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Found 1 result

  1. Intro: Attack of the B-Team is a mod pack that is (of course) on the Technic Launcher that gives the player a LOT of new things to do and so many goals to complete. Unlike some 'packs that are centered around one idea and most of what you do revolves around that idea, AotBT has mods that give the mod pack multiple ideas. You may want to go to space and set up giant moon colonies and maybe even make your own death star. You may want to become the ultimate mutant, with all the abilities you can imagine. You may even want to become death himself! Whatever you want to do, you can do it in this mod pack. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite mod packs in Minecraft. I've tried playing this pack many times and I've learned the mods well. I made this thread to help new players understand the mod pack so that they can take advantage of it all to help them be the best out of every player. How this guide works: The way this thread works is that I will cover multiple mods that are useful in the 'pack, with a tutorial of what you can do with that mod and how the mod can assist you. Here's an example: The Best Mod - Let's you be best This mod it useful with the bestness you can best with. Best. For this mod, some of the things you'll need is: -Proness -Being cool -Having no life -Spending 9 hours on video games So, you have to take all the stuff and then you combine them into a sandwich and then you eat it and then you're the best. Useful for: -PVP- You can stare at people and they give you their money. -PVE- Zombies explode when they see you. The Actual Tutorial Tinkers' Construct This mod is useful because of the tools provided, the ease of ore multiplication, and alloy creation. For start this mod off, you need: -Tons of clay -Tons of sand -Tons of gravel To help you get into this mod, you should put your first house near a body of water so you have a close resource of clay and sand, two important things in the mod. To start the mod, you need to make the following things: -A smeltery set- A smeltery is a player-built structure made of seared bricks. The structure, in detail, is made from: 18 seared brick blocks 1 Smeltery Controller 1 Seared Tank 1 Drain 1 Faucet 1 Casting Table The smeltery is made in this shape: + + + Key: + + +: Seared Brick + + I: Drain =I + =: Faucet + [] 0 T: Casting Table []: Smeltery Controller 0: Seared Tank Floor below that level of smeltery is as follows: + + + + + + T + + + Once you complete the shape, you must put lava into the tank. With the smeltery fully set up, you can add ores into it via the controller. The smeltery cooks slowly, but it gets double metal from ores. The tier 1 smeltery can only cook 9 ore at a time. However, you can upgrade the smeltery by adding seared bricks on top the smeltery, keeping the shape. -A stencil table -A part builder -A tool forge/builder To start making the amazing tools, you need the parts. The first thing you need to make the tools is a stencil of the parts. Put a wooden stencil into the stencil table and browse thru the stencils until you find the one for the part you need. Use this cast at the part builder with a basic item, like wood, bones, or stone to make the part. You cannot do this with metals like iron or aluminum, you must use a cast at a smeltery with the metal (explained later). When you have all the parts you need, select the tool in the tool forge, put the parts in, name it if you wish, then take it out of the tool forge. The tools you can make are as follows: Broad Sword: Moderate damage sword with normal swing speed. The sword also features a block that cuts damage from enemies in half. Long Sword: Similar to the BroadSword, other than it cannot block, but instead can let you lunge forward in the air. Rapier: Very small damage sword, but with faster swing speed and armor piercing properties. Instead of blocking, this sword lets you back pedal (jump backwards). This sword is my personal choice for PVP, since it ignores armor and does slightly more damage per hit against an enemy with the best armor than a Cleaver (mentioned below), and can hit extremely fast. It's low damage is weak against mobs, but very useful against a player. Cleaver: This sword does VERY high damage with slow swing speed. The sword can block, but it is not as good as the Broad Sword. This sword is useful against mobs, with the high power it can deal with a creeper in two, if not one, slice. This sword is weak against players since their armor can protect against the cleaver's damage, and the slow swing gives you a disadvantage in combat. It's high damage is useful against mobs, but is weak against players. Dagger: A small blade with low damage and somewhat fast swing speed. You can throw daggers at enemies as a throwing knife, meaning it is suggested to make multiple daggers with medium-grade metals, like iron or aluminum. Pickaxe: Your regular pickaxe! Lets you mine stuff at a standard speed. Hammer: Slightly slower than the pick, the Hammer can mine in a 3x3 area for faster area clearing. Useful for making underground rooms. Shovel: Your regular shovel! Lets you dig up dirt, sand, clay, gravel, etc. Excavator: A shovel that digs in a 3x3 area. Hachet: Your regular axe! Lets you chop wood quickly. Lumber Axe: An axe that can fell any size tree! Allows easy tree harvesting. Waraxe: A two sided axe with the abilities of: felling small trees, mining wood in a 3x3 area, and getting a speed and damage buff by holding right click. More useful when paired with a high-tier Cleaver, allowing for charged attacks that can instantly kill some mobs. Frying Pan: Somewhat poweful melee attack, with the ability to be placed down and can cook food on the spot. Chisel: Crafting tool that can turn some items into their chiseled versions with other versions if you chisel the block multiple times. The chisel can be used as an alternative to cooking grout to make seared bricks by chiseling seared stone (stone in a smeltery). These tools are special, but are only made of things like flint, wood, and other weak materials. To make full use of the mod, you must turn to your smeltery. First thing you need in making metal tools is a cast. To make a cast, you must put a pre made part down onto a casting table, then pour gold or aluminum brass onto the part to make a cast shaped in the outline of the part. Pour the selected metal into the cast to make the part. There are two special metal alloys that are very useful in these tools: Alumite and Manyullan. Alumite is an alloy that is just about as powerful as diamonds, other than the pick can't mine obsidian. Alumite is made when iron, aluminum, and obsidian and inside a furnace at the right numbers. This pink alloy can mine the two ores added to the Nether: Cobalt and Ardite. These two nether ores combine to make the next best ore, Manyullan. This purple allows can mine obsidian, has a high speed, and is one of the best alloys for swords. So you have the best metals in the mod, you feel at the top of the world. But it's not over. You can improve your tools further using tool modifications. Each tool starts off with a certain amount of modification slots, but can be improved by using paper somewhere in the tool and using a gold block with a diamond to add a modifier. This also works with a nether star. Modifications can improve your tools tremendously, and most are as follows: Moss: Adding a ball of moss (9 mossy cobble) to the tool makes the tool seem to be "alive", giving it the ability to rebuild it's durability over time. Piston: Gives swords more knockback. Can be put on multiple times for more effect. Redstone: Gives block breaking tools faster speed. Can be put on multiple times for more effect. Lapis Lazuli: Gives luck and fortune to tools. Can be put on multiple times for more effect. Silky Gem: Gives silk touch to block breaking tools. Obsidian and Ender Pearl: Gives swords an extremely high chance to drop the enemies' head. Can be combined with Minefactory Reloaded's Auto Spawner to farm for wither heads for use with Witchery and getting nether stars from the wither. Quartz: Gives swords sharpness. Can be put on multiple times for more effect. This mod lets assists you with just about everything. From melee fighting to mining to multiplying ores, this mod lets you be advanced in it. More mods will be added to this guide over time. If I missed anything very useful in a mod, wrote incorrect information, or want me to post a certain mod, reply whatever it is on this thread.