.php Here is a quick link to the modpack so it will be easy to copy and paste the correct information into your client. http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/evolution-rd.556 Please show your support while you're there and drop us a +1 If you have any questions about out server feel free to talk to anyone of the following people either on Dynmap or in-game. [Owner]Firehead94 [Admin]Rebelnode [Admin]Davnell [Mod]robopwner [Mod]topsniper52 [Mod]wds444 [Mod]DCAvz Website: http://evolutionrd.net/ Rules: http://rules.evolutionrd.net/ Modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/evolution-rd.556 Forums: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/index.php ModList: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/modlist.php Pictures of Lastmap: http://imgur.com/a/pjeO2#0 Hope to see you there!
  15. Hey guys, I am making a modpack (in the planning stage), and my only issue (so far) is the name. I don't want something lame like "TechCraft" or "MachineCraft". I want it to be clever, catchy name. I don't want to start making the modpack, and realize that I can't change the name for some odd reason. Version: 1.6.4 Some of the mods (maybe): IndustrialCraft 2 BuildCraft 2 Redpower 2 Biomes O' Plenty Flan's Mods (with planes, guns, giant robots, etc) Thermal Expansion RailCraft Aether 2 Equivalent Exchange 2 (or 3) Galacticraft 2 I want a Fantasy/wild theme at first (nothing hardcore with magic and alchemy), and then, once the player gathers more and more resources, he/she advances, and the theme shifts to more of an industrial one (kinda steampunk-ish), and finally, after the player has all the resources you can possible obtain, the game takes on a futuristic theme, with spaceships, robots, and a space-ish dimension). NEED: Redpower 2 replacement!!! Using Immibis' RedLogic So, I need suggestions for some names, and also some ideas for mods. For names, I'm thinking along the lines of "Age of ____" or "Civilization" or maybe "Conquer". I dunno. Just help me out here. Should I add Immibis' Microblocks? (Same as RedPowers microblocks)
  16. Hi guys, I have a problem with my electricity in Voltz, Let me explain... I've built an electric plant for our village, I have a few battery boxes, and the power goes through wire to every houses in the village. But sometimes, when I connect to the server, my battery boxes go out of power. I can see it, I connect and click on the battery boxes and it's like something is draining all my stored power. They were fully charged when I left. Also, I've noticed that once in a while, when I connect, my machines won't work until I break the wire and put it back on. Anyone? Thank You FC32
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