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Found 4 results

  1. I was making a skeleton grinder at a spawn I found near bedrock. As I was making the room larger a lime green gas cloud appeared and starting spreading. It poisoned me and gave me 30 seconds or so of nausea. I backed out of the room and waited for the poison/sickness to stop, the gas spread a little bit ( probably 5x5 about ) and then a massive explosion happened. I would estimate about 10 blocks of TNT worth. Vaporized everything in the area except the bedrock. Has anybody heard of this before? Searched google and youtube for 30 minutes at least and haven't found anything except a sin
  2. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/overflow-modpack.661372 168 mods.A mix of industrial based, magic based, adventure based, building based and wacky mods.Made in Minecraft 1.7.10 .Well, you might be saying "Well that wasn't really much information. Sounds boring!", but truthfully the Overflow Modpack is very well thought out. It aims to please all types of players. It has a lot of industrial mods, ranging from IC2, to Buildcraft, to Mekanism, to Forestry and many many more you may have never heard of. It also has a lot of interesting magical mods like EE3, Thaumcraft 4, Magic Bees and much mo
  3. So me and my friend have just downloaded original tekkit to play on my server and to start tekkit i need things like tin and copper according to youtube videos, I can see that there is tin and copper in the not enough items menu but when we have been mining all we have found is vanilla ores, Are tekkit ores harder to find i dont understand is there a problem is there none in our world can anyone help im stressing out?
  4. Attack of the b-team needs a new mod, it needs build craft. Build craft has a lot of cool features: transportation, auto mining, auto crafting and other stuff. Attack of the b-team does not have the best transportation and mining. if your like me you like auto mining and transportation of those mined items. where are you going to store those items in chests? Maybe. The iron chests mod add some cool chests. By the way we need that mod to. But we need Applied Entergistics that mod has awesome sorting and storage and auto crafting. But in all we need the following mods Build-craft, iron chests,
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