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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! First forum post, here goes. So I've just created my first Modpack! I'm having an issue where, having made it and uploaded it, I download it from Technic Launcher and start it up. Initially it goes well, Minecraft opens in 1.6.4 as I had intended. But the game doesn't actually load up with any mods, despite the fact that there are loads in the pack (well, actually not loads, maybe ten or so). I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this. I've left a link to the pack's page and a link to the download (basically so people can see what I've done and tell me where I've gone wrong lol). I've also described what I did below in case it makes any difference. Modpack: Modpack location: the I created a new directory for minecraft to run in, and installed Forge Installer in it (for 1.6.4, the intended version to be played with). I also made a folder with three subfolders inside it, bin, mods, and config, which is the second link. I installed Forge Universal for 1.6.4 in the bin file and renamed it modpack.jar Next I, in turn, downloaded each mod that I wanted one by one in 1.6.4, put it in the mods folder in the Forge Game Directory, ran it, copied the config files from the Forge Game Directory to the Modpack config Subfolder, and moved the mod from the Forge Game Directory to the Modpack mods Subfolder. I repeated this with every mod I wanted until it was all done. After this I compressed it into a zip file and uploaded it to dropbox, and then changed the end of the dropbox sharing link to =1 not =0. I then put in the settings of the new modpack, putting the link in and selecting 1.6.4 Yeah that's what happened. I'd be super grateful if anyone could help me? Obviously I'm really really new to all of this and this was my first time, so there's probably something obvious I've missed, but yeah, let me know! UPDATE: In the time writing this, I tried deleting the pack from my launcher and installing it again. I installed it, but for some reason the install button shows instead of the play button next to the delete modpack button. I press install again, and within seconds it just goes back to the same problem, no play, just install. Anyone able to help me out? Further update: Disregard the UPDATE - turns out I was being an idiot and I was trying to load it whilst I had it open. Still got original issue though
  2. Hi, It seems like my modpack runs and opens fine, but when Im on the title screen it says its just regular 1.7.10 Minecraft. It doesnt say its running mods, in fact its not using any mods. I checked the folder through %appdata% and it has the mods in it, I have Forge 1.7.10 Universal and named it to modpack.jar and put it into the bin. But it just doesnt load the game with the mods. Any help? Links: My "Bin" folder Please, Ive spent an hour just to hook the modpack up and now the mods dont load in but the regular MC does. -Vito @AetherPirateyou seem you know how to work things, please help me!
  3. Hello! So I just made a custom technic modpack. Everything went fine, but when I tried to open the pack, it starts vanilla minecraft. Here is my Api: What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've been working on this modpack for well over two days now (just needed to complain about how frustrating making a modpack is xD). So far, I've been doing everything the's "How to make a Minecraft Modpack" but yet no cigar. I load up the modpack and it gets to the mojang screen, yet no mods. It is exactly as this thread titles says it is, vanilla minecraft. I don't know if I set up the files wrong (even though it's according to the how-to), but any help would be appreciated. The link to the how-to: Link to my zip on Sincerely, Cho_Sensei P.S This is the first time I've attempted making a modpack. Sorry for any noobing. P.S.S Thanks to Technic for at least making a how-to.