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Found 17 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to having an account, but not new to Hexxit and roleplays. It would be nice if I can join a Hexxit roleplay, one that isn't just mindless quests that beg for donations and crate buying. I'd liek to join a roleplay server that has a story to follow, characters, and good roleplay situations. If its for youtube or something I can record, I have a pretty good mic too. So whether its a youtube thing or not please reply on this or message me on discord about it. My Discord is Red_RiotDS#3827
  2. SERVER IS CLOSED Welcome to the last Hack/Mine server in existence, and the Newest one! To join make sure you have Java 7 and not 8, and run it in the Technic Launcher. Then just join in! We ALWAYS need more players so get any of the following to join us! Your friends Your Neighbors Your Enemies Your cat Your family Your alter-ego Rules No Griefing No Drama No Politics No Raiding bases PvP is allowed but don't mass PvP or RDM REPORT ERRORS IN THE COMMENTS TO ENSURE THE SERVER WORKS FOR EVERYONE[h1] Other Info This server runs in H/M version, the recommended version. It is also run on my personal computer until I have the money for a proper server. (Don't worry it is on an i5 6600k with 8gb of ram dedicated to the server.) We do need staff, but not many. Join our discord to keep up to date on news https://discord.gg/bCTTJDK
  3. I was wondering if anyone has a Flash Roleplay server? The Flash roleplay is a modpack. Thanks!
  4. World War Two Factions, with a massive world no banned items And you can change The course Of World War 2 Join in factions and battle out to become the supreme nation and win global domination!! install here: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/hour-of-victory-1939 server IP:
  5. Website : http://www.ownmc.enjin.com/ Server IP : Teamspeak: ts45.gameservers.com:9108 Modpack Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkitmain.552547 Our server has amazing staff and players. Come join today! Removed Mods: Dimensional Doors and Mysticraft Rules: No griefing/raiding no cheating or hacking or exploits. Uptime: 24/7 Server Owner: IREDRUMI
  6. ThunderBite is proud to bring you our custom modpack - Superbia's Extreme Adventure! This modpack filled with goodies such as Thaumcraft, Thaumic Horizons, Immersive Engineering, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, Magneticraft, BestMazes, Tinker's Construct, Aether 2, Lycanite, Infernal Mobs, Magneticraft, Applied Energetics, and Runic Dungeons! Our modpack and server are setup to provide you with outstanding gameplay throughout your progress. With the addition of quests your early game keeps busy with figuring out the ropes. We'll help you along the way, don't worry. With all the middle of the road mods such as Thaumcraft, Immersive Engineering, EnderIO, Magneticraft, Tinker's construct (with armor and weaponry addons), Thaumcraft addons such as Node Tracking and Thaumic Horizons and Exploration, let's throw in Rotary craft as well. Oh, and beware of the Infernal mobs and Lycanite addons. They are pretty intense! With all of this, your mid game is packed full of content! Then, we cap it off with your end game. Exploration is your friend as you have all the items you think you could ever want. Delve into Draconic Evolution and find out just how much more there is. Venture into the depths of the runic dimensions, and fight for your life. Test how good your armor is, you might be surprised how much more work you have to do. Your armor is good? What about your power? Have you tried making the ever daunting Fusion Reactor from reactor craft? Why not visit heaven using the Aether mod? All of this is topped off with our detail tuned plugins which addon perks and new features as you continue on through you game. The more you play, the more extra gameplay you get! What are you waiting for? Get the modpack for your Technic Launcher found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/superbias-extreme-adventure.773457
  7. While it's not really an adventure map, it's more of a DIY story with a guide! It's called "Special Assignment". You start on a military boat with (preferably) up to 8 players on a secret assignment to use unknown elements and build large factories. It's hugely surrounded by the idea of roleplay, and everyone having their own name and rank. I thought it would be a cool idea to combine teamwork and roleplay to have a somewhat more disciplined, realistic style of tekkit game-play. (Think of Yogscast and their old jaffa factory series) The seed I put in is also really works. I highly recommend you play it with other Trust Worthy people on a server: The point of the map is teamwork, not griefing and trolling. Playing single player is OK, but not as fun as the roleplay experience with other people. The link is the map and text document with more details. https://goo.gl/uZjazJ Have Fun!
  8. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anybody knew of a modpack, or is making a modpack that contains a mod like Maker's Mark, or Universal Coins (Both are very useful currency mods that with a little effort could make for a wonderful server economy) in their server pack. If I had the time/money/and know-how needed to make a modpack, and have a server hosted, I would, but since I don't I am wondering if anyone else is doing or has done so. There are awesome opportunities that could come from using the previously mentioned economy mods. Maker's Mark adds in items that can even label things such as armours under a specific user's creation. Packs like Roleplaying (Medieval specifically with Maker's Mark) or modern/real life things could be significantly improved upon by adding these mods (mainly if it is a server pack, or has player-made servers that can be easily accessed, or made known to others about.) If anybody knows of any packs that utilize either of these currency mods, or even other cool currency mods, please let me know. Let me know if you yourself are making a pack too, and plan to add these. I would love to play! (This is just me, but I can only play 1.6.4 packs, 1.8 packs, and certain versions of 1.7.10 packs. My computer runs pretty horribly. If you do know of a pack that is 1.7.10, you can still share it, but it won't be for me since I can't run most 1.7.10 packs. If you are making a 1.7.10 pack, you can do the same.) Thank you so much for your replies, and info on the subject, Everyone!
  9. IP: erealm.hexxit.mcserver.ws RULES: STAFF MAY BAN AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.- No Hacking, No Cheating, No Exploting Bugs or using Modded Clients.- No Griefing or Stealing in WorldGuard, Plot or Towny Protected Areas.- No Offensive names. This includes Player names, Nicknames, Entities (ie: pets/chocobo), Items,Weapons and Towns/Nations- No Offensive chat. No Racism, Sexism or Bigotry. This is a fun and safe place for Everyone- No Annoying chat. This includes using all caps, spamming, excessive punctuation or complaining. Noadvertising. Be Mature- No Hostile/Harassing behaviour or chat. This includes harassing/shaming, begging, tpa spam, arguingwith or being insulting toward staff or players.- No Living Entities on plots. Limit 10 living entities per player, Max. 30 Per Town on overworld. Livingentities include cows, pigs, chocobo and villagers- Smelteries are not to exceed 10 blocks high. Any smelteries over the limit will be removed.- If you create mob spawners, you must turn them off when not in use. Limit 2 on at a time Maximum.- Items lost will be refunded only if we have *PROOF* that you had the item and it was lost due to a bug or glitch DISABLED MODS: Dimensional Doors is disabled. BANNED ITEMS: Enderbow | Crashes the server Chest Transporter | Griefing Capsule Station | Duping Meteor Summoner | Griefing Destruction Catalyst | Griefing Dimensional Doors | Lags Server Bags (not backpacks) | Duping Emperors Chalice | Bypass Land Protection Bane of Pigs | Damage Glitch Carmanite Reactor | Bypass Land Protection Buster Bullet and Mag | Bypass Land Protection Storm Bullet and Mag | Bypass Land Protection Ender Backback | Bypass Land Protection Titan Band | Bypass Land Protection Magic Boomerang | Crashes the server Ender and Pigman Head | Crashes the server Light Crystal | Can Corrupt Chunks Essence Extractor | Duping Ninja dagger | Bypass Protection Walker Sword | Bypass Land Protection Revolver | Bypass Land Protection Charm of Keeping | Corruption Meteor Shield | Crashes the server Crafting station | Duping Knapsacks | Bugged Ankh | Bypass Land Protection Sojurner's Staff | Bypass Land Protection Crates | Duping Hunter's Handgun | Bypasses Land Protection Frost Bow | Bypasses Land Protection PLUGINS: Worldborder, ChatManager, WorldEdit, Vault, PermissionsEx, KillerMoney, Questioner, LWC, WorldGuard, KeepItems, InvMaster, GGTeleport, OpenInv, ClearLag, ModifyWorld, ProtocolLib, Votifier, mcMMO, GAListener, BanItem, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, VanishNoPacket, PlotMe, EssentialsAntiBuild, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, ItemRenamer, EssentialsChat, Multiverse-Core, Towny, SignShop, TownyChat DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Enchanted Realm Hexxit! Our goal is to bring the best adventure of this dungeon-based mod to you!Custom staff-made dungeons, events and contests! This includes puzzles to solve, mazes to go through, and spawned creatures to fight! We love to build, so this will also include seasonal events! Check out the calendar on our website for upcoming events!In game shop for buying items! Like to build? No problem! Our in-game economy allows for money to be earned by killing mobs, and then an in game shop to buy building materials! You can build your base in no time!Both PvE and PvP maps! If you like PvP, you can stay on the PvP map and battle other players! Hate PvP? Then just stay in the regular overworld map without the worry of being killed by other players!Towny for claiming of land!Map resets so there is always content to find and explore!Helpful friendly staff to help and answer questions!Is there anything you want that we don't offer? We'd love to hear about it! UPTIME: Expected 24/7 uptime, EXCEPT for daily restart of server at midnight (CST) (Current uptime at 98%) We want players that enjoy a roleplay environment with the occasional pop culture reference here and there hidden in game! Server is open (non-whitelist) except for staff, which players can apply for staff on the website (http://erealm.enjin.com/staff )
  10. Go HERE! Or type in OmiTech: Magical Dabblings into the modpack search on your technic launcher to install the pack. Dont forget to leave a like for our Modpack HERE! | WELCOME TO THE OMNIKRAFT COMMUNITY || Were more than just a server, were a community! |+ To be a member of OmniKraft, means youre part of something that is larger than all of us! What makes us stand out from other Minecraft servers is that we define ourselves by the impact we make on those who join. We recognize that its you, the player that matters most, not the server itself. You are joining a family, one that welcomes everyone when they log in, one that asks how youre doing, and one that helps if youre having a bad day.The staff of OmniKraft may be few, but were the nicest youll find on any server. The owners, Kryptix_25 MrPeppah dont tolerate abusive, childish and immature staff. We pride ourselves on how friendly we are, and how much we care about every member of the community. If there are ever any issues, well act swiftly and wisely, to ensure its resolved as best as we can.We know that our members are responsible for helping us grow, and keeping us here with their donations. We ensure the best possible experience for all, and wont tolerate anything that diminishes that. With weekly polls, and an open and supportive forum environment, we make sure that all with ideas are heard equally and that no form of bullying happens.If you are interested in joining community, apply HERE! Server IP: Mod.OmniKraft.net:25565 | What is OmniKraft and Why Are We Special? | OmniKraft is first and foremost a community built around Minecraft. We focus on offering a small server feel for our members where everyone knows each other, where we greet you when you log in and we want to get to know you and be a friend. What makes us different from other SMP (survival multi-player) servers or Minecraft servers in general is that we are fully transparent on how the servers and community are managed, and that we evaluate opinions and suggestions offered by the community. For us to be transparent means that almost every decision that is made that effects the community is announced publicly, we deliver monthly financial reports discussing where all our donation money goes and we discuss potential plans for the future with all members. We offer several ways for our members to discuss opinions and suggestions, such as our forums, social media and private discussions as necessary. We realize that our members are our greatest strength, and we want to make it as easy and safe as possible to allow for new ideas and feedback to be brought into a discussion so the community as a whole can decided what is the best ideas. While not all ideas can be used, it allows the owners insight into what direction is the best for growth for OmniKraft. To be member focused, that means our member's needs are always above anything the community does, and that it makes as much of a positive outreach as possible. Our staff are not just moderators and admins, but we are friends and family. If one of our members is having a bad day, we do what we can to cheer them up, or offer an ear to listen, it all depends on what that member needs. We ensure any new features are as balanced as possible, so that no one feels cheated or singled out. We also ensure that even with perks offered through donations don't provide any edge to gameplay, we refuse to be a pay-to-win server or put our donors into a position where those who can't donate don't feel like they aren't as good. | Current Mods In The ModPack | Optfine Minecraft Coder Pack Forge Mod Loader Minecraft Forge Applied Energistics2 Core CodeChicken Core MicDoodle8 Core Not Enough Items Player API Thaumic Tinker Core OpenModsCore CoFH Core Advanced Genetics Applied Energistics 2 BiblioCraft Thermal Foundation Thermal Expansion Big Reactors Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry Baubles Thaumcraft Botania BuildCraft Carpenter's Blocks ChickenChunks The Twilight Forest Forge Multipart Chisel 2 ComputerCraft DecoCraft Draconic Evolution MineFactory Reloaded Galacticraft Core Mekanism Ender IO Waila Extra Cells 2 Extra Utilities Fast Craft Galacticraft Planets Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Mantle Mekanism Generators MekanismTools MrTJPCore Project Red TInkers Construct Mine Factory Reloaded MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod Natura Nether Ores NotEnoughEys OpenMods OpenBlocks OpenCSSensors Pam's HarvestCraft Random Things Redstone Arsenal Simply Jetpacks Soul Shards Reborn Thaumic Energistics Thaumic Tinkerer Thermal Dynamics TiC Tooltips Traveller's Gear ttCore Waila Harvestability WAILA Plugins Where Are We Looks AT Witchery Forge Microblocks +|COMMUNITY RESOURCES |+Blog: blog.omnikraft.netSteam: steamcommunity.comgroupsomnikraftTeamspeak: ts.omnikraft.netTwitter: @OmniKraftYouTube: youtube.comomninationmc | Please Do Not Post Applications Here. They Will Not Be Accepted. | | Apply HERE! |
  11. Welcome adventures! This is the SAO Ancientrpg.net server where you can come and play on Floor1 and soon Floor2! We have a ton of bosses and staff to keep the server fun and safe! This is a Sword Art Online inspired Modpack & server including lots of features from the anime. This Modpack is also cool for everyone who hasn't watched the anime cause its also a normal RPG Modpack. The main features are the bosses, mobs, custom drops, lores. quest and allot more! To join you must use the following modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sword-craft-online-rpg Check out the website: http://ancientrpg.net/
  12. ================================================================== Open 24/7 EpsilonFleet.com ====================================================================== Matrix Gaming was created by a group of people from another game. We have tried a few different mods and server types but found that Voltz was the most popular of the mod packs. The Voltz server is whitelisted to attempt to cut down the number of Griefers. So to get on the whitelist all you have to do is join the site. Now onto information about the actual server. Server Staff are: Landmine_Fanatic (Owner) The_Matrix_Mage (Head Admin) TFS_Chewbacca (Admin) Ghostassassin23 (Moderator) If you have any questions feel free to message any of the server staff. ============================================================================================================= How it is divided up is you will spawn in the United Nation which is the center of the various nations. There are 3 main factions you may join. With the 4th quarter of the map is free for all forms of warfare and destruction. ================================================================================================ Right now the nations stand as follows The Aueralean Order Antioch X-Land The Rebels (Admin run) The United Nations, The Nation of Muzai (Admin) ================================================================================================= The general rule is no griefing however that changes when war is declared between two nations. Then it is fair games. You can ask the United Nations to allow for higher levels of explosives to be allowed. Any questions about the rules of war please check the forums or ask some of the server staff for clarifications. Do not steal or attack a nation unless one person of that nation is online. For a complete set of rules click below. =========== Banned Items Red Matter Antimatter Contagious =========== Our server attempts to tread the fine line of fun war compared to random griefing. If you are interested in joining just join the site and sign up. I hope to see more people join and we all have a good time. Its your adventure how will you play? Where will you go? A peaceful nation or a nation at war? ______________________________________________________________ With regards, Darth_Baum Landmine_Fanatic
  13. Link to server's website: harborwayserver.weebly.com Link to modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/harbor-way-server-mod-pack.343241 -AdvancedGenetics 1.5.6 -AnimatedPlayer v1.4 -AnimationAPI 1.7.2 -Apothecary 1.0 -AquaticAbyss 1.7.2 -ArchimedesShips v1.7.2 -Armoa1997Core -Backpack v 1.7.2 -Battlegear2-Bullseye -BiblioCraft 1.7.2 -Buildcraft 6.0.16 -Calendar 1.7.2 -Carpenters Blocks 3.2.6 -ChatBubbles 1.7.2 -Chimneys 1.7.2 -CocoaCraft 1.63 -CodeChickenCore 1.7.2 -CoffeeAndTeaMod 1.0.1 -ColorBlocks 1.7.2 -CompactWindmills -CraftingGuide -Crash 1.7.2 -CustomNPC 1.7.2 -DiseaseCraft 1.0.2 -DecoCraft v1.10 -DynamicLights -DynamicTransport -Dyeable Beacons 1.1.1 -Enchiridion 1.1 -Extinguisher v0.1 -Factorization 0.8.82 -Fireplaces v0.1 -Flans Mod 4.2.3 *WW2 Content Pack *Manus Civil Content Pack *Simple Parts Content Pack *Manus Parts Content Pack *YeOle Content Pack *Modern Weapons Content Pack *Danish Addon WW2 Content Pack *Manus WW2 Content Pack *EliteGuns Content Pack *DCsGun Content Pack *Titan Content Pack *Military Equipment Content Pack *Kevin&Vinis Survival Content Pack *Manus Modern Warfare Content Pack -Forestry 1.7.2 Dev -ForgeMultiPart -Galacticraft BETA 1.7.2 -GGGlasses 1.7.2-11 -Glenn's Gases -GraveStone 2.8.5 -GrimCore v0.2 -Hammsteriffic v0.2.0 -Imomaterials -IndustrialCraft 2.1.484 -Kicthen Mod 1.2.2 -LampsAndTrafficLights -LittleBlocks -Localized Weather & Stormfront -Mantle (1.7.2) 2.2 -Mariculture b11 -MCHeli Mod -MekanismAll -Minecraft Comes Alive 1.7.2 -Miner's Friend -MoDrinks 2.02 -Morefood -MrCrayfishFurnitureMod 3.3.5 -Natura (1.7.2) 2.2 -NuclearCraft 1.7.2 -Oceancraft 1.4 -OpenComputers 1.3.0 -Optifine 1.7.2 HD-U-D3 -PlantMegaPack 1.7.2 -RadioXCore v1.7.2 -Railcraft 1.9 -Rancraft Penguins 1.7.2p -RoadWorks 2.01 -SecurityCraft 1.5.11 -SiriusMC v1.7.2 -SlimeVoid Library -SoundsCool 1.0 RC6 -SpecialArmor 1.7.2 -ShaderModCore 2.3.18 -Stone Plus v0.6 -SushiCraft 10.1.0 -Village Taverns 2.2.1 -VoxelMap 1.7.2 v1 -Universal Electricity -Waterpipe 1.14.2 -Weather2 v2.3.5 -Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.14.2 -YeGamolChattels-1.0.1 -CustomMobSpawner -DrZharks MoCreatures -Javal Cars v11 -Lampchops v14 -Pam's DesertCraft -Pam's Get all the seeds -Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.2 -Pam's Random Plants -Pam's Temperate Plants -Pam's WeeeFlowers 1.7.2
  14. IP: Description: Tales of Vaporia is a modded RPG/RP server. The server features a modpack custom-made for the server, an expertly crafted map made by the wonderful Stillstanden, and a deep and interesting lore that ties in with the players of the server. The server features hand-crafted dungeons with respawnable loot, roleplay and gameplay events, and an active team of moderators and admins. The server does not have a PvP focus, rather focuses on player based events and an evolving world which will be impacted by the actions of players. Players will be able to play how they want, whether they wish to be a humble merchant or a blood thirsty pirate. The players will be set in a magical world, with a blend of renaissance, medieval and fantasy themes. Lore: Vaporia, a mysterious island located off the coast of mainland Iberas, and a common ghost tale told between sailors and merchants who brave the Eastern Galdrian Ocean. Tales of cannibal pirates, mysterious phantom lights, and unimaginable sea horrors are common stories passed between those who mention this uncharted island. Recently, an expedition led by the Aeran Republic and the Merchants of Aelamas discovered an island within the Eerie Strait, rich in ancient ruins and valuable minerals. The island, although initially thought to be abandoned, has been discovered to be home to Ancient Oni, mysterious immortal beings of immensely powerful magic. With a wave of men and women looking to gain their fortune and power in these new lands, one can only wonder what will transpire... Rules: The server operates on a two chance policy. First offence, you get a warning, second offence is a 24 hour ban, and the third offence is a permanent ban. This does not include serious offences like hacking, that is a permanent ban. Rules are never 100% perfect and doesn't cover all the things, so don't use "it wasn't listed on rules" as excuse. No installing mods that aren't included in the modpack No griefing claimed or unclaimed builds Do not block exploit Do not uglify the world (Floating trees, nerd poles, random lava/water/blocks, etc) Please don't build bases in other dimensions - Stick to the overworld. Bases underwater or in the air must be admin approved Do not go against the admins commands, keep your contradictions and smartass attitude to your friends Don't be racist, rude, offensive or cruel - Be tasteful Be original, that means no popular culture or real life references (you can take inspiration) No constant bickering, don't harass other players or the server in general Keep your player models to a player, and be sensible - No huge arms, no head, etc No cheating or exploiting Keep your chat in character during RP events Rules of Engagement: The server has a strict no combat logging policy. Spawn camping or spawn attacking is also against the rules. Players who constantly PvP will get a Red title next to their name, which lets players know they are not to be trusted and they are free to kill on sight. With base combat, both sides need to accept the combat, and create a formal declaration of war. This does not include skirmishes in the wilderness. Plugins: The server uses Towny and Precious Stones for claiming purposes. A town costs 32 golden blocks, while a single gold block can be placed to provide a protected 20 block radius, and a diamond block can be used to prevent PvP within an area. We also run Brewery, Custom Enchants, World Guard, Essentials, and more. Mods: Mods!: This is the big one. We use a customly made modpack by two of our lovely admins, JayBe and Darkyle. All of the credits for these mods go to their respected authors, who put countless hours of hard work into these mods. The list is as follows: ReiMinimap: (http://goo.gl/et5d4A) by ReiFNSK Aquaculture: (http://goo.gl/YzxEIB) by Shadowclaimer CoralMod: (http://goo.gl/oG7pE2) by q4hardcore HungerOverhaul: (http://goo.gl/dJ1xpQ) by iguana_man MinimapSync: (http://goo.gl/GngUee) by james94jeans2 MorePlayerModels: (http://goo.gl/9MfDzh) by Noppes HarvestCraft: (http://goo.gl/c5FYwZ) by MatrexsVigil OptiFine: (http://goo.gl/CdNb2S) by sp614x ShadersModCore: (http://goo.gl/YzaFJS) by karyonix ForgeMSC2: (http://goo.gl/CxJlkP) by Davidee Damage Indicators: (http://goo.gl/CnuJHK) by rich1051414 Ars Magica 2: (http://goo.gl/SzGuoy) by Mithion BetterStorage: (http://goo.gl/yVfauy) by copygirl BiblioCraft: (http://goo.gl/BMw2M4) by Nuchaz Chisel: (http://goo.gl/aLbhda) by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN CraftGuide: (http://goo.gl/GSooO4) by Uristqwerty CraftHeraldry: (http://goo.gl/VHf5xx/) by Vazkii ExtraBiomesXL: (http://goo.gl/fO5rUV/) by Collaborators (http://goo.gl/S7iMAE) KeithyUtils: (http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/keithyutils) Metallurgy: (http://goo.gl/XSkVu0) by Shadowclaimer Natura: (http://goo.gl/nWcWYG) by mDiyo Thaumcraft: (http://goo.gl/HA8VJD/) by Azanor ThaumcraftMobAspects: (http://goo.gl/lkFLhG by iguana_man UndergroundBiomes: (http://goo.gl/C0TU8L) by GromPE Util^iChunUtil: (http://ichun.us/mods/ichun-util/) by iChun WeaponMod: (http://goo.gl/C6cj5u) by BalkondeurAlpha Witchery: (http://goo.gl/WIwKIm) by Emoniph How to install: 1. Install Technic at http://www.technicpack.net/download 2. Click add new modpack 3. Paste the url (http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/tales-of-vaporia) into the box that comes up 4. Download the modpack 5. Connect and play! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to ask. We have a fairly active community, and our two admins are JayBe_12 and Darkyle2000, feel free to query us with anything you need. IP:
  15. hey guys WEBSITE: ausbteamrp.enjin.com/ whitelist applications on the website forums the server has jst been open so it is a good place to start your adventure hope to see you in-game RULES No greifing of any kind on the server. No stealing from other players. No hacks are allowed on the server. Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. you dont have to be from australia to apply Please apply on website only no longer accepting on this forum ausbteamrp.enjin.com/
  16. this isnt a sever advertisment, just a way to gather interest and ideas. would anyone be interested in a mild role play hexxit server? this would include empires, alligances between empires, wars between empires. empirical teritory, co-ordinated raids. towns with stores, road ways between towns/empires, and so forth. i am currently considering buying a hexxit server, but i want gage interest before i purchase it. this server would be whitelisted- applicants only alowed to join after completing a sign up forum. it would also include some plugins- not many, but a few- such as something like towney (but without the grief prevention- basicly just as a way to let people know who's town/empire they are in, and chest shops). there would be no fancy spawn, no central store, the currancy would be emeralds. store would only be permitted in claimed lands. each town/empire would be encouraged to keep a history of their origins (i remember last time i did this, i recorded everything from the founding of my empire to ever raid and major battle). thoughts? ideas? if there is enough interest, i will purchase and set up the server imediatly, and post a link to the server's advertisement in this thread.
  17. forsaken.factions.ws Join us in Teamspeak @ Realms.enjinvoice.com -Welcome- Monsters on every turn, you don’t know if the next person around the corner will be a fellow wizard or a zombie, a werewolf, a vampire! Unlike all other servers, we pride ourselves upon our light-hearted, joking nature! Pick between Classes, and Factions! Join in the endless struggle for supremacy between the races, Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire and Wizard! Hard work of months has finally worn off, and the result is amazing, breathtaking and hilarious! Now introducing the new attack of the B-team mod pack now combines the worlds of magic and science as never before. This brand new mod pack may seem overwhelming at first with its inclusion of GalactiCraft Mars, Biome's O Plenty, Flan's gun mod, Witchery, Necromancy and many, many more! Now but before you summon your undead minions and blast off to Mars or go spelunking in the Nether's ash fields you're going to need some tools and with the Updated T-construct mod you'll have just that. Is there anything better than a diamond tipped Slime edged sword? We don’t think so. Construct elaborate space stations or take a leisurely walk among the myriad of newly implemented biomes the choice is yours. -The Mod Pack- This modpack was designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science! With the help of the B-Team we hand picked the wackiest mods we could find and shoved them all in a modpack for you guys. The result is Attack of the B-Team! Installation Instuctions: With TechnicLauncher [RECOMMENDED]: http://www.technicpack.net/download 1. Open your technic platform 2. Click Attack of the BTeam 3. Click Play! Server Website: www.forsakenwars.enjin.com
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