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Found 8 results

  1. I downloaded the Madpack 3.0 and when I clicked play, I started a new world but it seemed just like vanilla with no new items from mods or anything. Is there something extra I need to do or do you think it is a computer problem? Please help!
  2. This problem just started today. Whenever I join any hexxit world it is okay for about 5 seconds or so, then the world stops responding. You can still place and break blocks but no items come out of broken blocks, the minimap doesn't update, my magic mirror doesn't work (and probably other similar tools) and animals don't move. I only have the one modpack hexxit and know very little about computers (all I do is hit play and its supposed to work). I dont know if it has to do with my computer bieng 32 bit (some of the other mod packs wouldnt work so I had to undownload them because the required
  3. So sometimes when I download an update for a modpack it says I have to download Java 1.6 and theirs a spot that says "click here to download the Java update" and when I click it nothing happens. So can someone PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ reply or email me the link PLZ. If you help I owe you or something :D!!
  4. Recently Hexxit (and most other modpacks too) has started crashing. Normally after 1-30 minutes of play time. How exactly it crashes is different every time. Most of the time it simply just closes itself forcing me to reopen it. Other times it runs out of memory or stops responding. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't happen so frequently. This makes it impossible for me to ever even attempt to live stream it. On top of that, it can't even launch now. Today I was playing and it crashed after about 5 minutes then when I attempted to relaunch it it just wouldn't work. It got to the part of l
  5. Hey guys snikx here, I was wondering if there was SOMEONE out there who would know what to do for my problem... seems like i'm the only one having this. I did everything I could from the post that Kalbintion did on the no mobs spawning but nothing worked. PLEASE can someone help me ASAP. -snikx
  6. My Big Dig is crashing for no reason. I was playing it and got off for a little while and when i got back on it was saying that big dig has crashed before i was able to play it. I opened the Big Dig modpack and it pulled up minecraft and set up my enviroment but then it pulled up a screen saying that minecraft was unable to open and also told me to post a report with it but i can't post it. I also tried re-installing java and the technic laucher and don't know what to d about it. Please help!
  7. PLEASE HELP! I HAVE TRIED FOR MONTHS TO GET THIS THING WORKING! EVEN WHEN THE PACK WAS HANDED TO ME I COULD NOT GET THE PACK TO WORK FROM MY COMPUTER! 1: http://www.minecraft...y13-forge-spmp/ 2: http://www.minecraft...0000-downloads/ 3: http://www.minecraft...164smp-statues/ 4: Morph mod http://www.minecraft...almost-any-mob/ 5: Flan's mod: http://flansmod.com -With extensions: 6: BOII/MW3 7: Simple parts 8: Civil package 9: -Dimensional doors: http://www.minecraft...nal-doors-v222/ 10: -Tinker's construct: http://www.minecraft...kers-construct/ 11: -Wireless redstone: http:
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