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  1. I have seen a couple of these floating around, but none of them seem to fit my use case, so I made one. As of now it will structure mods into proper zip files and repo folders. It will also allow you to insert mods and versions into the database, and update builds with the newly inserted mods. It will not upload to your server automatically, but it gives you a nice folder that you can upload the contents of, and it'll "just work". It calculates MD5s and updates them in the database for a nice and easy transition. As of now, it will guess the mod name and version based on the jar name. It discriminates names and version by a hyphen. Good Example: appliedenergistics2--rv6-stable-6.jar => name: appliedenergistics2, version: rv6-stable-6 Bad example: advanced-machines-61-0-1-jar => name: advanced version: machines-61-0-1-jar I plan on adding a override for this later on, and the program will run fine, but if you want proper names, name your jars accordingly! The program will ask you if you want to set pretty names. If you say yes, it will ask for a pretty name for each mod to insert. Otherwise, it will stick to the naming scheme like above. This program requires solder to run on MySQL, so please make sure you have a remote account ready for the database solder runs on. If you want to update builds with this program, you will need to know the build IDs. This is NOT a gui, you need to run it via a console. Screenshots of use: Feel free to ask questions or give feedback. And no, the program doesn't save your database info. Here's the source: https://github.com/MythTheWolf/SolderAutomate/blob/master/src/com/company/Main.java http://s2.myththewolf.com/solderconv/SolderAutomate.jar
  2. Hey, yesterday I ran into a bunch of problems with my technic pack. My discover page stopped working, only one mod (tekkit classic) showed up in my modlist, because it was the only one I'd installed and none of the images in news were loading. Later I also noticed that the "Solder Enabled" widget under the mod title wasn't there either. Technic is connected to the internet, I know this because when I search for a pack in the search bar it shows up. Anyway, when I try to install a mod it give me an error: Something else I noticed was that all my mods only had a single version: 1.0 List of Problems I face: Error quoted above shows up when trying to install mod Discover & News tabs not working Solder not enabled All mods only have the option for one version, that being 1.0. Stuff I've tried: Restarting my PC Completely removing and reinstalling .technic Removing Minecraft and technic and reinstalling them Allocating more RAM (7 GB) Java 7 & 8 both My log: My suspicions are that this is strongly linked to solder as it says: EDIT: Formatting and extra info
  3. Three days ago, I started creating a modpack. So I downloaded some mods, uploaded them on server and did the modpack creating stuff. When I was done, It was time to click the Install button (in the launcher). The Launcher downloaded all the .zip files to cache folder, as normal. But then something Strange happened... The launcher started extracting contents from jar packages to the root directory. I Really don't know what is happening. The log looks like the installation was successful. I tried to restart the launcher and reinstall the modpack several times but it did not helped. I hope someone could help me to fix this. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-spideros-pack.1286371 root folder.zip EDIT: Only mods whose name contains (1) are correctly installed.
  4. First of all if this is the wrong forum for this, then please move it to the correct one for me moderators. I need help with Solder. I tried installing it on my own pc just so I could explore its user interface. Did not have much luck at all. I need somebody to temporarily host it and give me access so I can explore its gui. I'll also need help getting it installed once I have somewhere to host it. You're help is much appreciated.
  5. Hello, I would like to ask you about something with Technic Solder. I have succesfully installed all "perfectly", but I have problem with launcher. When I tried to download the modpack installed on Solder, I got an error "Invalid URL: ". https://ctrlv.cz/lP9S {"name":"ModpackName","display_name":"Modpack name","url":null,"icon":"http:\/ Problem is with the section "url":null, which caused the problem, i think. I have no idea, how to repair this.Everything is OK, just this caused problem. Here is the error from Technic Launcher console https://ctrlv.cz/ik5g Does anyone know, how to repair this? I tried to reinstall Solder, but it didn't help. I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you, Krosta8
  6. Hey there, I'd like to announce to you SolderPlus! A supercharged version of TechnicSolder (fork). I made SolderPlus because of my frustrations with the original TechnicSolder, and because of how complex it is to setup, limiting the number of people who can use this amazing tool. SolderPlus overall may not have fixed all of the bugs in the original TechnicSolder, but it did fix a lot of the workflow issues. Most importantly, you can now upload jar files and such without the need to make zip files, or folders! I have plans to expand upon this further, and add more features, and if enough people want it, a community solder account everyone can use. Get the latest version here! View the GitHub here!
  7. It's a nether pack. Expect lava. Show me the goods! ?
  8. So I recently got a Solder server and I am currently setting up my modpack with Solder. However, I have run into this issue. For some reason, the server returns code 400, but I can access it just fine without any bad request errors. Log: [B#349] net.technicpack.launchercore.exception.BuildInaccessibleException: An error was raised while attempting to read pack info for modpack atomic-season-1, build 1.2.2 (started solder): Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: http://atomikpacks.pcriot.com/technicsolder/public/index.php/api/modpack/atomic-season-1/1.2.2 (started solder)/?cid=fff6e51b-cda1-41c3-9fa5-c7c6882251d0 [B#349] at net.technicpack.solder.http.HttpSolderPackApi.getPackBuild(HttpSolderPackApi.java:76) [B#349] at net.technicpack.solder.io.SolderPackInfo.getModpack(SolderPackInfo.java:149) [B#349] at net.technicpack.launchercore.modpacks.packinfo.CombinedPackInfo.getModpack(CombinedPackInfo.java:197) [B#349] at net.technicpack.launcher.launch.Installer.buildTasksQueue(Installer.java:264) [B#349] at net.technicpack.launcher.launch.Installer$1.run(Installer.java:122) [B#349] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [B#349] Caused by: net.technicpack.rest.RestfulAPIException: Error accessing URL [http://atomikpacks.pcriot.com/technicsolder/public/index.php/api/modpack/atomic-season-1/1.2.2 (started solder)/?cid=fff6e51b-cda1-41c3-9fa5-c7c6882251d0] [B#349] at net.technicpack.rest.RestObject.getRestObject(RestObject.java:157) [B#349] at net.technicpack.solder.http.HttpSolderPackApi.getPackBuild(HttpSolderPackApi.java:70) [B#349] ... 5 more [B#349] Caused by: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: http://atomikpacks.pcriot.com/technicsolder/public/index.php/api/modpack/atomic-season-1/1.2.2 (started solder)/?cid=fff6e51b-cda1-41c3-9fa5-c7c6882251d0 [B#349] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source) [B#349] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source) [B#349] at net.technicpack.rest.RestObject.getRestObject(RestObject.java:137) [B#349] ... 6 more Is anyone else experiencing this, and how do I fix it?
  9. A little background story first: I have been hosting packs and servers for the last few years. A few years ago Technic added support for allowing us to host custom modpacks. This was awesome and I went ahead almost the moment it happened. This was still the time of big and heavy zip files. Then came along Solder. Solder helped us destributing files one at a time. It took me almost a year to get it working from when I started attempting to use it. I did however get it working, back in June I think it was. All was well, though I quite quickly discovered that packing files for Solder was quite the hasle. So being the enormous lazy guy I am I sat down one Tuesday and made a script that could pack all the files for me. Nice i thought, the only problem was that I had to enter modname, modversion and minecraft version for each and every mod... And having a 150 files modpack that certainly wasn't boring So I had what the h**k and turned it into an actual program, that could figure out most of the important stuff like name, version and mcversion. Since then I added quite a few extra things I thought was necesarry, like only packing updated mods, checking permissions, including forge and configs. So enough with the story: Solder Helper The result of all this is something I thought others could make use of, so that's why I decided to share it with you guys here, since i'm likely not the only one who has been pretty bored with updating. Core features: Create packs for either Solder or just normal zip packs. Create FTB Packs and get permission lists Include any forge version you wishes, just choose from the application. Include configs Check permissions if you wishes so (Highly encouraged) Both private and public. Get permission list in a nice text format Get a list nice and simple list of all packed mods Runs on both Linux and Windows Get modlist Include unarchieved mods Include stuff like the script folder from Minetweaker Automatically upload Solder Files to an FTP host Automatically update your modpacks on your solder install Automatically upload Solder Files to Amazon S3 services With all the improvement it's shouldn't take more than a minute to pack all your files for distribution. The program is OpenSource and can be found on github. For Windows the installer can be found here. This installer also included an autoupdater for when I add additional features. This uses about 10 MB of space total. For Linux just do the following and you can find the program in your home directory: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zlepper/TechnicSolderHelper/master/TechnicSolderHelper/install.sh | bash It can be done from from anywhere, though you have to use the terminal, then the installer script takes care of the rest. WARNING: It will use quite a lot extra space, since it requires mono to be installed, about 250 MB. However the installation of mono is included in the script. To run the program just navigate into the install directory and look for the file called "Run SolderHelper.sh" To update it just run the "update.sh" file. Planned features: Support for FTB packs Added Support for AT Launcher packs Autoupload to FTP servers Added Autoupdate of the actual Technic Solder installs, so you don't have to enter versions each time. Added Creation of a modlist you can paste in places like Technic ads Added Creation of a complete permissionlist. Added (Would be nice if we could format things in the pack configs, but that's for another time) Bugs I expect a few bugs here and there. If you happen to stumble into any the program will create a crash report on your desktop. If you could report the issue on github and include the crashlog, and what you were doing I would be very grateful, and will try to fix issues ASAP. There shouldn't be any dangerous bugs, but incase anything goes wrong I'm not responsible for it. Warning: If you decide to use the mysql function of the program, be warned: You have to open a port to your MySQL server, which is a major security risk. It is recommended you create an ssh tunnel to connect to the remote server: ssh -L 3306:hostname:3306 [email protected] The syntax is ssh -L <localport>:hostname:<remoteport> <username>@<servername> The you can point Modpack Helper to localhost and everything should work securely. Contact If you have a question to ask, just write in this thread, or find me on the Technic Discord Server.
  10. Hey, today I reinstalled my solder completely. But now, the tab in the browser has no icon. Picture: https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/32789825/Unbenannt.png Does anyone know, how to fix this? PT400C
  11. Hello I have been trying to setup Solder on a OVH vps running ubuntu 14.04 64-bit I have been successful up till it asks you to run the command: (php artisan migrate:install) When i try to run the command i get the following error message: http://pastebin.com/19zY7tpX Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. Hello, at the moment I have the problem, that my new installed technic solder does not have a working dashboard. Here is a screenshot. The screen Do you have any idea, what could cause thet problem? I have no one Thanks! PT400C PS: I use Apache2 with debian 9 is important EDIT: Now I saw another problem. I can't set the permissions to the public mods directory right. I always use chgrp or find to set the flags and avoid a 404 error of the solder. Is there any way to avoid this/set the permissions permanently?
  13. I hope this the correct place to post this. Running a modpack using Technic Solder is very time consuming as I am sure you all who use Solder will agree. Both myself and the rest of the Wirenut team were becoming frustrated with the time it takes to update over 100 mods. So I decided to create a fully open source compiler which will do the zipping part automatically. It can be found at https://github.com/Siriuo/wirenut-compiler The current features consist of: Browsing to a folder containing jar files Selecting the save location for all zips Zipping the jar files based on mcmod.info data and prompting for missing info Zipping the jar files based on mod jar file name Update checker The features coming soon are: Remembering last used source and save folders This is in very early beta and more features will come soon. I hope you all enjoy, I will be happy to answer any questions.
  14. The Basics A Tech & Magic Pack which includes over 130+ Mods upgraded to 1.10.2. Everything from AE2, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture, Blood Magic, Biomes O' Plenty to Draconic Evolution. It's all there! Old favorites and new additions of all the best mods for 1.10.2. We are constantly updating the mods to the latest versions and applying fixes to assist in the early stages of 1.10.2 mod development. There is no topping this pack! Technic Pack: Technic Launcher Server Download: Technic Report Issues: GitHub Pack Discord: Invite Get Involved! We are taking suggestions on the GitHub and discussions about the pack can be had on discord. The Pack requires a recommended 6 GB of RAM ------------------------------------------------------> Official Server Included in the pack <---------------------------------------------------------------
  15. The Basics A Tech & Magic Pack which includes over 130+ Mods upgraded to 1.10.2. Everything from AE2, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture, Blood Magic, Biomes O' Plenty to Draconic Evolution. It's all there! Old favorites and new additions of all the best mods for 1.10.2. We are constantly updating the mods to the latest versions and applying fixes to assist in the early stages of 1.10.2 mod development. There is no topping this pack! Technic Pack: Technic Launcher Server Download: Technic Report Issues: GitHub Pack Discord: Invite Get Involved! We are taking suggestions on the GitHub and discussions about the pack can be had on discord. The Pack requires a recommended 6 GB of RAM
  16. Hi folks, The Solder server that we used to use is broken so I've set up a new one and got it all working with a test pack. I'd now like to start serving the existing pack from the new Solder. However, when I go into the pack's Solder settings, it's still pointing to the old server and giving a 404 error. Client error response [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found http://solder.s4pack.com/api/verify/9769bd6170627c623d5a1043eb834433 Any idea why I can't link this to my new server? Is it that I'm a Contributor to the pack, not the Owner? Thanks
  17. I am trying to install Solder and it is stuck on "Updating dependencies" It then says "Killed" and ends the script I have composer installed Globally on my Debian VPS. I have tried running as Root and another user When running as root: /home/TechnicSolder# composer install --no-dev --no-interaction Do not run Composer as root/super user! See https://getcomposer.org/root for details Loading composer repositories with package information Updating dependencies Killed When running as other user: [email protected]:/home/TechnicSolder$ composer install --no-dev --no-interaction Loading composer repositories with package information Updating dependencies Killed
  18. ModpackBuilder for TechnicSolder Recently i created an application that lets you create solder modpacks even faster by creating you all the zip files you need to upload to your repo. This app however, isn't 100% finished, there's some work to do, but the main concept already works. For now it just creates the mods folder, so it means the bin and config folder needs to be created manually according to the solder zip structure. To use this you'll need to download the ModpackBuilder below and put it into a folder. In the same folder create a new subfolder called mods and put all your mods there. Then open a new console window in the root folder and write " java -jar ModpackBuilder.jar ". any_folder_name / ModpackBuilder.jar mods/ appeng.jar mekanism.jar demo.zip etc... Unfortunately it requires you to write mod's name manually in the console due to the inconsistent jar files name's. If you want to contribute and try to improve my lazy code, you can do it at: https://github.com/iamkryfor/ModpackBuilder Download: http://ricardomargalhau.net/builds/ModpackBuilder.jar IF IT DOESN'T WORK TRY IT USING ADMINISTRATOR CONSOLE !
  19. Hi, I set up a Technic Solder on my VPS, everything looks good: I can add mods, link it to techncipack.net. But when I create modpack and publish it, I canĀ“t install it (error screenshot and log from console are down bellow). Is there anybody who know how to fix it? If you need access to server console or my solder... Sorry for my sometimes bad English I hope, you will help me Thanks TechnicSolder -error - console.TXT
  20. Hey, which UUID do I use, when I want to set a client to a pack? PT400C
  21. I have solder all setup and it works great and all, but is it ok to have all of these mods sitting on a public server not hosted by the developer? Don't some developers not want you to distribute their mods?
  22. Hi, I hope this is the correct category for this issue. So my problem is, I can't import a Solder modpack to the TechnicPack website. I clicked "Create new modpack" -> "Import from Solder", I select my modpack from the list and it says The modpack name you entered has a slug that already exists. So I thought OK, someone has modpack with same slug. So I changed it to something unique, hit F5 on the TechnicPack page, but the same thing happened. Then I tried to do it the normal way, thinking I would link Solder later. Well, I either get "The name has already been taken." or "The modpack name you entered has a slug that already exists.". Which is weird, because I'm using quite a unique name and when I tried search to see if someone really has it, it showed 0 results. After that I tried to put "http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/ytgamers" directly into TechnicLauncher and it complained about "Broken API Link". Could someone help me with this please?
  23. Hello, I've created a mod to manage my own server. It may be helpful to other people too, so here it is: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/minecraftsolder https://github.com/admiral0/MinecraftSolder admiral0
  24. I have seen interest in solder auto-generating changelogs and also saw so many poor changelogs on the platform, that's why I wrote a little app. It just takes your existing solder pack and provides you with a full changelog between any two versions you wish. http://isigiel.github.io/changelogger/ That's where you can try it out. Just paste any platform-api link which you can find here For modpackers: To preload your pack use a link like the following one, stuff in [] is optional, you can also just preload you url. http://isigiel.github.io/changelogger/#/?url=<your api url>[&from=<build that's the changelogs base>&to=<build to compare to>] I'm always open for suggestions and feedback For the better changelog! Changelog 0.1 Better interface for selecting modpack builds (idea by @plowmanplow) 0.2 Modpack-makers: You can now preload a changelog you want (idea by @Jon_) Cheers, Isigiel
  25. Hello reader of this topic I made a modpack recently and I was wondering what technic Solder is and how you can install it on windows 10. I know it isn't easy to set up solder, so if someone could give a tutorial (for beginners ), that would be nice! I hope someone can teach me how to use this! ~dzerk21 (Is this the right place for this topic?)
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