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Found 10 results

  1. It's a nether pack. Expect lava. Show me the goods! ?
  2. Hello, I'm having a bit of problems with my Hexxit server, if anyone would be kind enough to aid me in these problematic encounters. I seem to be crashing whenever I enter the Nether. It used to work, but now it just crashes the server, with me rejoining the server floating in an empty void with a crashing server again. If anyone has any clues as to why this is, please help out, any help is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Crash Log : https://github.com/rockenman11/Crash-Report-of-Hexxit/projects
  3. I'm on a server of a few people and non of us ca find out how to make the nether portal work, whenever we try to light it it wont work.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so any help is much appreciated, kind of nooby too . Anyhow, me and my friends own a server which is rented, we have 1GB of RAM. I have a nether portal in my house and whenever we enter it, the purple screen spins and then I get the brown screen overlay which would usually say something like, generating nether, however it teleports you straight back to the overworld however there are blocks missing and unrendered blocks which when you click on causes the client to crash! Anyone experienced this before? any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Jameo1935
  5. So my friend and I finally made it to the Nether in Tekkit and now my client constantly crashes for no reason. Sometimes it says that it has run out of memory (when it really hasn't), and other times there is a message that it just stopped working. The server was working fine before we got to the Nether and the server is being hosted on my laptop wit enough RAM to correctly run the server. My main computer has even more ram (8 GB) and I look in f3 mode when I crash and I never run out of RAM. Any help is welcome.
  6. So i have been playing on a public survival server, me and my friend, we built our base and then made more stuff bla bla then we got to the point we have to make a Nether portal, so i built the nether portal 6 blocks high and 4 blocks wide, and i am pretty sure the corners don't matter, and when i light it with a flint and steel, it doesn't do anything, it just lets the fire go off, i even tried removing blocks around the portal if that was the case, and also it was underground, under our base because we didn't want our portal public and everyone using it, im not sure if that's the case but i think that's why i can't light it - it's underground. heres a link to a screenshot also: file:///C:/Users/Eriks/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/tekkitmain/screenshots/2014-06-15_06.41.50.png
  7. Having an issue with nether portals on our Tekkit server, running Tekkit 1.2.8e currently. When someone builds a nether portal and attempts to step through it, they get teleported to another nether portal in the over world, if they enter that one the same thing happens, teleported to another nether portal and so on. Any ideas one what could be causing this?
  8. Please help. when I try and go into the portal on my server it says building terrain then just crashes. I would really like to get this fixed so me and my friend can play again
  9. Hello, On Attack of the B team often when I join a world or I change dimensions It will crash. If you could help me then please use this link for the crash report http://pastebin.com/nPEC0eB9 Thanks, John
  10. In this episode as the EVIL Dr Scary I reveal my secret lair and how I've hidden it. With a handful of Dragon eggs I start my world domination and have a few discoveries and surprises in the Nether
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