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Found 15 results

  1. Every single time i try to launch a modpack the technic launcher goes away then re pops back up and the mod pack wont load please help pastebin:https://pastebin.com/MJfFsHUj
  2. I don't even know where to start. Me and my friends wanted to make a modpack to play for ourselves, and i was the one tasked with putting it together. I've done all the steps on the guide, and when i press play, a loading bar appears, and then it does nothing. I have no idea whats wrong. I have no idea where to look at whats wrong. I asked my friends and they said they have no idea whats wrong. If you could see what isn't working, the pack is this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I wanted to play a modpack that looked cool and when i installed it i tried to play it only for the launcher to disappear and reappear and not doing anything AT ALL.
  4. I want to start this off with by saying I have never made a Minecraft mod pack, I know how to do modding but never this, I followed the guide 100% Or so I think I did, but for some reason when I load it up, none of the mods show up... But they are in the mods folder in the roaming technic folder. Heres My mod pack if someone could take a look at it and help that would lovely... If this isn't the right link please correct me. and sorry if I'm not posting this in the right place. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sfamf.1164292
  5. Whenever I load up my modpack everything seems fine EXCEPT when i load up the game it says at the bottom left corner: Minecraft 1.11.2/${version_type} and doesn't load ANY of my 32 mods Please Help!! (I attached the latest log for the modpack.) latest.log -- Modpack log https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgvty11i2zuo36z/Launcher Log.zip?dl=0 e -- Launcher Log https://www.dropbox.com/s/yn4c8s0k94r1yfn/2017-07-24.png?dl=0 -- Screenshot of Problem
  6. http://www.technicpack.net/profile/2218738/modpacks Okay, so everytime I launch my mod it turns to vanilla. Heres the pictures of my files: Bin: https://gyazo.com/d0749b240e141cd231ff4e8a44a6a7c7 Cache: https://gyazo.com/ef35e56146282f52f889db66dba6e2bc Config: Nothing Coremods: Nothing Logs: 3 files (Previous runs) Mods: https://gyazo.com/b2173ff28d58750efef48be67cf1af15 Original files: Bin: https://gyazo.com/d0749b240e141cd231ff4e8a44a6a7c7 Config: Nothing Coremods: Nothing Mods: https://gyazo.com/b2173ff28d58750efef48be67cf1af15 download names in order: bin config coremods mods latest log: [15:22:22] [main/INFO]: Setting user: FaZeMelonKing [15:22:22] [main/INFO]: (Session ID is token:b255dcb0035b40dd8d7dbdd617c61791:0facd95d8e094411b70d1a6a5676b678) [15:22:23] [Client thread/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.1 [15:22:24] [Client thread/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default [15:22:25] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Sound engine started [15:22:26] [Client thread/INFO]: Created: 512x256 textures/blocks-atlas [15:22:27] [Client thread/INFO]: Created: 256x256 textures/items-atlas [15:22:32] [Client thread/INFO]: Stopping!
  7. okay, so, i play a mudpack on technic called "The SimsCraft" (by AuthenticGames) and i was wondering where to find multiplayer servers for it? thanks, armourangatanger
  8. Hey all! My friend has been having trouble playing my modpack (http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/electro-magicism) Whenever he plays his items are replaced with white boxes. We've looked through forums to find the cause of this and originally suspected it was a ram issue. So we trimmed down the modpack and increased the allocated ram as much as possible for a 32 bit system. When this didn't work we did a complete system reset to factory condition and spent 2 days updating everything. When this didn't work we got a little annoyed. The weird thing is he can play other modpacks with 100+ mods without issue (barring a ton of lag) whilst our modpack only has 29 mods. Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU M330 @2.13GHZ Ram: 4.00 GB (2.99 GB usable) System type: 32-bit
  9. My first post was just deleted before I could ask for more help :/ Anyway I have forge as 1.7.10 and all the mods I use are 1.7.10 but it just loads vanilla >-< Please help, I don't understand all the tech stuff so don't just say 'you gotta do *this* and *that* and *space age speak*' Please explain it in simple english, or even if you could/know how to fix it, fix it for me :c I don't like using other modpacks because they are always full of mods I don't use/want/need and it just slows my computer down
  10. Hello, I am making a custom modpack and I need help. I want to put flans mod with a few content packs on my modpack. I have looked all over the internet and cannot seem to find a tutorial how to install Flans mod content packs on technic modpacks. Please Help
  11. I am working on my first modpack and I got to a little over 100 mods before running into any problems. It worked fine before adding; atomic science, calclavia core, compact solars, compact windmills, dye trees, industrial craft, open blocks, quarry plus, reactorcraft, reliquary, and rotarycraft. As soon as I add any of those it won't load. Tried eachone seperatly and still nothing. The launcher disapears like it is going to load but then it returns. I checked the folders and there is no crash-report. My url is: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/dereks-favorits . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello people, Here's what I've tinkered a private modpack and I always start with the following error and do not know how I can fix it Sorry for my bad english I'm actually from Germany
  13. Iv been working day and night trying to make a soft skyblock modpack for low end pcs, recently its been runing great until i added a few new mods wich run fine in my reguler minecraft but i was using a older forge in my modpack so i replaced it with a new one, now when i updated it and tryed runing it acts like its going to run but then the launcher comes back up, no game runs :/ iv even tryed deleting the pack from my pc then redownloading it same thing. I need someone that i can send my pack to and figure out whts wrong. I have no clue . Please message me i need help.
  14. Hello, and im new here. I was wondering if to get AOTBT (Attack of the bteam) I need forge or loader? If I do can I get a legit link below? Thanks! -Acethegreat
  15. Hello! This is Jibber, from the CobaltCraft server. We are a whitelisted server, with a Vanilla, and WANTING a modded one. Now, i have tried various packs… None jump out at me. The only one that has had ALL the mods i want, was 568 mods, and nobody on the server could even run it. I want a 50 - 75 mod modpack, featuring the mods i want. The mod list that i want ail be down lower. WHAT I CAN OFFER Well, I cannot pay for your assistance if you give it to me. What I can do, though is give you a guaranteed spot on my Whitelisted vanilla, and modded server if you create the mod pack for us, and also a spot on our Seasonal UHC we will do. For easy installment, i will probably post it on the Technic Launcher, so everyone on the server can get to it. I would like it if you DO create the mod pack, to send it to me, for me to put it on the Technic Launcher. You will have FULL credit for the mod pack you created. I will never take the credit. MODS WANTED MAKE SURE YOU GET MOD PERMISSIONS!! Ok, here goes the list of mods. Please do add more mods YOU would like to be in the mod, if you would like. Under 75 mods in the pack Total is my limit though. All Mods are in Blue so you can't miss them. Of corse I would like the basic mods ThaumCraft BuildCraft Redpower Some of the Technical Mods in Voltz +More technical mods if you know some better ones. Here are the mods I would MOST like in the mod pack. Galacticraft Galacticraft Planets Portal Gun Gravity Gun Saints Rows Dubstep Guns Aether II NEI Morph Ore Spawn Ars Magika ChocoCraft Mutant Creatures Here are the mods I would Also like, but not as much as those. I know some might not be compatible, but try your best? Wichery Necromancy Treecapitator Atum Hats Divine RPG ExtraBiomes XL Better Dungeons You Will Die Mod Lord Of The Rings Mod Atomic Science Genetic Mutations Mo' Creatures Legend Gear Secret Rooms Weeping Angels Balkon's Weapons More Bows More Swords Aasgard Shields Emerald Tools & Armor Flan's Mod RailCraft Camo Lights Iron Chests Multi-Page Chest DoubleDoors Chainz Ropes+ Condensed Blocks SlabCraft StairCraft Bibliocraft Jammy Furniture Biomes O' Plenty Dungeon Pack WildCaves NetherOres Damage Indicators ChatBubbles Mob Dismemberment Mob Amputation Optifine HD Better Sprinting Damage Indicators Inventory Tweaks also, I forget the name of the mod, but the one with like Red Matter Missiles and stuff. I know, that MAY be a lot. But if you could help me create this modpack, it would help everyone on the cobalt craft server so much. Plus, you can join CobaltCraft. I know nobody will probably make this pack, but if you will think about, just PM me. It ends up at about 65 mods, and like stated early, feel free to add more! (75 Max) MAKE SURE YOU GET PERMISSIONS! Thanks!
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