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Found 15 results

  1. Small Tekkit legends server i started. Brand New as of May 19th. like 10G of ram, No Banned items, Just play and have fun. Looking for some people to play with. 18+ or if your mature enough. Rules: Dont Grief, No Drama, No Disrespect, No Dupe Glitches. Server Ip: mc.StrictlySkygrid.com (old server domain) Comment With Age and Ign If you're interested to be Whitelisted. If you want to reach me on Skype: Dmgretty
  2. I made a private Tekkit Lite SMP server. If you want to join, just send me your skype.
  3. Our Pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/turtlecraftsmp-modpack.819986 IP Given when Whitelisted Rules: rules.TurtleCraftSMP.com Turtlecraft was made to offer a kind environment with limited banned blocks and a lag free expirence. Server is expected to run 99.99% of the time We have a community spawn, Discord dank memes, pretty much all you could want in a community we want good players in our server that will be on, that's why we made our Inactivity rule which can be viewed at Inactivity.TurtleCraftSMP.com Applications are at apply.TurtleCraftSMP.com We have ranks on the server but they are not paid. You rank up as you play on the server PLEASE USE [email protected] for help I will not be viewing comments
  4. Hello everyone, i'm here to advertise my closed "beta" server, I will be choosing just a few guys/girls to play on it. It's online almost everyday, with no lag, and uses hamachi. When i fix all the stuff i will making the "Real" server and everybody will be able to join. So if you want to enter the server put these informations below and I'll answer as quickly as possible Name IGN Age Time zone Why you want to join? If you are chosen I will be sending the hamachi network, the ip and port by private message. Note: port changes every day.
  5. Hello! I have started up my very own Attack Of The B Team server, and just need help with a few things... Since there is no more Bukkit, and no more Cauldron, what do we use now as Plugin Support? Can I go straight through the AOTBT Plugin Folder and add Plugins (Such as World Edit?)? Also, in the server.properties file, I have tried to change things such as the MOTD (Message of the Day), I'll save it and reboot the server and it just wont work! How do I use this? Haha. I have attached a photo for help and better explanation. Tips? Tricks? Ayudame?
  6. Grizzly Modded Server To I am here to introduce the Grizzly modded server, it is a private mod pack, and server. We currently are looking to have new players join to help not only make the server more enjoyable, but make the pack better to. We want great players, people who love to play modded Minecraft. I myself have invest a lot of hours in working on the pack and making a great, not all I am missing is players for the server. The server has been up for a little bit the players I had playing where never active, I don't even think they logged on once. So if you want to find a great private modded community server here is one. The terrain is pretty much untouched spawn is in a pretty nice location, so good build I hope to see one day, and the pack is private and I can update with any suggestions given. *The private pack link won't be given to you until you have been accepted on to the server*. Also if you do not have Skype (The name will be kept private. and/or Team Speak I will not accept the application. I have a private Team Speak just for the server so no worries.) Application How long have you been playing modded minecraft? : How long have you been playing Minecraft in general? : Are you old than 15 years old? *Do not give your age, just yes or no*: Have you ever been banned from a server? : If answer is yes, than why?: Would you be able to join in on team meetings. on team speak 3 or skype?: Would you join in on community events?: Do you have a YouTube Channel?: If so what's your channel link & Do you plan on making videos on the server?: Do you Stream on Twitch or like services? If so what's the link? & Do you play on streaming on the server?: What's your all time favorite mod? How experienced are you will mods or modded minecraft? : How often will you be able to play?: I know this application seems a little funny, but we really want the best players we can get. I can't wait to start talking to some of you about join on the server! Just a side note we do have a private skype chat, and a private paid for Team Speak 3 server, and the server is 24/7! ~~~ Brendon ~~~~ A.k.a Rionix
  7. Mod-pack Information: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/a-new-age-enterprise.55905/about Server IP: Server Sub-domain: Bootay.mcpro.co WHITE-LIST INFO The server is a whitelist but it is relatively easy to get into the server. All we require from you is your Minecraft username and the reason you want to be on the server, which can be anything. We will respond as soon as possible to every request within 12 hours. You can post a comment on this post, PM me or email us, here [email protected] Positions are limited (30 slots). 24/7 Up-time *If there is a problem please send an email* About: This is a freebuild server with almost anything allowed. We are hoping for very creative people and those with a good understanding of Minecraft inner mechanics (Designers, coders etc), however we are happy to see any new people in our community. The server is a very small community of approximately 10 people. This a private server and we have such a small community so that there is never any lag or random disconnection. **We evaluate and upgrade the server each month depending on the number of players** Rules The modpack is relatively easy to use and we have placed no restrictions on anything you build or create. However PVP is restricted to pre-determined agreements, i.e. having permission and agreement to PVP with players. We expect and hope you have common decency and common sense, such as not using nukes around major areas. ***Do to the fact that we have no set rules, players will receive a warning to reconsider their actions, before any action is taken*** Server Staff Cange101 (Owner) Bootaylawd (Co-Owner, Project Leader) ***We have more admins and moderators but they work on another server and we are looking to expand our team on this server which is our latest project*** Email this account for help or if there are any problems with server [email protected] This account is checked regularly and you can expect a response ASAP. It will always be less than 12 hours.
  8. Hey guys i was thinking of geting a bunch of people to play on a custom server and have custom modes.We would have a whitelist and would recruit people if they are worthy, But i need help if you are interested in doing this then please comment below.
  9. Hello, I'm making a private modpack for me and my friends to use and I'm wondering if I make a private modpack, and include mods without getting permission, if I could still use it without being sued or troubled by the mod developers.
  10. I'm focusing on having a MindCrack like private server where everyone is friends we have no griefing But pranks are allowed, We do have multiple plug-ins installed like Essentials,ETC. If you would like to join the server leave the following below. 1.IGN: 2.Skype Name: If you don't have a Skype its not a big deal 3.Reason you would like to join my server 4.Age IP: jt-vanilla.g.akliz.net
  11. -UPDATE- 8/24/14 0 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE About A while ago, I noticed that there were a few people looking for a private server to play on due to them not having the ability to host or that their previous server went down. I host a private, whitelisted, survival server that is as vanilla ATB as possible (no fancy spawn rooms or anything, just a big open minecraft world). There are more or less two people on the server (including myself) as of now, and I am willing to invite a few more people, but I want to keep the player count small. The server is similar to the official ATB server in terms of the play style, which is similar to single player but allows for online interactions with a community. Right now there isn't a community but as things progress positively a community will form. Maximum amount of people I am allowing to join will be between 4 to 6 players, note that this won't be the max player count, the max player count will be 10 which I think is good size. Rules As far as rules go, keep the chat clean, do no steal other people's creations, do not destroy each other's creations, pvp is allowed to an extent - you can't go around killing everyone but if two or more people agree that they can attack each other whenever/wherever then thats fine, if they agree to do a type of "battle" to see who is the better, that is fine also. If you break the rules you can be booted off depending on the severity of your actions. Support For in-game support, you are pretty much on your own. Don't ask for help if a creeper explodes something, you die, you are lost, or whatever, because you will not get it. How fun would it be for me or someone else to get interrupted everytime something happens to you? What about when something happens to me, who helps me (hint: no one)? I will only offer support for serious things, such as if you lose (an) item(s)/block(s) due to a server shutdown or lag (rare chance of happenening), or if your creation gets destroyed only by another player. Outside of minecraft, I can be contacted via the technic forums messaging system or if many people request, e-mail. Storage The server runs on a computer with a 1TB hard drive, so its pretty much impossible that disk space would run out. Backups are kept daily, and if anything were to happen (such as the server would have to get shutdown permanently for whatever odd reason), I will offer a download of the entire World. Downtime Downtime is rarely an issue, the server is kept running 24/7. Any type of downtime would be due to the ISP and not the computer that is running the server (the computer is new and has had no history of crashing, I have kept it running for 53 days max without a restart at one point). If downtime is indeed required, such as for updating ATB or restarting the server, it will be scheduled and you will know ahead of time. Updating ATB will probably occur no more than a day after its release. Submission Post if you want to join and a sentence including why. (You do not need to post your minecraft name here, I will message you for it instead rather than you giving it out to the public, I know that bothers some people). If you have any other questions just ask.
  12. Hello! I've created a modpack for my friends and I to use, and I'm wondering if there's a way so that the modpack can only be used/viewed by them, as I don't want to use mods in a public modpack that don't have permission. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello! my name is silas and im looking for someone to play some Attack Of The B-Team With! anyway if you feel interested by this then good:) Anyway just for some infomation please fill out this little thing:) (filled it with my own data Name:Silas Age(not required):14.5(but pretty mature/i think so) Gender(not required):Male Where do i live(for time and lag stuff):Denmark(CET/central European/Europian/i dunno time) Can i host the server(hamachi does not matter for me):no... my PC is not the best and it has had trouble with server hosting Thanks for your time! Have a nice day! :hellyeah:
  14. Lately, my friend, TheSanctusNex, and I have been recording Attack of The B-Team for our YouTube channels. We have been finding some difficulty getting our old server host to find time to start up a server when we need to record. It led to Sanctus recording last time and it effected us on both ends. I experienced lag and he lost video quality. We are looking for a server host that can be easily reached via Skype to bring up a server for a few hours of recording. You'll be put in a "trial" run before we make our decision if you'll be our host or not. There are a few minimum requirements: -A decent amount of RAM to run the server without fear of lag -Must be easy to reach on a regular basis. Though we record 20 minute increments, we blow through footage fast in a week. -We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't interrupt us during recording, either -Nobody else can be on the server and they cannot be part of the series. We're trying to keep it consistent and it's hard to keep track of over two people. We have a server file and world already set up. Reply to the topic if you have any questions, comments, or feel you would be a good host.
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