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Found 14 results

  1. About the Community OhGaming was established April 2012. It began as a small Voltz server during that time. As things changed and grew so has OhGaming. We've tried different things from Big Dig, Tekkit Lite, and some other default Technic Modpacks. While we feel these modpacks are great we still wanted to bring more to the community. This is when we started creating our own Modpacks. Our goal is to provide a unique fun experience through custom modded content that you're unable to find other places. Our content is built for Multiplayer, playing online with others, and we struc
  2. Hi all, I hope im posting in the right place? So today while inside my Tardis I got kicked from the game, now when I try to launch the game it won't start. I can get to game lobby but then crashes when I select Crazycraft. If anybody can let a moderator know or someone who can help fix this issue that would be great. I have so much achieved in this game and I'm hoping its not all gone. Thanks in Advance, Baxters_Back
  3. Server Rules = No Spamming, Advertising, Hacking, or Exploiting Server IP = mc.ohgaming.net:25581
  4. Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-warlords Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ohgamings-warlords.181517 IP Address: s2.ohgaming.org:25569 (Its already on your list) PvP - No Raid - Towny - Economy - Player Shops - Flintlock Guns - Dual Wielding Welcome to Medieval Times! You'll love PvPing your friends & enemies dual wielding sword and shield. Build a massive castle within your Towny and grow into a great Nation. Flintlock weapons, Cannons, and more at your disposal! You'll have a blast.. literally! Installing this modpack
  5. The Wii U is getting it's own Minecraft per say.. it looks interesting. Has classes etc.. and in my opinion is more than a clone. Here's a link to my article on the topic: http://ohgaming.org/minecraft-for-wii-u/
  6. Hey everyone!, I've recently gotten into the pocket edition for Minecraft and it's not so bad. I wasn't really sure if I'd like it at first but, after playing it I started looking around for some good seeds to use. I came across several on my own that I liked and then lurked out into the inter-webs looking for something much cooler. I found some pretty interesting seeds and I ended up writing an article about them. If anyone else is interested you can read about it here: http://ohgaming.org/awesome-minecraft-pe-seeds/ Also, found some information about hosting servers for PE... which m
  7. Server Name: Voltz Conflict Server IP: s3.ohgaming.org:25570 Voltz Version: 2.0.4 Website: http://ohgaming.org What makes our Voltz different? We're patched! Our server doesn't have any dupe bugs! We use Towny. A far superior system to factions. We provide player shops in spawn. These are protected from grief. Raiders can make money selling excess loot they've acquired. Got raided? With a little IGM you can buy yourself some base starter items. Basic Rules No Advertising No Spamming No Exploiting No Hacks... duh!
  8. Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-planet-x Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ohgamings-planet-x.304362 IP Address: ohgaming3.org:25566 (its already on the list for you) PvP - Laser Guns - Towny - No Raid - Economy You'll enjoy exploring a total new world than what you're use to in normal Minecraft. You have laser guns, flying power suits, and much more at your disposal. This modpack is for everyone that likes a futuristic feel and the beauty of discovering new things. Installing this modpack is simple! 1) Open your techni
  9. Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-cartel-wars Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ohgamings-cartel-wars.321446 IP Address: ohgaming3.org:25567 (its already on the list for you) PvP - Hardcore Raid - ICBM - Survival What you need to know: There is NO Spawn You spawn in a random location Raiding & Grief is allowed Bases can be blown up! Hardcore PVP Installing this modpack is simple! 1) Open your technic launcher. 2) Select add new modpack. (It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher) 3) When the me
  10. OhGaming's Attack Of The B-Team Server IP: ohgaming3.org Hello everyone! OhGaming has opened a server for this modpack and we hope you'll come and play with us. We provide a lag free and professional gaming experience. Our server is designed for maximum stability and playability. Our Basic Rules No Spamming No Advertising No Hacking No Exploiting No Glitching These rules are common since really but, they should still be mentioned. Additional Info We run Towny on our server. Our community has been around for over a year and we plan on being around a lot longer. We provide so m
  11. Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-rise-of-the-samurai Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ohgamings-rise-of-the-samurai.250460 IP Address: ohgaming.org:25568 (its already on the list for you) PvP - No Raid - Towny - Economy A great banner flutters gently in the morning breeze. There were no symbols upon its face ,only five words written in black,"Rule the empire by force". The emperor calls for a reunification of all Japan. With hundreds of clans spread across the lands, a great battle awaits. Will you die a honorable death or use dipl
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