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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Technic Community, I would love to share the amazing network called Prestige Networks! Servers: Pixelmon 3.5.1 (play.prestige-networks.com) Vanilla (Factions, Skyblock, and Survival) (play.prestige-networks.com) Tekkit Classic (tc.prestige-networks.com) Tekkit Legends (play.prestige-networks.com) Features: Tons of custom content and patches. Highly experienced staff team. Great development team. Funded by people who have income. Fair rules for all servers. Rubust economy across all servers. The server has 24/7 uptime. Coming Soon: Tekkit Lite Hexxit Vanilla Minigames & Creative CS:GO Servers Website: http://www.prestige-networks.com/ Rules: http://www.prestige-networks.com/rules Major Plugins: PrestigeLegends (Custom) PermissionsEx Essentials Vault Votifier Grief Prevention Core Protect World Edit World Guard Game Modifications: Chunk Loaders are disabled. FAQ: How old is the server? We are roughly 3 months old. Can I be staff on this server? We would entertain applications from anybody. As long as they are created on our website. Why do you own a server? To be honest, our leadership team loves gaming; and more importantly the community that comes with it. All of leadership is passionate about making the best environment for players. Because we all come from backgrounds of being staff & players on multiple other servers, and understand what you want. If you have any questions or suggestions (We would love suggestions), please post below.
  2. Hello Fellow AOTBT players im here to announce IGG's first AOTBT public server open to everyone, the server is currently looking for recruits to help build places like the main spawn area, shops, maybe some mini game arenas. we are looking for people who are creatively minded and who love to make things look good, we also need people who will be dedicated to the server and who will stay with the server for the course of time it is online. The server will be run 24/7 with this ip address - As any server would there are banned items and mods that have been removed but dont worry you wont need to change anything, here is the list of mods that have been removed and items that have been banned. Removed mods- Archimede's Ships Minions Morph- (this mod may be added back at a later date) Banned item list- Nyan Pig Launcher Bypasses Claims TMPP Launcher Bypasses Claims Explosive Dubstep Gun Bypasses Claims Explosive Ammo Bypasses Claims Incendiary Ammo Bypasses Claims Crayfish Oven Crashes Server Crayfish Presents Used to Grief SDX Bypasses Claims Bomb Bypasses Claims Crane Bypasses Claims Upgrade Crashes Server Plastic Bag Dupling Glitch Ancient Staff Used to create dimensions which cause severe lag Enderporter Used for teleporting. Causes Lag. Use /spawn or /home instead Cloud in a Bottle Used to Grief Block Breaker Causes Lag and can be used to grief Block Breaker Causes Lag and can be used to grief Block Smasher Use Tinkers Constuct for furtune! Block Placer Causes Lag and can be used to grief NeedleGun Used to Grief and Bypasses Protection NeedleGun Ammo Used to Grief and Bypasses Protection SPAMR Bypasses Protection Fishing Rod Causes Explosions and Bypasses Protection Item Router Items can get stuck in a loop and Crash Server Building Guide Causes lots of FPS lag Sponge Can be used to Grief. Now for Marine Ranked Members Only Pencil Can be used to Grief. Now for Marine Ranked Members Onlyy Crayon Can be used to Grief. Now for Marine Ranked Members Only Cartographer Causes Lag. Now for Marine Ranked Members Only Statue Hammer Used to Grief. Now for Marine Ranked Members Only Pallet Used to Grief. Now for Marine Ranked Members Only Autonomous Activator Bypasses Claims Terrain Smasher Causes Lag and can be used to grief Florbs Bypasses Claims to spam Liquid Our server is running which the following plugins- Essentials Essentials group manager CoreProtect TekkitCustomiser WorldEdit Vault GreifPrevention LWC ChestShop AutoBackup Clearlag There are currently 0 server rules, these will be decieded when the server has been fully built, we will be expecting a few trolls as there are currently no rules, these trolls will be dealt with zero tolerance. Here is a bit about IGG and how to join! Who are we? The Independent Gaming Group [iGG] is currently looking for new members, we've been growing steadily since 2012 as an online gaming community based in Europe and we currently have more than 250 active members. If you enjoy working in a team then we might just be for you - gaming is all about meeting new teammates, no matter what game you enjoy we are certain there are members in our group who enjoy playing it too. Every member is treated equally and with respect, we have a diverse community with people coming from all walks of life. We maintain a social, family-friendly atmosphere. No matter what your interests are, whether you are casual, hardcore, or something in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. What we offer 24/7 quality minecraft servers be it Vanilla or a mod pack Website and Forums: iggHQ.com 24/7 Teamspeak Server: eu.iggHQ.com Dedicated Teams supporting our games Regular events Steam, Facebook and Youtube Groups Leadership opportunities Requirements Be able to run the mod pack and know the mods in it Be interested in team-based play Have a working microphone/headset Be able to speak English Be active on our teamspeak and forums [iGG] is FREE, there are no membership fees! What have you got to lose? come and join our ever growing team today!
  3. I am a Java Coder who currently owns a few successful servers. I am looking to expand and need new reliable staff for a Tekkit Classic server. I ran one that had over 150 at a time a few years back and wanted to try again. Currently, I have need for staff members who : - Are completely fluent in English. This doesn't mean you have to be from a native English speaking country, it means you can type a complete sentence without spelling and grammar mistakes. Multilingual a plus. - Are willing to build, moderate, and potentially learn back end as necessary. Knowledge of back-end and plugins a plus. - Have at least 2-3 hours free, 5 days a week. If it sounds like a job, it is because I need a few serious staff members, not 100 non-serious volunteers. Willing to have operator time responsibilities a plus. - Are over the age of 14. 18+ a definite plus. - Willing to be on Teamspeak at all times while in the server and able to be interviewed on it before being hired. Please do not PM me, reply with your application here. THANKS!
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