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Found 6 results

  1. Website: | Technic Pack: Technic Pack Link | Discord: Server IP: AS.APOCGAMING.ORG (Included in the pack) Alternatively you can use the FTB or CURSE 3.1.4 Agrarian Skies version to connect to our server as well. But you will not benefit from the performance improvements of our pack. For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here: APOC is a community of gamers and a independently hosted minecraft network. We believe in offering as many choices as possible without restricting gameplay. If you're a griefer, raider, like to pvp, or pve, or build stuff in peace, or join a faction and town and conquer your enemies. All of that and more is possible on APOC. APOC hosts over a dozen minecraft servers and grows more everyday. So even if you get bored with one server we have plenty more to offer afterwards. Meet friends and play together across our vast minecraft network. We have staff members online 24/7 across the whole network that answer tickets and website chat frequently. If you have a problem please report it and we will try our best to help you! APOC does skyblock differently: Custom Islands: We made our own custom designed islands providing you with more space, more blocks, more light, and more dirt and trees to begin with. Along with organizing your starting items into 2 chests. No Pay 2 Win: We do not believe in throwing money at the server and instantly beating the game. Instead we believe in throwing votes at the server to get a tiny boost. None of our server ranks provide game breaking benefits. A lot of our purchasable rank perks can be earned for free by voting. By voting for our network you not only get store credit to get free ranks and kits you also get paid in economy, experience, diamonds, and reward bags in game! No Unbannable Items: If we ban an item it is banned for good. We do not believe in dangling a banned item in someones face unless they donate. The only items we ban on this server are Chunk Loaders of any kind. Chunk Loading causes stress on the server and also continues to load islands that have machines running that uses server resources when no one is using them. Banning these is to ensure server performance for everyone. Protected Islands: Our islands have a 100x100 protected radius with your name slapped on it. You are welcome to merge islands with friends and share up to 4 people. Anyone who comes to your island cannot grief, raid, or pvp anyone but you can pvp them. Our skyblock plugin works perfectly with the Hardcore Quest Mod. Admin Shops: Earn economy by farming, mining, digging, smelting, repairing, crafting, brewing, enchanting, killing mobs, killing players, being online, voting, and more! And you can use this money to head to the admin shops in spawn and stock up on things you need. Player Shops: When the admin shops are too pricey (we do that on purpose) you can make your own player shop by buying a plot in spawn. Building your shop how you want it and pricing your items how you want it. 24/7 Uptime: Our servers have ZERO downtime. This is achieved by having a deadlock/crashproof server. Our server constantly checks for laggy areas in the world and reports them. Any crash that happens it localizes the crash event to that chunk so it only effects the players within it and everyone else can continue playing like nothing happened. It also detects deadlocks and attempts to recover from them or restart the server which only takes 2-5 minutes. That is the most downtime you will see from this server. 24/7 Staff Support: We have active staff on APOC all day and night. Even if they are not currently on your server we have many staff who are always online on teamspeak and the website just waiting to help out whenever someone needs it. Logging into teamspeak or throwing us a support ticket on the website is the best way to get any type of support for the server or your client. Performance Mods: Not only did we port the modpack to technic we also tuned it with performance mods as well. You will definitely see a performance boost in FPS and chunk load speed when using our pack. Compressed Mod Textures: Every mod in modpacks has their own texture files, in this port we have extracted all of those textures, compressed them, and then re-archived them back into the mod to use less memory on the client. Voting & Rewards: Voting n our network is loaded with benefits from instant rewards like exp/economy/diamonds/+more to ranking up and unlocking commands/plugins/homes and much more. For each vote you get instant rewards which vary from server to server. For each vote you count towards your voting rank which is displayed on your name tag. The higher your rank goes the more you unlock. Vote ranks give giant bonuses the higher you go. From higher homes to complete ore and plugin boost kits. Reviews: Like our servers? Let others know what you have experienced or your opinion on our network by replying to this topic with a review! Please refrain from posting any support requests on this topic. We can help you by contacting us on our discord here: If you like our server, dont forget to vote on our poll and like the original topic!
  2. Hello Technic Community, I would love to share the amazing network called Prestige Networks! Servers: Pixelmon 3.5.1 ( Vanilla (Factions, Skyblock, and Survival) ( Tekkit Classic ( Tekkit Legends ( Features: Tons of custom content and patches. Highly experienced staff team. Great development team. Funded by people who have income. Fair rules for all servers. Rubust economy across all servers. The server has 24/7 uptime. Coming Soon: Tekkit Lite Hexxit Vanilla Minigames & Creative CS:GO Servers Website: Rules: Major Plugins: PrestigeLegends (Custom) PermissionsEx Essentials Vault Votifier Grief Prevention Core Protect World Edit World Guard Game Modifications: Chunk Loaders are disabled. FAQ: How old is the server? We are roughly 3 months old. Can I be staff on this server? We would entertain applications from anybody. As long as they are created on our website. Why do you own a server? To be honest, our leadership team loves gaming; and more importantly the community that comes with it. All of leadership is passionate about making the best environment for players. Because we all come from backgrounds of being staff & players on multiple other servers, and understand what you want. If you have any questions or suggestions (We would love suggestions), please post below.
  3. Welcome to HexTekk Tekkit Legends! Join us: Towny PvE - Survival PvE - Skyblock PvE - Factions PvP - Come check out this awesome new mod pack on our powerful dedicated servers! We will do whatever it takes to give the players the best experience possible that means custom mods/plugins to fine tune the server! We now have multiple servers for different ways to enjoy this awesome modpack! Now features a teamspeak server for the players to use! Features -Player shops (Buy a shop in spawn) -Donation Packages (Get cool nicknames and prefixes) -Factions PVP world (Raid and grief allowed!) -Relax on your own island in the SkyBlock world! -Towny Survival (Make a town recruit your friends!) -Great Staff! Every great server needs great staff! or check out the website at
  4. With everything we have been through it’s all come down to this. Magic. Technology. Wilderness. All these things we have accomplished throughout the years, since the incident we started off with small scraps, now we have this wonderful city that you can explore, people who are willing to help you throughout your journey and quests you can complete to your liking. Survive on your own or with a team. This is Sky Kingdoms, enjoy your stay be it long or short, but be sure to survive all that the environment throws at you. MP Servers included in the modpack download. Sky Kingdoms Modpack
  5. Hello peoples, I have recently switched over from bukkit to tekkit due to the awesome new mods, that and my buddy had gotten me into agrarian skies. I have run across an issue that I have a hard time solving. I am currently trying to get "ultimate-skyblock" plugin to work properly on my server and spawn islands using a schematic. However it seems that world edit doesnt agree with the mod pack (my guess it doesnt read the new item id's). Does anyone have a solution to this? Is there alternative plugins that I can use? Do you recommend any plugins for a tekkit newbie? Thank you all in advanced!
  6. Index: Screenshots Mod list Server IP General Themes Server Rules Banned Items Plugins Applications Extra Information The server is strictly private, and has a rigorous standard for whitelisting. As soon as the server finishes development, it may (but barely) have an opportunity to open to public. The time of development phase is not determined at the moment. These mods/add-on's below are currently included in the modpack. The modpack URL will be given through your application. Server contains one skyblock world and one adventure world. Skyblock is based on a mod, Ex Nihilo by Erasmus_Crowley with its companion map by QuantumBlade, which has been well-adjusted to SMP. Apart from the main mod, it is possible for players to gradually accelerate their development in-game because of the industrial nature of the modpack (Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics and more). Due to mods that cannot generate their own ores and materials in the skyblock map, it is necessary to obtain them in another world. Adventure world is based on a mod, Custom NPCs by Noppes. It has its unique systems of story development and gameplay, mostly resembling RPG games. For PvP features, there will be arenas and WarZone where two big factions of the server compete. Other systems might also be added as the development goes on. Respectful life Entertain yourself Beware of the edges The server currency is based on Custom NPCs mod. All the coins are available to be converted from one to another. e.g. 16 stone coins to 1 bronze coin During the development phase, suggestions and recommendations of features (mods, map structures, plugins and so on) are welcome. However, we do NOT assure the implementation of the features in the server, and suggestions and recommendations that are eye-sores (inappropriate formatting), as well as offend any rights or copyrights of any authors or the server members will be handled with careful restrictions or banning. The new lores and stories of the adventure world must be approved by the server owner, MockTurtle7 a.k.a magic465. Re-distribution of the modpack or any mod in the modpack will be considered piracy. For more information of what not to do, simply scroll down 1. Usage Force Wrench (DartCraft) Matter Cannon (Applied Energetics) Hammers (Tinkers' Construct) Alumentum (Thaumcraft) Excavators (Tinkers' Construct) Lumber Axes (Tinkers' Construct) Chisels (Tinkers' Construct) Deforestator (Gizmos) Miner's Lighter (Gizmos) Build Tool (Gizmos) 2. Placing Florbs (Thermal Expansion) 3. Crafting Custom NPC tools except of Carpentry Bench; 4. Having None Tested Yet 5. Client-side modification (items banned from the system) None Tested Yet Server management Essentials Vault GroupManager WorldEdit WorldGuard Multiverse VoxelSniper Gameplay Ultimate Skyblock *URL to the modpack will be given once accepted. Aesthetically pleasing formats are important and required! Prove your capability as a writer, builder, creator and/or more. Pictures are fun! Sample Format: IGN: magic465; Description: blah blah; What I love and hate: blah blah (of course, 'copy and paste' will not work on this application! it's only a sample) No plagiarism or copying from your past applications to any other servers. It takes your reasonable time to put efforts into the application. No PM or Emailing: write your application on this There is no second time. Do not give us two applications on this post. Going against certain application rules may result in ban. e.g. #5 Lastly, give us one aspect from each segment of this post that you like or do not like. e.g. Banned Item -- Force Wrench: it is an awesome tool that can perfect Minecraft! e.g. Server Rules -- Re-distribution of the mods is against the rights/copyrights. Offensive/Abusive language will NOT be tolerated lightly. Know your co-players well, and adjust yourself to them. Give them respect whoever they would be. This is very alike the rules of the Technic Forum such as no racist, sexist or homophobic language. Zero tolerance to attack on personal/offline matters: however, reports are crucial. Major problems, if any, are discussed together while the final decision is up to the staff on higher positions.