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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to set up my laptop so that I can play the Tekkit Classic modpack on a long train-ride I'll be going on soon. I won't have any Wi-Fi (nor a hotspot) for the duration of the trip, so I'm trying to make sure the offline mode is functioning However, I'm running into some problems when I disconnect from the Wi-Fi (Keep in mind that I have legitimately purchased Minecraft under a Mojang account and used it to log into the technic launcher with the "Remember me" checked; everything works perfectly normal when online). When opening the launcher, I'm greeted with the log-in screen that allows me to select the account I have used previously, I select it and click login, and am greeted with a prompt saying "The auth servers at are inaccessible. Would you like to play offline?". I select "Yes", but the prompt simply closes and nothing occurs, even after a minute waiting. This occurs every time I try to open the launcher even after restarting. Fortunately, running the Technic launcher as an admin will skip the login menu and take me right to the launcher around half of the time. I navigate to the Tekkit Classic option and click "Play Offline", and the launcher quickly disappears and reopens in the exact same window with Tekkit Classic still selected. This occurs each time I hit the "Play Offline" button. If anyone could share some insight on this problem, that would be amazing. I appreciate all the work that went into this launcher and would love to kill sometime with it on the travel.
  2. I started playing with the Technic Launcher and the Tekkit mod a couple of months ago. I was able to play offline with no issues. My laptop spends most of its life isolated. Within the last week and a half, I brought my laptop home and put it back online for a vacation and the client and packs all updated as I would expect it to. Once I returned back offline, I tried to fire it up and the 'Play Offline' button wouldn't do anything. I could click it over and over and it would never launch. I've tried the latest 1.7 Java and 1.8 Java with no change. I've read things about the Mojang changes to the agreements and whatnot. Most of that information was from over a year ago. Since I was able to do it a month or so ago, I figured that did not apply anymore, maybe. Google searches don't turn any recent or relevant information as most deal with online computers showing offline. Currently running Launcher 439 and I don't know what launcher I was running before it updated. Any help would be awesome.
  3. I have been trying to fix this for about a day and couldn't so I when to the forums. Basically all of the modpacks are offline and I have seen the "official unofficial" thread about this and tried what was in there. I am using the launcher build 439 and I have Norton anti-virus also I have played Tekkit before so I don't think it's Norton... How this came about is I heard that you could allocate more RAM to Tekkit if you had the 64 bit version of Java so I got the Java and restarted my computer and when I came back to play This happened '> and then I clicked on it and this happened. '> I've tried deleting the .technic folder in %appdata% and re-downloading the launcher but this happens. Sometimes the thumbnails for the different packs will appear but they are always offline and say "the modpack tekkitmain does not appear to be installed or is corrupt, and is not available for offline play" when I try to play it... If anyone could fix this I would be so happy! Thank you!
  4. leopoldvon

    All my modpacks are gone

    I am having a problem with my technic launcher as i open it and all there i can see is | + add new modpack | tons of times with a red dot and saying "offline". i have checked the FAQ and saw the Q+A about opening in administrator and have done that. all that happenes is that i come back to the screen with no modpacks being there and everything being offline. I have deleted and redownloaded it several times (actually went into the files and deleted it) and have messed around with the files a lot but still havent been able to fix it. Help would be appreciated *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*
  5. So I have been playing the Ultra Modded Survival Pack and recording some of it. Today when I went to play, It says it is offline. Because of that the only sounds in-game that are working are the ambient noises. The page for the mod is down as well. I know I am not the only one dealing with it so I am hoping for a solution for everyone.
  6. coolMJW

    Launcher Doesn't Load

    Hey, Yesterday my friends decided they were going to find a Voltz server to play on, but as I loaded up my launcher it didn't take long to realize that it wasn't working. All the launcher displays is the normal launcher with you game profile, but it doesn't load any of the selectable modpacks at the side, it just says 'Loading', it also only comes up with the java logo on my hotbar. So I saved my Tekkit let's play and deleted the launcher and it's .jar to see if that would help, then reinstalled it, but still the same. It was working a few weeks ago so I'm not sure why it doesn't work now... Please help? MinePhysics Jay