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Found 11 results

  1. I recently created a modpack, but i can't connect to my friends via Hamachi, so i tried to make a server but it gaves an error that i don't understand But in this topic i prefer start of the beggining, i need help to make a server or just a way that i can play with my friends via Hamachi PS:I want a free way to make it, i tried Aternos but i didn't find some mods that was in my modpack
  2. No Rules - HinnomTX[PvP][10 slots][no banned items] IP: I decided to open a small server because of the previous post. no rules, pvp, griefing, all allowed. We'll see what happens.
  3. NOTE: We are no longer using the previous modpack, we have since created our own. Please download and join us! Give us a like and follow if you want! Modpack Page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/x-magicka.849978 Server IP: xm.xlegends.net Server Rules: NO RACISM NO SEXISM NO RELIGIOUS DEBATE Do not disrespect staff based on their job. (You may insult all you want if it's gameplay related, this is an Anarchy server after all.) If you have a formal complaint, bring it to Management directly. English Only in Global Chat If you cannot speak English, please speak in private message. NO Excessive Spam/Character Spam/Excessive Caps Excessive Spam - Constantly repeating messages or phrases. (HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!) Character Spam - Repeating multiple letters or scrambled variants. (asdfgasdlgja or Nooooooooo!) Excessive Caps - Repeating capitalized letters in sentences and words. (OMG WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN! or NOOOOOO!) NO Advertising any modpacks or servers unrelated to X Legends Network. Doing so results in an immediate ban. If you have a suggestion for a modpack that we should create a server for, let the staff know directly. Do not post in global chat ever. Description: I created this server because I enjoyed the modpack, and didn't enjoy that my multiplayer experience with this modpack was lacking. There is an official server, but it can be touchy, and lacks support. This server is openly available to all players, and we do what we can to solve the issues brought to us, as soon as possible. So if you like Magic, Mayhem, Quests, World Events, etc, we're in the works every day, building up this server a little bit more. We'd love to have you join us and watch the server grow! Expected Uptime: Nearly 24/7 As stated, the server is still being worked on, but so far the only downtime we've had was for major changes taking no longer than 30 minutes, and a simple restart that runs now and then (lasting only a few minutes.) Community: We're looking for players who have NO knowledge of what they are doing, and players who know EVERYTHING about these mods. Players who believe in having a strong community over a wide variety of modpacks and networks. It's the life-blood of Minecraft, and all the mods/plugins that come with it! We aim to keep our players interested and entertained, and keeping the environment clear of immoral players (dupers, cheaters, hackers, generally unpleasant) and generally clean. Whitelist/Greylist: This server currently has no whitelist or greylist. It has an open rank system with faction based rank-ups. Meaning you can join a faction at the lowest rank, and the rank-ups from that point will reward you with new and exciting kits, varying depending on which faction you chose when you started. Hopefully you're excited to see what we may have to offer you! Come join us!
  4. Hey guys this is a new server i made for about twenty players -IP -link to modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/q3tawfgawet3.583999 -Rules -only grief if the owner of that base is on -don't set off really anything that lags the server a lot -just have fun and be cool -swearing is allowed but keep it classy I put this server up so my friends and i could play a fun modpack, and i decided to make it an open server Any kind of player is welcome just don't be an A$$ up time is everyday from 7AM to 10PM we really don't have a community yet but we want players to be cooperative yet competitive
  5. MinecraftBoB The Band of Builders Community About Us Established in 2011, the Band of Builders is a server built around a strong and close-knit community. We have recently made the switch from a vanilla server to an Attack of the B-Team server, and are looking to expand with new members and new hardware. Members are expected to be polite and treat people with respect, and you will find that you will be warmly welcomed aboard and into the community. Member events are the norm, such as PvP battles, treasure hunts and survival island, as well as the occasional live stream, and you are of course free to build and explore away as you so desire. The world is brand new, largely unexplored and pre-rendered up to an established border. Some towns are being established while some players prefer to venture forth on their own. No matter who you are, we'd love to see you online. -jere6732, Server Admin, MinecraftBoB. For full info about the server and the community please visit out website: http://minecraftbob.com Server Info The server is a whitelist server. To apply, and obtain the IP, please visit our website: http://minecraftbob.com/becomeamember Server rules are pretty standard and fair. No griefing, no stealing, no PvP without consent and don't harass other players. Full server rules can be found on our website. There are no banned items on our server, although we do ask that you consider other peoples enjoyment, and limit your machines to necessity only to keep memory use to a minimum on the server (although we have plenty). Major plugins include CoreProtect (anti-griefing) and MyChunk (land protection). We also have a number of small custom coded plugins specific to our server. The server is online 24/7, with 99% uptime (restarts once a day).
  6. hey I have been playing attack of the b team a load recently and have finally decided to put up a server for a small community of regular players to come on. I am aiming for something like what ChimneySwift plays on. the server will be up 24/7 and will be whitelisted to pm me if you are interested I would love it if you can speak English. I'm looking for some people that would come on the server frequently and enjoy themselves there are no real age limits or restrictions. I am 16 and live in the UK before I start accepting people onto the server It would be nice to know a little about yourselves thanks
  7. Started July 1st 2014 and needing players and donations!! We have started with a shop and a survival with no banned items and a fresh new map for thrillseekers who hate having to travel for days to get away from everyone. Thats all for now folks however we intend of making our mark by including PVP arenas, Hunger Games, SkyBlocks and much more!! Server is run by MCProHosting with no lag and remember that the early bird gets the best worm!! Requesting players and donations at: crosecraft.mcph.co-Server IP crosecraft.buycraft.net-Donations Checkout the Trailer for this server on the ops YouTube channel-PartyinCreepers Direct Link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dadhLDSaCTU&list=UUyPEy9vENNKtphnjYu2xeDw
  8. Hello all. Recently, I have been a tad bit addicted to this AMAZING mod pack. And even more recently, I have decided to start my own attack of the b team server! I have found a great server host but i have not bought a server quite yet. I am having a little trouble deciding what the hostname of the server should be (which is basically like a custom ip address). This has mainly been a problem because I have not come up with a name for the server yet either. So if you are one of the first people to join there are a couple of things you could possibly be apart of. a) you could help me decide what the hostname of the server will be you could possibly be one of the head-admins as one of the first people to join c) you can (and hopefully will) be apart of the community that that is this server I only have 3 simple rules that are as follows -no griefing or destroying other players builds -no abusing glitches or hacking (basically no cheating in general) -swearing is allowed but no swearing at other players FAILURE TO FOLLOW RULES WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT!!!!!! If you would like to join, please fill out this application: What is your IGN (in-game name)? How old are you? Why are you interested in joining? Will you be recording videos on the server? If so, what is your youtube name? How long have you been playing minecraft? Modpacks? Attack of the b team? Have you ever been banned? What is your skype name?(optional but preferred) Yours in professionalism, me ;P
  9. IP: MC.SELECTEDGAMING.NET RULES: RESPECT ALL STAFF MEMBERS, We are here to help! DO NOT CHEAT DO NOT GRIEF DO NOT COMPLAIN HAVE FUN THERE ARE NO MODS REMOVED BANNED ITEMS: There are very few banned items on this server! Teleport Tether Cart Anchor Cart Bore Ender Storage Chunk Loader Triangulator PLUGINS: GriefPrevention TekkitRestrict WorldGuard McMMo MobDisguise PermissionsEX EnjinPlugin Votifier MobArena WorldEdit Selected Gaming has been running servers for awhile but we shut them down to take a break, this is the launch of our first server in around 6 months. We do it as a hobby so we just add cool things as we go. We are three college students with jobs and class so we are on and make fixes/changes whenever we can! Server Hardware: We run our own hardware and do not pay a host! Xeon-e5 quad core cpu 12 gbs dedicated ecc server ram 190 mps download 100 mps upload t3 ping connection 256 gbs ssd 2 tbs hdd for backups The server should be up 24/7 If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment or visit us at http://selectedgaming.net!
  10. Ip: This server is hosted on a dedicated machine the 24/7 Rules 1) Don´t Grief. 2) Respect all users. 3)Don´t ask staff for items or ranks. 4)Do NOT Advertise websites or IP´s. 5)Do not use x-ray,hacks,bugs or attempt to dupe. 6)Only speak in spanish or english in the chat general. Banned Items are Restricted Only to Those Which Dupe or Bypass Grief Protection! For example Explosive Catalysts, Nuke, Item Loaders, World Anchor. Major Plugins: Grief Prevention BOSEconomy Chest Shop Tree Assist Mob Arena PvP Arena What we can offer? For starters, we have absolutely no lag at any time, under any load, no matter the amount of players online. We also offer the opportunity to vote for our server on the links that offer you in and win great reward. Our server currently runs both Grief Prevention; as well as the option to play solo or with friends in a community. So what are you waiting for - connect to IP: today
  11. Custom Modpack: Cuddly Creeper Pack Server IP: or use the URL play.cuddlycreeper.com Link to Server Rules Basic Rules: 1. Discussion topics and language must be appropriate for all ages. (Exception Cuddle Cabana forum, chat channel, and Teamspeak channel) 2. Do not take items from others without permission 3. Do not destroy items/blocks placed by other players without permission. 4. Do not intentionally cause emotional distress for your own amusement, aka trolling. 5. Just play nice with everyone and then you don't have to worry about rules. Server Description: Cuddly Creeper is an All-New Minecraft Server with a few key goals 1. Maintain a world with no resets for 5 years; your grand master works will last for years 2. Provide a family-friendly environment for all ages 3. Encourage community involvement and activities through game mechanics Highlights: PvE Economy No Whitelist Player owned land claims using Protection Blocks Custom Modpack - provides players with a large variety of new block types Uptime: Almost 24/7 Scheduled 15 minute downtime nightly for server backups. Community: We are an all-ages community that primarily caters to survival gameplay Due to the large variety of modded blocks and the server world having no resets for 5 years. Our server should be especially friendly to builders who like to make incredible works and have their efforts around to stay for several years. Server Application: Open server, no applications necessary. Additional Gameplay: PvP arena Player Shop Plots PvE arena to access The End (coming soon) Spleef (coming soon) Twilight Forest (requires premium membership)
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