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Found 13 results

  1. Public Modded Server Open to all 3 Admins including myself already play on the server and we are looking for more players to make the server more enjoy able we hope you take your time to come and join are server and come meet new peoplejust head to this discord link to join https://discord.gg/ShyN9beThe Server Is running anvilnode 10gb NA Running my own modpack found on the discord download chatFor smooth experience i recommend at least 4+ gb of memory to run the pack fine.
  2. Hi, I have started a public voltz server which everyone is free to join. There are no banned items and everything else is pretty much a work in progress, because of this i am also looking for staff to monitor and manage the server such as builders, moderators and admins etc... If you wish to become staff just let me know and we can go from there If you want more details just reply to this post and ill get back to you with more information. Have Fun !!!! The IP is
  3. Hey guys! i was wondering if anyone knows of a tekkit classic server that contains MCMMO and pvp! i would love to join and be apart of a community tekkit classic server, but i have yet to find one that works, let alone have mcmmo and pvp on them, thanks for reading!
  4. TopGunners Modded PvP Flyboys Server "A server pack geared towards battle, teamwork, destruction and weaponry..." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This pack is an un-official Flyboys modpack that includes all of the mods in Flyboys. There are also a few added mods and some updates to mods to add to the enjoyment of the server. Server is 24/7 besides very sparse downtimes for maintenance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IP: Website Link: http://topgunnersfb.enjin.com/home Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/flyboys-season-3-private.612019 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Background: The TopGunners server started out as a whitelisted Flyboys server with a few friends. After weeks of having fun and working with each member we started season 2 with a much more updated modpack and added members. We discovered server activity was a big issue with a whitelisted server of this type, all it took was one person to be less active on a certain team to sway the outcome of the battle. We came to the conclusion we should start a public server that would focus on the same things as the original Flyboys series only with enhanced multiplayer mechanics. We worked for 20-30 hours working on building spawn for this server and about the same amount of time configuring plugins, mods and setting up ranks. Apart from a few bugs the server is finished and ready for public play! Server Overview: This server is based mostly off of the original Flyboys series hosted by BdoubleO100. It features many of the same mechanics, mods and gameplay that is found on the Flyboys server. The main changes made to this server are the following: -Enhanced multiplayer configuration - Plugins, ranks, voting and more to make it possible to support many people -Ranks based upon playtime - Rank up to gain access to different levels of your base, better kits and other benefits! -Server Store Integration - Gain points by Voting, Winning battles, getting kills and donating! Points can be used for Donation Medals(like donation ranks) or items! -Large team based play style - Work with your team to build the best base in your 13 x 13 chunk area. Kits and other rewards are focused around team corporation. -Multiplayer PvP mechanics - Travel in the wild to gain resources and risk encountering another player from the opposite team or stay in your base and be safe! The choice is yours! KeepInventory is not on so PvP can be very advantageous? The final battle will be 30 days from the start of the server, it will consist of two ways to earn points to win. You may either eliminate the opposing teams objective positions (Large amount of points) or you will earn a small amount of points for each kill. Capturing a point will give you 100 points and a kill will give you 1, the end battle will consist of 7 capture points (may change) for each team. After a certain amount of time the team with the most points will win! Potential rewards may be given for victory in battle. Once the battle is over the server will be reset and possibly update starting off with a completely fresh, brand new season. Community: We are looking for players that enjoy social interaction within Minecraft, Skype is very beneficial. We do not have an official teamspeak server as of yet. General Rules No hacking/cheating/exploiting glitches Report all glitches to Admins or Owner Do not ask to be a staff member No spamming, excessive caps or excessive cussing Respect all players - No racism, sexism, no comments about disabilities or religion Do not build structures out of materials that are completely blast resistant Within Team Rules Do not go off by yourself - Stay with your team. Do not grief your base or the other team’s base (Bypassing protections included) Do not waste your team’s resources on useless things. (I recommend only putting extra items in community chests)
  5. ============================================================================================= Brand New Attack of the B Team Server! Come Check it out! Custom Plug-Ins! Survival with your friends! Economy with Spawn and Towns! 100 Slots Plenty of room for you and all your friends! YouTube/Twitch Friendly! Announcements when someone goes Live or Uploads Videos! Need Someone to have their Videos Featured on our posts! VIP Kits and access! Come on down and join our Server Family! Also Builders Wanted! ============================================================================================= We are hosting a new Minecraft Attack of the B Team Server! We need skilled builders to come and help us build our spawn and server! If you think you can build cities and help apply and either post on this thread or message me on here! All builders will receive the VIP kit and bonuses on the server when it is complete for their help and services! Thanks again and Hope to see you on the Server! ============================================================================================= 0
  6. -= LiteItUp TerraFirmaCraft =- - Towny - Essentials - NEI - Minimap - Inventory Tweaks Modpack - http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/terrafirmacraft-publicserver.462465 Please Take The Time To +1 The Modpack! Server Website - liteitupgaming.net Teamspeak - ts3.liteitupgaming.net TerraFirmaCraft - terrafirmacraft.com Wiki - wiki.terrafirmacraft.com Server IP - NOTE - I DID NOT MAKE THIS MOD JUST THE MODPACK DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR REWARDS! http://technicservers.com/server/800/view/liteitup-terrafirmacraft---public-server-custom-modpack-please-1-us
  7. 24/7 FND Warpack Server for minecraft 1.5.2 The title says it all, I have got a 24/7 hosted server using the FND War Pack open to the public. For more information on the modpack of which can be found here: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/fnd-war-pack Server Rules: PVP: allowed Steeling: Allowed Base destruction: not allowed Banned items: Redmatter/antimatter/hypersonic/nuclear explosives and missiles Why not donate? All and any donations to keep the server running are welcome at [email protected] via paypal Server IP here: MASMadness.mcnode.net custom spaxcraft 128x texturepack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6vfradgsqkshdn/Sphax%20PureBDcraft%20128x%20MC15.zip
  8. The return of starwars Official server Welcome to a 24/7 public server with 90+ mods and have starwars as ground. Fight different starwars mobs and even become 1 of them. Use a rocket and go up to space, moon and even mars. With friendly and funny staff. A server that as in search for some players that are kind of active but we understand you can't play all the time. The modpack have a lot of dungeons, mobs, blocks and items. You can see the full modlist on the technicpack side. I hope i can see you on the server and i hope you will have fun. If you like it, feel free to tell you friends and of course play on it Pics will be implanted in the future may the force be with you IP:play.mcserversuccess.com:25572 Technicpack: http://www.technicpa...ar-wars.196543 Officialsite: http://thereturnofstarwars.tk/
  9. Eldritch Studies Servers Eldritch Studies is a publicly distributed mod pack that focuses on the ideas of magic and survival in a challenging world. It is all about progression; no major mod will give you everything right away. You'll have to research, practice, and explore to reach the heights of power. The pack can be found on the Technic Launcher and on MCForums at the following links: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/eldritch-studies http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2256607-updated-32014v11-eldritch-studies-a-mod-pack-for-minecraft-164/ Two separate public servers run Eldritch Studies: one is only on when at least one mod is and is used for recording the YouTube series we publish with the pack, and the other is constantly on and much less moderated. Video Server: Constant Server: Mod List:
  10. Hey I was just wondering how I could disable the stove from the furniture mod without taking out the whole mod?
  11. when I download (The Pioneers Pack) mod pack and hit the play button does not come up I made this mod pack so if a solution needs me to change something I can but i cant find the problem help pleas
  12. Server IP: bteam.mineyourmind.net (we are on the recommended version of bteam, if you can´t connect check the version in the motd of the server) Website: mineyourmind.net Setup: Griefprevention for easy protections Custom protection extension (to make all stuff secure and keep the banlist small) Global Market (create listings and buy stuff) CPU 1270v3 + ECC Ram(one of the worlds best cpus for minecraft) Level3 backbone (for a low latency world wide / good ping) Multi-Server Community Global Ranks (shared between all our servers) Experienced Team If you don´t like our concept and are looking for an active server without whitelist, you might want to take a look to an b-team server list.
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