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Found 1 result

  1. Mod list for 1.7.10 The info is No whitelist. I made this server to chill and enjoy the game happily with friends. About me Hi, I am Rynzii15 and the server owner of Captcookie 2. I have a stable forge 1395 server hosted by Nodecraft. The only thing I ask is that you do not grief or kill other players like a mad man. We do have flans mod, so if someone would like to volunteer to build flans pvp map, leave a comment or join the server. All other questions can be posted below. I will try to answer them as quickly as I can. *Again, if you like magic & some tech or even a little adventure...this pack has it all from Galacticraft...Rogue dungeons...Pam's Thaumcraft...Portal Guns and Thermal Expansion. That's about it. Be awesome! <3 Rynzii15 ProsMulti-player custom modpackFlans (Build guns & fly helicopters)Many Mods, new entities, lucky blocks & warp booksBuild without restrictions or item bansOwner will ban players who play unfairly and unkindly to other playersNo age restrictions (family friendly)Great for survival players want the whole experience of building, mining, decorating, farming, mob fighting & adventureUnique ways to level up skills with Level UP! modMagic and Tech (Thaumcraft, Magical crops & useful tech mods like Applied Energistics and Mekanism)Casual Player FriendlyBIOMESOP (unique biomes) Go to the moon...GalacticraftAnd much more...