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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am having an issue with my graphics card making the seared tanks and the casting basin texture flash. The lava inside the tank looks like it is trying to overlap the tank's texture. It flashes a lot when looking around. I couldn't find any fixes except playing the game with integrated graphics. The problem is the game runs so much better with my Nvidia card so I would like to find a solution. This is what it looks like: Any help would be most appreciated. If more information is needed I will try to provide.
  2. Hello, last year, I played some modpacks and everything was fine, but now I can't start any modpack anymore. When i click "Play", the launcher will load, but the game doesn't start. I installed an other Java version, a new Nvidia Gamedriver, but it doesn't work. I tried my best. Windows 10 (64-Bit) Java: Version 8 Update 144 Nvidia Gamedriver: Before 376.33 (doesn't work), now 385.28 Nvidia Graphic card: GeForce GT 610 I hope you can help me.
  3. The launcher does not start and it's stuck on the logo. I tried disabling the antivirus and the firewall, I also tried multiple versions of java(7 and 8, 32 and 64 bit versions). I tried copying the files from another computer, where it works, and still nothing. I'm using nvidia driver 378.57. [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:38 [INFO] Console Mode Activated [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:38 [INFO] Launching command: 'javaw -Xmx256m -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd -Dswing.aatext=true -cp /C:/Users/w/Desktop/launcher.exe net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain ' [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] Console Mode Activated [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [WARNING] Unable to load users from C:\Users\w\AppData\Roaming\.hu-minecraft.net\users.json because it does not exist. [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] Expected MD5: 94a9d4cbcb9ceaa25000fa303fa81acc Calculated MD5: 94a9d4cbcb9ceaa25000fa303fa81acc [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] Expected MD5: b62087eb4b11746987c800c0512890ef Calculated MD5: b62087eb4b11746987c800c0512890ef [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] Expected MD5: ebf34784444abcb976f77c9e23692057 Calculated MD5: ebf34784444abcb976f77c9e23692057 [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] OS: windows 10 [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [INFO] Identified as windows [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:39 [WARNING] Unable to load users from C:\Users\w\AppData\Roaming\.hu-minecraft.net\users.json because it does not exist. [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key launcher.title.skin [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at java.util.ResourceBundle.getObject(Unknown Source) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at java.util.ResourceBundle.getObject(Unknown Source) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at java.util.ResourceBundle.getString(Unknown Source) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.ui.lang.ResourceLoader.getString(ResourceLoader.java:155) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.initComponents(LauncherFrame.java:481) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.relocalize(LauncherFrame.java:707) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.<init>(LauncherFrame.java:192) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.startLauncher(LauncherMain.java:401) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.main(LauncherMain.java:201) [B#10] 2017/03/05 16:24:40 [SEVERE] Unhandled Exception in Thread[main,5,main] java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key launcher.title.skin at java.util.ResourceBundle.getObject(Unknown Source) at java.util.ResourceBundle.getObject(Unknown Source) at java.util.ResourceBundle.getString(Unknown Source) at net.technicpack.ui.lang.ResourceLoader.getString(ResourceLoader.java:155) at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.initComponents(LauncherFrame.java:481) at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.relocalize(LauncherFrame.java:707) at net.technicpack.launcher.ui.LauncherFrame.<init>(LauncherFrame.java:192) at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.startLauncher(LauncherMain.java:401) at net.technicpack.launcher.LauncherMain.main(LauncherMain.java:201)
  4. Fellow techniclovers, For the people with the problem that they cannot load minecraft after launching. This is how it was solved for many people, including me. Nvidia new update may have occurred a error for loading modded minecraftlaunchers. So this redditthread gave the solution: I really hope it worked for all of you. With greetings from a hatfilms lover
  5. I'm having some problems running Tekkit (and tbf any other Technic Launcher Modpacks) on my PC. It definitely isn't a problem with specs, as I'm running an Intel 4720HQ and Nvidia GTX 970M, which have no problems running any other game (GTA V, Civ V, CSGO) in Ultra settings at 60fps. The problem is that when the world loads, it runs at high fps (~60) but as soon as I start to move the frame rate drops to less than 10fps. It makes the game unplayable. I have already dropped the settings to as low as they will go, set the process priority to high on task manager, installed optifine, and allocated more RAM (6gb) in the launcher, which are solutions other threads have offered. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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