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  1. Hello there! Before I start talking about what the rules are and the requirements to join. I'd prefer to talk about why I started this server. A friend of mine and I were looking for a server to play on, nothing special, just making factories etc. This is when we realised pretty much all servers have banned items, rank limitations etc. That is the reason why I am opening this Whitelisted server for tekkit players. In this server players can just play together without having to look out for other players raiding your base. Server IP: Rules: No Pvp
  2. SPEARHEAD GAMING TEKKIT LEGENDS A fun, medieval themed PvE server featuring claims, custom content & plugins, no banned items, world anchors, kits, custom terrain, active staff, epic builds and much much more... discord.gg/gjjqVQR ~ www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com LINKS Server IP: tekkit.sphgaming.com Discord Server: http://discord.gg/gjjqVQR Website: http://www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com ABOUT US We are a sever for the players - everything we do is aimed at a more enjoyable, fun, fair experienced for our player. Our management s
  3. OrakoCraft Tekkit Classic! Hello There! Thank you For Reading My Post! I know no ones is really playing tekkit classic, if there is interest in this server we will keep it going. However we may move this over to Monster FTB. We currently are running a few plugins, which allow players in the world to be able to treat tekkit classic such a business game. You can save up your money by selling items and renting land, and also taking part in events. Once you have enough money you can claim a plot in the Plots world. We are running a plugin called chest shop which wi
  4. [</Cyber Punk/>] Tekkit Classic Server IP: Cyber-punk.us Features: No Banned Items Towny Ranks World Anchors ARE NOT a donators' only item Custom Plugins Daily Kits 24/7 Fresh Map 8 Gigs Ram Permanent Server Grief Prevention Economy Our mission statement is to provide a place to enjoy all of Tekkit Classic unrestricted by donation or voting restrictions while offering a professional and unlaggy server. Your factory is waiting for you at Cyber Punk!
  5. We have 2 servers hosting for the modpack 1.10.2 - Tech & Magic. Both the full edition (200 mods) and the lite edition (100 mods). The modpack includes FTB Utilities which supports friends/towns and chunkloading. No Banned Items on either server. Modpack Installation: FULL EDITION: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/a-1102-pack.938599 LITE EDITION: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/1102-tech-magic-lite.1004150 Server Address: mc.infernoworldorder.com (265 Max Players) Server Address: mc.infernoworldorder.com:25566 (265 Max Players)
  6. IP: Rules: No griefing, No hacking, No duping. Plugins: Essentials and Grief Prevention Made this server because the bigger servers were to OP Usually 24/7 might go down for maintenance This community only wants friendly players only! To join you must fill out this application!!! MC name: Age: Reason for playing: Skype(you can pm me if you want): Thanks all hope to see you on there!
  7. This is a Tekkit Classic server with no banned items or anything. It also has Essentials. I'm open to plugin suggestions. Feel free to use whatever you want in-game. Connect to larbob.ddns.net and have fun with us Thanks for playing!
  8. Server IP: This is the official release of TekkitCore's Hexxit Server. We expect that while playing the server, you're mature and polite to other players. We are aiming towards a mature, family friendly community. I made this server because I've been working with servers for 5 years, and I have regained my love for Minecraft. Hexxit was my fourth modpack. I decided to go public because I merged with a gaming network that didn't yet have a Minecraft division. Since then we've split away our merger and went our seperate ways. I know that with my knowledge and t
  9. Hey fellow Modded Minecraftians! We are looking for some news players for our new modpack, Wirenut Reloaded for MC 1.7.10! Wirenut Reloaded is a fun pack with a good mix of both Tech, and Magic mods, and custom world generation. We have our own dedicated server running the pack, so we are a small community, looking to increase our members, at the same time making good friends along the way! You can view all of the mods and download the pack at (http://technicpack.net/modpack/wirenut-reloaded.844456) This server and pack are hosted in the UK, but we have players from al
  10. Hey fellow Modded Minecraftians! We are looking for 4 or 5 new testers for our new modpack for 1.7.10! Wirenut Reloaded is a fun pack with a good mix of both Tech, and Magic mods, and custom world generation. We have our own dedicated server running the pack, so we are a small community, looking to increase our members, at the same time helping us test our latest builds and making good friends along the way! You can view all of the mods and download the pack at [Wirenut Reloaded(http://technicpack.net/modpack/wirenut-reloaded.844456) This server and pack are hosted in the
  11. Join @ tekkit.infernoworldorder.com TS3: ts.infernoworldorder.com http://www.infernoworldorder.com No Banned ItemsNo RestrictionsNo Disabled ModsProtection/TownsOffline Chunkloading (Dim Anchor w/fuel)Item Based EconomySmall Community (Mature Players Only!) No Donation Rank, Fully Featured for All 2,000 assigned slots This server is for Adult/Mature players only. The World was generated November 1, 2015. Anyone is welcome to join if you consider yourself mature; also, we keep a pretty relaxed feel to the server. This is not a donation server NOR is this to make money. A
  12. a server based on "The 1.7.10 Pack" modpack http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack server adress is play.minenopia.com alternate link: server.minenopia.com:26013 is a USA hosted server 24/7 60 player cap, no lag there are no banned items and you can feel free to explore all the mods this is a pvp raid server becouse most of the server are just the same. Some rules are basic - No crashing server on pourpose - No leaving mob grinders on for an innecesary amount of time - No griefing Chest Shops - No Harrasing new players
  13. I host a "no banned items" Tekkit Main servers for a while and I just re-setup a new server tekkit.infernoworldorder.com after about a month break (was hosting the 1.7.10 Pack) I realized that Tekkit Legends is released, I was considering hosting, but I previously hosted "The 1.7.10 Pack" with MyTown Beta, but we had some issues as its still in dev. Also, the 1.7.10 version of MystCraft was extremely intensive causing massive lag. Has anyone played on a large server with Tekkit Legends? Is it pretty stable/lightweight? Or performance issues. I am just curious as I just completed the setup o
  14. Chillax Gaming presents Chillax Tekkit Legends! Chillax Gaming is the community you want to relax in. You feel at home on Chillax Gaming, we make sure of it. We are a community full of friendly interactive staff and strive to keep it that way no matter what, your concerns are our concerns. This server listing is for our Tekkit servers, our tekkit servers has a PvP and a PvE server alongside each other. You join the hub and then enter the one of your preference. Both servers have a very low amount of items, we attempt our best to patch any broken items or destructive items instead of disabling
  15. Server Address: InfernoWorldOrder.com No Banned Items - No Disabled Mods - No Lag - Dedicated 24/7 Protection supports BuildCraft and other mods. Chunk Loading Enabled / All Features Enabled - Dedicated Server (32 GB) NO DONATIONS Mature Players Only Please http://infernoworldorder.weebly.com/ If you want to build big, go ahead, just please do so in your own Age. APPLY FOR WHITELIST ON THE WEBSITE FORUMS!! ALL APPLICANTS MUST USE TEAMSPEAK! XEON 1270 - 32 GB of RAM
  16. We've Moved! FCoFix Tekkit Pro has moved to FCoFix Towny STEAM GROUP We'll be importing a few features from our old server as well as possibly starting a new tekkit anarchy server using THIS MODPACK
  17. New B-team server with simple rules, no banned items, a ton of fun. If you want to have a good time roaming the modpack of b-team then join us. We literally just had a world reset so that our players get the most fresh experience. We are looking for great builders to help with spawn. You can send in an app at for staff. If we get 10 players on we will do a drop party at spawn. We hope to see you there. Ip:
  18. MinecraftBoB The Band of Builders Community About Us Established in 2011, the Band of Builders is a server built around a strong and close-knit community. We have recently made the switch from a vanilla server to an Attack of the B-Team server, and are looking to expand with new members and new hardware. Members are expected to be polite and treat people with respect, and you will find that you will be warmly welcomed aboard and into the community. Member events are the norm, such as PvP battles, treasure hunts and survival island, as well as the occasional live stream, and you ar
  19. We have a growing, active community, and currently no banned items! We are extremely beta, but working out bugs daily! We have plots, towns, and a economy. We plan on adding shops, including a player market system. We are all about our players! Come try us out! If you join in the next hour, you will get Iron Tinkers construct tool of your choosing as a welcome gift! Current plugins: Griefprevention, Chestshop, clearlagg,timeismoney,LWC and more! Ip:TPPI.nestmc.tk:25580
  20. Attack of the B-Team Hello, I've created a new server. (And hopefully my last, this is getting old.) This time, I probably won't be turning it off and walking away, I'm tired of being bored without people to play with. So I'll continue on with my server, at the new version of 1.0.12a! So, I'll just lay out the new and improved rules for my newest server! First, I'd like NO PVP, without my jurisdiction, and permission from the other member. I'll allow a maximum of 10 people accepted, afterwards I won't be accepting any more members. I'm trying to prevent myself, and my
  21. Welcome Everyone If you want to Join than Post below and ill send you a pm with details thanks survival its a fun based game of survival and we allget along together plugins not sure what ones we useing but some good ones like tpa and lots others lots oher cool stuff We are a small server but its 30 slots and want to get all 30 in and alot of people thanks he started this on the 18th and he has got 6 members atleast We all use a nce Not bad words and hope to keep it like that thanks It's a 24/7 server Note im not owner just sharing.. Nice people too thanks Got
  22. Sorry for the flashy title, oy vey. So after crawling through laggy restricted to hell tekkit lite servers i decided to host my own, the IP is anarchy.twilightparadox.com There are NO banned/restricted items and pretty much anything goes, as far as admins or staff are concerned only "zakanater19" is anything other than a normal member, please do not be fooled. Alright ill just lay down the rules here because why should i build a nice spawn to have it greifed by some assclown with dynamite or some simular bypassing bullshit. 1. No hax, of course i can't really stop you guys, but
  23. Looking for a couple people that want to build together, make a town, giant base, etc., all survival. Bought a server for the quarter to see how it goes (open through Oct 25th). No spawn building or rules to read, just plain vanilla tekkit lite. Looking for anyone 15+ that's mature. Post your age and in game name here, or message me on skype for the quickest results. Skype name is: zgreenside (loc: maple valley)
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