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Found 24 results

  1. So I've been playing attack of the break for a week or two now and I got my self a laser drill. I realized that my power is not quite enough to supply power to it. Right now I have 8 magma dynamos but they do not seem to supply enough power for everything. Can someone tell me what the best way to generate power is? I don't care how expensive I just want unlimited and a lot of power.
  2. I've made a nuclear reactor in multiplayer. The reactor is from big reactors, so it outputs RF. As visible on the image, I made a conversion setup but it is not working. The MFE is not getting charged at all, even though everything on the energy bridge looks fine and it's fully charged. What am I not seeing?
  3. Ive build some Magnetic dynamos and lavafabricators for infinte Lava = infite energy, but they need too much lava , so build more lava fabricators, but it didnt work. Is there another way to create a alot of lava? (PICTURE: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-32722914/Dynamo.png.html
  4. Hey guys this is my first post on this forum, i have been playing tekkit classic for a few days now and I am now using solar panels (industrial craft) to power my base, me and my friends started our own private server yesterday. My base is fairly small with only extractor, electric furnace, compressor and macerator. I do intend to expand it but at the moment I am using 25 solar panels and I am not recieving nearly enough energy. What would you guys reccomend I do. I need advice on how many I should build and install as well.
  5. We made this modpack called "Total Power" because we are trying to have a server where groups of people fight each other with ICBM nukes and such, kind of like the old Yogscast server. You'll have a lot of fun here if you decide to join us, I can guarantee it. I don't really give a fuck what you do on the server, just go to war and stuff, there's only 3 rules. Modpack link here: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/total-power-modpack , server address comes with it. This modpack includes: - Big Reactors - Buildcraft - Carpenter's Blocks - Mr. Crayfish Furniture
  6. Mods.. Magical and machinery. This modpack is filled with exciting adventure and new mobs. Currently working on a server! For a full list of mods and a generally more detailed description.. visit http://technicpack.net/modpack/vexus-official.833376
  7. Hello there. Me and a few friends added a few mods to Legends and are playing on a server. Whenever we get the modular power suit chest plate, out client crashes. Here is the crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I feel sad now Time: 12/19/15 1:02 PM Description: Ticking entity java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.machinemuse.numina.basemod.NuminaConfig.useSounds()Z at net.machinemuse.powersuits.powermodule.movement.JetPackModule.onPlayerTickInactive(JetPackModule.java:101) at net.machinemuse.powersuits.event.PlayerUpdateHandler$$anonfun$onPlayerUpdate$2$$anonfun$apply$2.app
  8. So im planning to build a Big reactor and all that stuff to power my machins, industrial craft, parcitler accelerator etc. dose they use the same power or are there diffreint kinds, if so how do i convert it?
  9. So, my IC2 power setup currently consists of 2 Geothermal Generators and a LV solar panel. I have them both inputting into an MFE, which outputs directly into a LV-transformer, and from the LV-transformer come the wires which input into my various machines. The problem I seem to be having is that when my MFE is full it stops outputting power, but when it's emptying or filling it outputs power. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?
  10. Can someone take a look at this screenshot and tell me why I'm not getting MJ coming out of the redstone conversion pipes? Behind the wall is a MFE connected to the ic2 energy consumer and yes it is powered through the output so i know that is not the problem. I Don't Understand....
  11. Hey guys! I really love this new modpack, especially the mods Galacticraft and Tinkers Construct. But, just when I was ready to fly to the moon, the last update came out. But after this update, al my machines wouldn't work anymore, the power wouldn't go into them. The only thing my Advanced Solar Panel will power is the Energy Storage Module, and this one wouldn't power the other machines either. So, is this a bug? Do more people got this problem? Or are there some rules for wiring I don't know about? Thanks for your help!
  12. Haha, you could just use a laser drill, it would be more efficient, but here you go: http://youtu.be/NlFBhKtJlaU
  13. Alright so I remember that I need power for my quarry and that I can use a power transport pipe to power it the fastest. Well I tried my setup for both powering one pipe and transferring that power into the second pipe like this (2x redstone engine + 2x wooden conductive pipe + 1x stone conductive pipe + 1x golden conductive pipe + 1x power transport pipe) So that's working. But the receiving part isn't (My frequency is set to 4 and yes I have the pipe able to receive) so I use my second setup now (1x Quarry 1x + 1x Golden Conductive pipe + 1x Power Transport pipe) The quarry isn't building. D
  14. So I'm trying to figure out how many solar panels one redstone conduit can handle, but I'm stuck. I know 1 MJ = 10 RF, and 1 EU = 4 RF, but I don't have a conversion for KW to any of the others. I tried using real world conversions: 1 kwh = 3.6 MJ 1 h = 1000 ticks 1 kwt = .0036 MJ = .036 RF/t That just doesn't seem like it can be right... So I'm guessing real-world math isn't coming into play. So does anyone have any idea what the game is actually doing with these values?
  15. Hello, Is there any way to make an infinite power system that doesn't require maintaining? Thanks, John
  16. So I am trying to use Advanced solar panels, and I have made them, set them down and strung the energy they create into an energy storage module. I was wondering if there was any way I could convert this energy to the energy that thermal expansion uses as most of the machines I am using need that energy. Thank you!
  17. So one of my players got pretty depressed when his steam turbine no longer worked lol. So another player decided to look for energy solutions. He found this machine some youtuber had made, and I found it absolutely incredible. So here it is. (note, I am not gonna tell you how to craft these parts.) This machine will fill up a resonant energy cell in a bout 30 seconds, give you infinite lava (1 bucket is needed to start it, then it produces enough energy to run it self and power the energy cell. And the bi-product of it is lava, which it produces more then is needed so you get fr
  18. I decided that I would give the new tekkit a try. I would always play classic because that was what I knew. I ran into problems when I tried to power pulverizer with a sterling engine. The engine would not even connect but i have seen videos of them connecting. How to I power the pulverizer early game?
  19. After messing about with spawning witches and creepers for glowstone, redstone and additional gunpowder, i decided that the MFR grinders weren't working fast enough for my needs. Mobs would build up in the killing chamber far too fast. It was then that I switched to autonomous activators, with 1-shotting cleavers with fortune on them. I found that while it took 150mB of mob essence to spawn a mob, I could kill one and harvest around 420mB. Straight away I realised that I could instead be powering my reactant dynamos with mob essence directly, and blaze powder as the solid fuel. This mean
  20. Alright so I was stuffing around with the Reactant Dynamo trying to figure out a nice power solution for myself, without the use of 10 different machines, and a whole heap of configuration. I wanted to make something that I could easily understand and share with other users - so here you are! My system uses only the following things: 1x Grinder 1x Witch Spawner 1x Sewer 1x Reactant Dynamo Any amount of cows (between 8 and 12 tend to work best) 1x Tin Upgrade (for the Sewer block) 1x Gunpowder (to jumpstart it at the end) The Steps: 1) Start off with a simple 7x7 area (5x5 gr
  21. Hello, On my survival world I am trying to use the steam turbine but it won't generate power. What is needed for it to work? Is it just water? Thanks, John
  22. Hello, On my survival world I am trying to use the steam turbine but it won't generate power. What is needed for it to work? Is it just water? Thanks, John
  23. I really don't know how to power blocks of some mods like galacticraft, thermal expansion etc. It's very annoying to have lot's of blocks that doesn't do a crap in your place. I need a guide. And I know this is making me look like new to mods but, I'm new to mods.
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