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Found 10 results

  1. Every time I place down a CESU cart, the game crashes to desktop; singleplayer and multiplayer. Multiplayer server does not crash, only the client. Attached a log to this post from a friend. CESU Cart Error Report This might have something to do with CESUs not being in the game?
  2. This modpack Has Magic, Guns, Trains, Crops, Mythical Dimensions and a towny server on top of all of it. insert this link in the technic launcher and join. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-timeline-pack
  3. This modpack contains all your favorite mods from Tekkit, Voltz, Tekkit Legends and more.. Download now to create the perfect world. You can also download the modpack server, this includes mods and plugin functionality for things like world edit, world gaurd etc. Note: The server requires Java 7, it does not work with Java 8 Technic Modpack Page
  4. I've been working on getting a rail system working in my factory, but I can't power the roller to make rails. I'm using a redstone engine from buildcraft, but I don't know how to convert Minecraft Joules to Redstone Flux. Any help? I also feel that I should note I searched it up and found it had something to do with one of the dynamos, but after searching "dynamo" in TMI nothing showed up.
  5. Server IP: play.skiesofavalon.com TeamSpeak ( Required for Staff ): ts.skiesofavalon.com Dynmap: www.skiesofavalon.com:8123 Community Website and Forums (Coming Soon!): www.SkiesofAvalon.com The ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/skies-of-avalon.473287 The Skies of Avalon is looking to offer a unique Minecraft experience. In our community we are....... a community. Not a series or Mods and Staff Monitoring players but All players working towards the same goals fighting the same enemies and Bringing Peace to the world of Avalon and its Outer Realms. In the Skies of Avalon we take on the roles of Adventurers seeking out fortune and prosperity in a world bellow our floating haven Aynia - City of the Bright Vale. As we venture out we will find that Much below is different from what we imagined. We see little resources for magic and thus can travel to Resource worlds called the OuterRealms. Each Outer Realm is named after a deity Such as Theia, Áine, and Earaldir. 1.) Position*: 2.) Real First Name (Never give your last name out online. Ever!) 3.) IGN: 4.) Age* (16 and Above for Staff): 5.) Skype: 6.) Qualities that make you right for this position? 7.) Availability(per week): 8.) Reasons for wanting this position: 9.) Prior experience: 10.) Description of personality: 11.) Past bans and reasons why: 12.) Skills 13.) Additional information (Anything at all including other languages spoken): 14.) Time Zone:
  6. The SurvivorsEdge Server Running: EdgePack Uptime: 99% 24/7 ALL USERS WELCOMED! *Extra Details Below* Platform Url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/survivorsedge-beta-164 Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/survivorsedge-beta-164.474987 Website: http://survivorsedge.org/ PvP-PvE-GUNS-HATS-REALISTIC-Modded HG[soon]-Friendly Staff Welcome to the EdgePack. In this custom Modpack created by the Survivorsedge Team everyone is challenged at start to survive from the ruthless reality that EdgePack Offers. EdgePack was built on the Foundation of wanting a harder Survival aspect while also adding that technology feel and modern feel. The EdgePack offers what no other server can offer. Adventure, Tech, And Survival all in one. Let's see if you have what it takes to survive the night...If you think you have what it takes........ How To Install We have personally created a 10 step tutorial installation for you to get the maximum beneficial experience while installing and playing this Custom Modpack which you may find here. General Rules 1. No 1x1 Towers/Holes 2. No Exploiting of Mods (Please Report So We May Fix) 3. No Griefing Claimed Land 4. Respect Everyone 5. No Advertising 6. No Installing Extra Mods Without Approval 7. No Spamming 8. Keep Language To A Low 9. The Use Of Common Sense IS Highly Recommended 10. Be The Top Player Plugins --+[Towny]+-- Towny is a plugin that allows for users to create and manage a town. Users can enable Taxes that their residents will have to pay so the town can maintain the daily server tax fee. It is also an anti grief protection tool that allows safety for those who want to enjoy survival but also want to be safe from griefers and PvP. --+[ChestShop]+-- ChestShop allows for users too create and sell any item from vanilla/mods on the server at any price they deem alright. It allows for a way to gain money too keep their town up. --+[McMMO]+-- McMMO is an RPG type plugin allowing users to level up skills such as excavation, mining, or even Swords. The mining skill can provide double drop of ores and the excavation, fishing give you random drops and treasure!! --+[Modded HG]+-- Hunger Games With Guns! Who wouldn't want to play? We are working on custom maps at the moment where before the release of the Modded HG! Mods List The mods list can be found on the servers Technic Site which is located here. Banned Items The list of our Banned Items Can Be Found On Our Website Here! Come and Enjoy the Custom Modpack that the SurvivorsEdge Team has Tested and Created For You!!!
  7. These mod have been asked for but for the wrong reasons. I don't ask for these mods for myself but for everyone and have though of the good it would bring to the official attack of the b-team server and the users if the pack FEEL FREE TO ADD OR EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO CHANGE #1. Railcraft This mod brings elaborate track systems to Minecraft and can be used to create roller coasters and train systems to bring you through your destination. It also gives you another variety of power generation because right now the only two good ways to get power are from mob essence and magma generators. This could be used to create train systems with actual trains and actual picking you destination to travel through for servers and can create amazing roller coasters for fun. #2. Steve's Carts This is a amazing mod that adds modular carts to the game. This compliments Railcraft well but can be used alone. It adds another way to mines, farms and so much more. It is a great mods to add cart use to the world of Minecraft. I feel like keralises mind would explode if he saw a minecart not being used as a system of getting around #3. Buildcraft I know some say it is as useless as ic2 now because of thermal expansion but really it isn't. Thermal expansion started as a adding for buildcraft and even though it has much of the basics of buildcraft it missed a lot of content and I don't mean quarrys and tanks and another dozen or so engines that do the same thing as the TE engines. I mean the little bits that really make it different. Like the circuits used for automation witch mist stuff in the mod pack has to be done manually or with u standing there watching it the whole time. Also the architect block which allows you to copy and save designs and your greatest buildings into a blueprint which can be brought into any other Minecraft world you have. And the filler would save so much time. Instead of every youtuber pausing the vid to clear terrain this thing could save them 4 hours of digging. Also auto crafting tables are always nice when creating factories and auto stone brick makers #4. Applied Energistics or logistics pipes I only say this because I have heard of many issues with project reds sorting systems and I know it work it's just at such a early state and I love that at least something is there but it just doesn't add what a real sorting system could become. It also doesn't have cross dimension so you can't bring your sorting system through other bases and dimensions like in AE with the quantum ring. This could be used by keralis to connect his moon base to his regular base #5. MFFS There is about 4 different ones due to the mod creator leaving us and also this doesn't really fit with the pack but wither battles are annoying and in the mod pack they kinda haft to happen regularly for many things like heart canisters or even nether stars. Also adds a level of security for public servers #6. (OPTIONAL) Aether mod I was on the borderline of including this but another dimension to explore would be amazing. This is full of bosses and just crazy mobs. This is one mod I have never really tested though so I don't know how it would react to aotbt. But it looks like it would fit in Nicely with the magical aspect of the Modpack #7. (OPTIONAL) Tree capitator this is a really cool mod witch makes if so you don't haft to cut down every piece of the tree like in real life when you cut trees down. Just go in the configuration and make it so you can only do it with the axes because doing it with a fist is a little cheap and makes it so you haft to at-least spend some resources to use this mod This is all the mods I would love to see in attack of the b-team. I know a lot will disagree with what I say but this is what I feel is wrong with the b-team mod pack. I know the mod pack is playable and fun with out these but I feel like it would make it a little more fine tuned with these additions.
  8. I. Introduction Bottle Rocket Gaming is a Community & New Media gaming clan created by a small group of real world friends that wanted to create a better place to play. A long time ago, on a server far, far away a collective of real world friends came together to play a game called MineCraft. Each member brought with them a skill set that complemented one another; Seshaela - Miner, Argentum - Explorer, Viesti - Magician, WarpedJester - Architect, Turgo – Logistics, Heather – Designer, and BunnyFooFoo -… umm… bunny. Each one able to do a lot on their own but together destine to do even greater things. And so began an epic tale of epic builds and epic epicness…. But… Then came… the dark days. The server they were on became plagued with issues, lag, locks, talks of sever resets. Change was coming and the future seemed bleak. It was time to gather the collective and talked of what could be done to make their own server, a better server, a better community. This was the birth of what would be Bottle Rocket Gaming. II. The Goal Our core goal is to build, support and promote community. In addition to that, we work hard to create a environment ideal for new media content creators (we’re looking at you youtubers) III. Who We Are We are a fully supported gaming community providing support and service such as Social network, web forums, voice service and of course, a white list MineCraft server. On the topic of MineCraft, We run a custom mod pack that is geared around logistics and big builds. Our current theme is custom city builds (magic town, Forestry town, etc) and creating the logistics to connect them via rail line. Why rail line?... Because in our world, there is no teleportation (queue dramatic music). IV. What We Are Looking For We are looking for people who are into doing big builds. There are lots of community Projects that you can help with as well the opportunity to create and head your own! Again we do put a lot of stock in the ethos of “Quality over Quantity”. Our server plays host to a community of youtube content creators and other MineCrafters. Because of this, we are strict when it comes to who we add into our fold. A big part of what we are looking for is getting to know you, works you have done, etc. Have a story? Tell us about it. Got pictures? Post them on our site. have youtube content? Send us a link, We will check it out! Please be aware, we do “background” checks. If you have a history of bans then be ready to tell your side of it. Rules: This is a "highlight" of the rules. you can read the full details HERE As expected, the rules we have are much like the rules of any guild, which, when you boil it down, results in the "Don't be a d!ck" out line. Griefing: No Griefing as defined by the following: Causing grief to other members of an online community, or more specifically, disrupting the immersion of another player with malice intent. Language: Words that are on the "Red list" and will not be tolerated; Any type of derogatory comment or racial slur; racist, sexiest, gender oriented, etc., General swearing such as F**k, S**t, etc, we really could not give less of a s**t about =). Age: We are a 18+ guild. Sorry kids, it’s nothing personal but as you can see from the details above, we can be less then PG at times and that does not go over well with kids in the room. V. How to Apply Step 1) Head on over to http://www.bottleroc...aming.com/About and read our guild charter. If you like what you see and you think we are a good fit for you then jump over to http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/join and fill in the blanks. Once your signed up, feel to leave a post on your wall and say hello. Step 2) If you are interested in joining our MineCraft server (which i assume you are if you are reading this) then you should read up on our rules (http://www.bottleroc.../forum/topic/20). Step 3) if you have done everything else then all that is left to do is to drop a post on our white list application page (http://www.bottleroc.../forum/topic/11) and let us know your interested. Once done, you are welcome to head over to the Technic web site and DL/install the Technic launcher (http://www.technicpack.net/download) . full details of how to install and set up with our mod pack are posted HERE but for the sake of simplicity, you can install our mod pack from the Technic launcher by clicking on "add pack" and pasting the following link (http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/bottle-rocket-gaming-m-80). once you are all set up just add our server address " mc.bottlerocketgaming.com" and you are ready to rock. VI. TIPS Conversation goes along way with us. We understand that not all good people have a “resume” or Porfirio of stuff to show off. That said, just taking the time to sign up and read up on our site goes a long way. More so, we have our team speak information on our forums, hop on and say hi. We put a lot of stock in getting a chance to talk and get to know you. Thats that, we look forward to hearing from you!
  9. HELP!!! I run a tekkit classic server, and everything is pretty much normal and it runs fine. When I craft items, they appear in the outcome box, and they are visible in NEI. But when I try to take certain things from railcraft, like coke oven brick, out into Minecraft itself by crafting them or spawning them in, I am disconnected from the server!!! It just says Connection Lost: End of Stream. On the console, it says Than2000 (me) lost connection: disconnect.genericReason. the weirdest thing is, they appear on NEI, and in the crafting box; but it's when I take them into the world itself that I'm disconnected. It only seemed to be railcraft stuff, so I looked in the mods folder, and there wasn't any railcraft server file! I downloaded railcraft server 1.2.5 and put it in, but now the server won't start with "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: BaseMod" and a million other lines of junk. I've redownloaded tekkit and the server. Neither helped. Please help!!! If anyone has had this error, please respond!
  10. I was trying some Moonquest mods and they seemed all glitchy or missing stuff, or buried in the untested pages. This one looks promising. And I don't like mining too much either. But, I did want to experiment with some minecarts and such. I noticed on the main page there was no Railcraft, or Steve's Carts. Is there any mod in here that adds to the minecart system in any ways, or plans on adding those mods? Is this mod pack sorta like Moonquest but with more ores and things?
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