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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could recommend how much ram I need for a fairly small big Dig server it will be used as a friend vs friend war. How much would I need to ensure no lag?
  2. I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. I appreciate the work that goes into modpacks and the "Platform" was a fairly neat idea, but it has, by its very existence, killed the very thing that made Technic/Tekkit good. Heres the bullet points on why Technic/Tekkit was good. I could give a friend one link and they could play the exact same game I was playing. I could give a friend one link and they could have a nice texture pack for the game I was playing. My friends and I could play the same game together with relatively no hassle...and this made Technic/Tekkit awesome. Now with the platform we've got going on several hundred mod pack variants and whats more Tekkit itself is constantly evolving and updating, which isn't potentially bad, but I wouldn't say the current main branch version for Tekkit is all that good either, its functional but I consistently find myself having to add mods to it that I want to use to make it something that I enjoy playing. Now I could sit here and spout verbal diarrhea about why I personally think Tekkit is now "bad"...but that serves no purposes but to generate needless negativity, so overall the problem isn't really Tekkit, its the fact that the "Platform" took away Tekkits basic one click "awesome" that allowed tens of thousands of people to all share the same experiences and come up with a bunch of really creative and variant ways to solve the same problems. Now I know you can still play the "old Tekkit" but I'm not so much concerned about playing "old Tekkit" as compared to being able to play a game I enjoy with my friends and doing so in a relatively hassle free manner. I realized the "Platform" allows me to "easily" share my own mod pack creations with my friends, but that diaspora of the tech pack mod community was already bad enough with FTB coming into play, while Tekkit was still the go to modpack experience for people, simply cutting the pie into so many pieces did the entire idea behind what Technic was no favors at all, cause now instead of one modpack I need at least 10 or so to play on various servers where friends of mine and I play...and depending on what the server is doing, I might not even be able to do that...depending on the competence of the modpack designer that made the modpack the server was playing. So..in the end....I kinda miss the "good old days" where we all kinda played the same thing and had different answers to the same challenges. Thats what made Technic great....being able to see and share so much creative fun with other people in the pursuit of MOAR POWER. So yeah, sorry if I'm rehashing some shit someone said 20 years ago or something, but its really been something thats been on my mind since the Platform's launch and has only served to get worse as I've watched the MC Modpack community split into smaller and smaller and smaller little specialized cliques. The option for having user created modpacks is really good, don't get me wrong, but the Technic experience, with all the main branch modpacks developed internally, should really be the big attractions..and they're kinda not..so much. Most of my friends are playing ScareCrowKrone's Moonquest build atm...why? Cause Yogscast...thats why, and the ostensible differences between Moonquest and Tekkit is what? Mekanism? Archimedes Airships? Tinkers Construct? A Hat mod? Oh and a distinct lack of Dimensional Doors? Its almost the same modpack just with a few key primary mod differences and thats it. Anyways thats my completely meaningless rant which will change nothing at all. I just wanted to get it out of my head.
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