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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to give a shout out to the new modpack Invictus Craft! It's a super cool modpack that is especially awesome if you want to have a war with friends! It is simple and not to overcrowded with mods and gives a great survival experience. It's on the technic platform and easy to install (which I recommend you do) https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/invictus-craft.1006426
  2. Innovative Gaming Network (24/7 OPEN SERVER) Simply Scientific - Official Server (24/7 OPEN SERVER) http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/simply-scientific.877672 Pack Code: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/simply-scientific Server IP (Pre-Listed in the Modpack): sscifi.innovativegaming.com.au http://innovativegaming.com.au MODPACK INFORMATION: Simply Scientific is a modpack that goes into the expansion of scientific research and discovery by the use of advanced technologies as well as genetic modification and galactic adventure. Including mods such as Advanced Genetics, Galacticraft, Thermal Expansion, Achimedes Ships, Buildcraft, Computercraft, Big Reactors, Ex Nihilo, Immersive Engineering, Pam's Harvestcraft, Open Blocks, Project Red, Sync (AND MORE!) SERVER INFORMATION: Currently running; TOWNY, ESSENTIALS, WORLD BORDER (10k radius), SIMPLE HELP TICKETS, BANMANAGER, CHAT REACTION, PRISM Iguana Tweaks is present and disabled use of vanilla tools and weapons, provided kits supply copper tools to get started. We are a community that accepts members of all ages Currently accepting Applications of Interest for staff positions. RULES: 1- Respect all players, regardless of rank. 2- No exploiting of bugs/glitches or bypasses. 3- No directive or overused offensive language. 4- No spamming or overuse of caps. 5- No advertising of any kind. 6- No AFK machines. 7- No threats of any kind made towards the server or players of the community. BANNED ITEMS: ~ Filing Cabinets ~ Florbs ~ Drawbridge ~ Plasma Gun ~ ALL Block Placer/Breakers ~ Matter Cannon ~ Golden Egg ~ Crane Backpack ~ Potion Launcher ~ Mining Laser ~ Computercraft Turtles ~ BANNED DIMENSIONS: ~ DEEP DARK ~ LAST MILLENIUM ~
  3. CraftMine is a Minecraft-based game which expands on the current concept of Minecraft. CraftMine is the future of Minecraft - made possible now. I have and always will make this pack purely out of my passion for Minecraft modding. I believe that the only way to ensure the highest quality pack is to listen to my players and always make small improvements overtime, which I do via very frequent significant updates to the pack and by being active on my official CraftMine server in order to get closer to the community. Some highlights of the features CraftMine has: - Pick up and play: No wiki required to know how to play this pack - Breathtaking atmosphere: With a custom "sound engine" and resources, we've made the game aware of your surroundings, what you're stepping on, your pain, etc... and made the game respond to that with a huge amount of visuals and sounds - Custom experience: All of the mods in the pack have been configured differently to their defaults, with some mods even being modified by our dev. team and some mods exclusively made for the pack. History Development for CraftMine started in mid-to-late 2011, where the pack was just a customised Spout server. It all started out just as a passion to expand and improve on various aspects of Vanilla, without going over-the-top with mods that requires you to read a wiki to understand properly. Later on, in late 2012, I published CraftMine and made it available as a "Custom server pack" on the Technic Launcher v2. In early 2013, I published CraftMine to the Technic Platform as soon as I could. It's one of the few packs that has been on the Technic Platform for many years that hasn't lost its recognition - it never just looses interest from everyone. Over the years the pack has existed, I've met many milestones and targets I've set myself - the pack is featured on the Technic Launcher almost daily, the average runs of this pack everyday is over 1000 and over 96% of reviews I've got for my pack have been positive. Why not try the pack and see for yourself what you're missing? Get CraftMine here
  4. I am currently looking for a few mature players to join me on my server. My server has been up and running with a myriad of mods/plugins since Minecraft's Alpha, and the time-tested modpack is extremely stable and fully-featured. I've never seen anyone else attempt a modpack quite like this one, as it maintains a survival experiance and has zero game-ending features (such as quarries, Equivilent Exchange, invulnerable armor, super-powerful magic, etc.) that override other features. The core concept is to never get bored in Paradigne, and to never reach a point where the game is trivial. I work a full-time job, so I haven't had a chance to keep my community healthy. We've had up to 50 players at one point, but over the years this has died down since many players moved on from Minecraft. Custom modpacks are also prettty difficult to get players into - it was WAY easier when we ran Tekkit Classic years ago. I am now hoping to get a few more interested if they are willing to brave a new modpack! Sign up on our website, or simply log in and take a look around. -LucidLethargy General Server Information: Type: 24/7 Professionally Hosted Server (multiple server locations worldwide) IP Address: play.paradigne.com (this IP comes pre-configured into the modpack) Slots: 20 for now, but willing to upgrade any time Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/paradignepack Server Rules & Guidelines ("Laws"): http://www.paradigne.com/rules-laws The type of players we want: Mature, fun-loving players This server is an open server for the moment (no whitelist, no graylist... play right away), however ignorance is not a tolerable excuse for breaking our rules. If you refuse to register, and you break a rule and get banned, you cannot simply state that you were never told the rules... unregistered players play at their own risk, and should know the rules and laws if they intend to continue playing with us.
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to announce my recently created modpack. (The modpack runs on minecraft 1.7.10) The modpack name is ARPA Pack I created this modpack for the people who might not have a good computer to run these huge famous modpacks.Also it is compatible with 32-bit Operating Systems because i tested it with 1GB of RAM and i get like 200-600 MB memory Usage.Now you can probably understand that the modpack doesn't have a high number of mods because as i said i designed it to be able to work in average computers, but it does have the mods that you need to have fun and change your minecraft experience.The modpack is mostly orientated on Technology mods, But i did add one mod that will probably balance it out. Yes it is one mod that is not related to Technology.... but it really is something that will remove that *all technology* feeling. This is just a beta-phase of the mod and i will continue to update it, i will probably add mods or remove some that may be un-needed. If you are interested in the mods that this modpack contains here is the list of them: TreeCapitator Mod Applied Energistics 2 Aroma1997Core Aroma1997-Dimensional-World BuildCraft CodeChickenCore CoFHCore EnderIO EnderUtilities (maybe i will remove/replace this mod in the future) ExtraUtillities FastCraft (It will reduce your minecraft memory usage and will improve performance) IndustrialCraft JABBA (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) MineFactoryReloaded NotEnoughItems OptiFine (Same as Fastcraft but it adds out some graphics options that can be used in some older computers) Project E RedstoneArsenal Reis-Minimap SimplyJetpacks ThermalExpansion ThermalFoundation I really hope you guys like it and try it out.As you can see the mod list is very small but the guys with good computers can try this out too. It will be fun enough if you want a small modpack. (Also i am planning to grow this pack and creating another modpack based on this but larger) Extra Note: If any of these mods got copyright stuff in them please tell me, i will remove or replace them
  6. INTRODUCTION: Simplify is a new kind of modpack for Minecraft that intends to subtly enhance the vanilla experience and blend in with the game, not override it. This means every mod in the pack will add content/tweaks that are interesting but won't break the balance of the base game. Whether you're surviving the night, brewing beer, or exploring new biomes and dungeons, you'll always feel at home in Simplify. For more info on the modpack itself look >here. The official server for Simplify features Towny and Grief Prevention for both co-operative and solo play. PVP is enabled but the general attitude of the server is not to be ultra competitive. Enjoy the vanilla like experience while tinkering around with cool content and a bit of roleplay, just enjoy the Simplify modpack the way it was meant to be with friends new and old! Why Simplify Official and not some other server? Simplify Official is built to integrate with the modpack as well as possible, we have some of the best server hardware in the industry, and dedicated and loyal staff members that are committed to providing the best possible experience to players. Put simply (see what I did there?), Simplify Official is run by people who care and is the server for you if you want to enjoy the unique Simplify experience to the fullest extent. INSTALL SIMPLIFY: To play on the server you need to have Simplify installed, follow the process below: 1) Download and install the Technic Launcher if you haven't already here 2) Login to the launcher with your Mojang account/Minecraft account 3) Click here to go to the modpack page in a new tab 4) Click the button above again once you get to the page where the button takes you with the launcher still open (You must be logged in on your Technic account on the website, register here if you don't have one) 5) Wait for the launcher to close and then reappear with the modpack in your modpacks tab and click "Install" to do just that 6) Wait patiently for the launcher to download all the files and for the modpack to load 7) Once you are loaded click "Join Simplify Official" button in the main menu 8) Register for free to get full access to the server at http://bit.ly/registersimplify MAIN PLUGINS: Plugins for Bukkit are essential for any server, Simplify uses the following plugins to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all players: BuyCraft: Donations are handled through this, and all are optional, EULA compliant, and cosmetic only (no pay to win here!) CraftConomy: Used as the server's economy system of choice Essentials: This is a plugin used by virtually all servers and is extremely useful Grief Prevention: Allows you to protect your base from griefing if you don't wish to use Towny Holographic Plugins: Makes easily readable information and rules via holograms possible NTheEndAgain: Resets the Ender Dragon 1 day after it has last been killed for other players to conquer PwnFilter: An advanced chat plugin that filters out swear words and spam Random Teleport: Randomly teleport into the wilderness for a fresh start into Simplify Simple Announcer: Informative server messages will be broadcasted periodically Touchscreen Holograms: Players can interact with the holograms to easily perform commands Towny: Provides a nice foundation for a light role playing grief protected server WorldBorder: The world is limited to 30k blocks radius around spawn in order to not have the server explode xpShop: The foundation for the server economy, sell your XP for money to manage towns/nations and trade SERVER RULES: We don't have many rules, so we ask that you follow the few that we do: 1) Don't swear or abuse other players, no one likes a meanie 2) Griefing of any kind and abusing any exploits aren't permitted 3) Offensive discussion is forbidden, no racism or overly controversial issues 4) Advertising or spamming in chat is not allowed at all 5) Asking for op/mod/admin is a good way to get an instaban 6) Client hacks of any sort are frowned upon, any evidence of use will result in bans 7) And lastly, use common sense SERVER SPECS: By using some of the best hardware around, Simplify Official is able to provide a stable and lag free experience for all to enjoy. Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 - 3.9 GHz 8 Core CPU 64 GB DDR3 Memory 1 Gigabit Uplink Connection 3 x 160 GB SSD Storage
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