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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I don't know how to start this... Let's start in the same place I stopped the original Modding News thread. It was lost during the forum update. Too bad. Well, actually I'm not sorry because the previous thread diverted from the original idea an brought unnecessary drama to this board. If the same thing happens to this thread, I'll live with it (I guess the community likes drama) but the main goal is bringing interesting news, events, new mod features, "cool minecraft stuff" and of course the bugs to a wider audience. This is deeply connected with the other main topic here: mod authors achievements and fails. The current forum software has problems with huge posts so I hope this one will not be as big as the original Modding News but if it will I'll move the older news off-site. I would like to thank everyone who was reading the earlier topic, the number of views was really huge. Thanks. Ok, that wasn't bad... I think. Onto the next part. When you see a typo, incorrect information or you read something twice and cannot understand what you just read, blame it on me, I was probably drunk or just stupid (or both) writing it that way. Don't hesitate to message me about it. Yell at me in the comments, send me a PM here, on reddit, on irc or wherever you find me. Now for the general information about mod downloads and updates: Information about mod updates: NotEnoughMods (NEM ModBot's twitter feed), MCF Modlist Safe places for mod downloads: Minecraftforum, Curse, CurseForge (with email notification service) If you want to check out my work from the original thread you can check the Modding News Archive (it's an archive so things can be outdated/deprecated/offline) [page is WIP, no ads] So.. let's star.... hold it.. the Disclaimer: Everything below this line needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not here to offend anybody, if you feel offended send me a message and I'll post how you feel about it. ------------------------------------- Last update: 4 July 2015 More news in the thread below 17 May 2015 if you are scared of the huge changelog in the recent Forge versions, don't be, it's just the effect of merging FML with MinecraftForge once and for all [warning: full commit with comments, takes some time to load] 16 May 2015 LookingGlass announcement by XCompWiz are you updating your modpack and need to reset the configs but you made some changes in there? ConfigPatcher is being coded as we speak to help you with that, example here [for now it's only MinecraftForge's configs but Lunatrius is quick] 15 May 2015 possible world breaking (corruption) with Minetweaker scripts revealed [read the replies] 13 May 2015 XyCraft is being worked on? I thought it's vaporware but hey. XyCraft clone is also being worked on? We had no XyCraft at all and now there are gonna be two of them? 11 May 2015 people are so desperate to play with Immersive Engineering that they started a black market with the builds, I've already seen 3 links with the build available, one of them being Curse/CurseForge (not released by the author!) and then quickly deleted, the mod will be released soon after it's out of alpha version. Here's BluSunrize's reaction FyberOptic has nothing other than problems with the 1.6.4 -> 1.7.10 bridge mod, this time with AE1 10 May 2015 new version of BDLib ( implemented an /oredistribution command, sample output of that command can be found here, this will be very "useful to some people" 9 May 2015 JourneyMap 5.1 is now a public beta. It "has many internal changes to improve CPU and memory usage". the commit of the day can be found here, if it's not self explanatory the context can be found here AOBD 2.6.1 has been released and it now has an addon that adds oreberry bushes for all ores in the game (Another One Bites the Dust: Berry Bushes) 8 May 2015 Hexxit Gear is ready for the new Hexxit modpack and it looks very nice. There's a new tech mod around. Immersive Engineering. Only little information is given and a small portion of screenshots about the mechanics. It's tested on ForgeCraft 2 now [the power lines, they transmit RF]. There are no builds out yet but the source code is here for the people able to compile it. [you'll need a bunch of libs] New WailaPlugins should be up right about... now. Get it while it's hot with support for Forestry 3.4 and some parts of MFR and TE support (the rest is already in Waila). 7 May 2015 This post on reddit made me wondering about the amount of time passed with the Minecraft community. As one of the forums admins said I'm "fresh". I've bought the game on 12/17/2013 and I registered on this forum 4/23/2014 starting my Tekkit adventures. It's a very short time but it feels like ages. Usual one-liners: Thaumic Infusion has a stable 1.7.10 release. FyberOptic is not working on 1.7.10 versions of Dartcraft and Traincraft, he's working on a 1.6.4 -> 1.7.10 bridge mod. Btw Bluedart is rewriting Dartcraft under a different name. 5 May 2015 LoveHoly invented ExAstris in the place of the missing ExAliquo 1.7 addon. Insaneau continued the work on ExAstris after she went MIA. Well, now she's back with a surprise. 4 May 2015 (May the fourth be with you!) Some time ago I asked Hilburn about his hacky way to update Steve's Factory Manager (Vswe's mod) with Steve's Addons, two days have passed and he made up his mind (repo link here). His mods show that he cares about the community fixing various 1.7.10 bugs in vanilla and other mods, also when others fail to deliver. Wait.. ExtraFixes has a 1.2.4b version? So like the ExU 1.2.4b version? I guess the changelog can answer that. Are you making a skyblock/ExNihilo based pack and you want to add custom composting recipes to barrels? No more Minetweaker. This option was added to ExNihilo by default not long ago, custom items and oredict items/blocks can be now added in the configs. Warning: the main dev responsible for this is Inseanau (aka MikeLydeamore) while Erasmus Crowley works on ExNihio2 (as it turns out he won't get that 10 grands he asked for on Kickstarter). Usual one-liners: what is FyberOptic up to now? This you'll have to see for yourself. Applied Energistics 2 RV2 went into stable, check the changelog and download it in the usual place. Wait for the AE2 addon mods to catch up. you placed modded redstone wires (like ProjectRed alloy wire or EnderIO Redstone Conduit) beside the TiCon smeltery drains and it's not working? Grab the dev builds from TiCon jenkins and you'll be fine. [thanks PlowmanPlow for the link] please keep away from MinecraftForge 1.7.10-, it breaks 80% of coremods, the cause was making Forge compatible with Sponge, the change was reverted in 1400 and 1401. problems with TiCon smeltery melting redstone into redstone.molten (from ProjectRed) instead of Destabilized Redstone (Thermal Expansion)? Get rid of PR-Compat from the mods directory. [you will loose ProjectRed compatibility with those mods, but hey] making and giving support to a custom mopdack is not something that you just do, it's a way of life 2 May 2015 Aidan Brady (the Mekanism mod author) presented yesterday the Minecraft Mod Developer Pack (an add-on for Visual Studio for developing minecraft mods, repo link here) at Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015 video from this part of the conference can be found here (start at 2:02:00) [listen carefully to Steven Guggenheimer's words before Aidan got on the stage] GeekWire article can be found here voxcpw's reaction here LexManos's reaction here Mojang... heh.. as usual Forge fluid registry changes... If you are a modpack creator you know this stuff. MinecraftForge changed fluid handling (version 1355+) not long ago and there were problems with many mods out there so let's gather the info about which ones should work with the latest Forge. I'll list only some of them (the delayed ones). Mekanism (since Minechem (since EnderStorage (since Railcraft (since BuildCraft (since 6.4.11) TinkersConstruct (since 1.8.4) Team CoFH released CoFHTweaks (a "minecraft accelerator" type mod) that is suppose to speed things up. The mod: backports some 1.8 performance features into 1.7.10. has the option to disable some performance heavy graphic tasks can speed up worldgen on servers can be downloaded here (repository link) if not working correctly (or you just don't like it) can be replaced (on the client AND the server) with Fastcraft (it does the same thing and can be downloaded here) Warning: Fastcraft is known to speed up clients and servers a lot but its source code is hidden and the jar file is "obfuscated to completely paranoid levels". You can refer to it as black magic or a black box as nobody (besides the author) knows what's inside. It can pretty much be a "computer virus". Have you downloaded the latest forge yet? There are progress bars implemented while loading the game now and a rotating logo (which when stopped can indicate a freeze). Be sure to remove other launch gui changing mods (Better Loading Screen and Minecraft Loader) when using the 1710ls branch (Forge versions 1389 and above). Remember to leave feedback. Equivalent Exchange 3 just went into beta. Grab it here and test the Transmutation Tablet. ------------------------------------- I'll update this post whenever I find something worth it. If not stated otherwise the mods and news presented here are for Minecraft version 1.7.10. This project is WIP (work in progress) Assets by Amaxter
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