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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, I have made several modpacks before and followed the exact same steps, however when I install and play it on the launcher: it either doesn't even open Minecraft or if it does, then it's just base 1.12.2 Mc without any installed mods from the modpack. Here's the link to the Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrauzcqbt2dbz79/World of Snow.zip?dl=0 Regarding the changes to Dropbox's changes: I followed the forum thread solution of changing the necessary parts of the link (www to dl, dropbox to dropboxusercontent, ?dl=1). I updated the modpack several ti
  2. Hello, I've been using a modpack I made that's basically the 1.12.2 Pack, just modified for me and my friends to play, and recently it just stopped working for me. It crashes when I load it up and never actually loads. Pastebin of Error Logs: https://pastebin.com/kEjHF38U I thought originally that it was a line 264-265, with ersatz, or something to do with ram, but not exactly sure...
  3. Hey, I have a very common problem and read many different topics about it, but nothing helped me. So I want to create a little modpack to share it with some friends, but the modpack always starts Vanilla. I tried to compress the folders with 7zip and WinRar, but nothing worked. The modpack is downloaded correctly. Here is the link to the page of my modpack (It's not shown so you have to install it over the url) : https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stalincrafts-modpack.1717127 Maybe you find the problem and help me! Thank you for your help! I think the documentat
  4. Hi! So, whenever I load up a modpack, it starts up minimized and never opens. It eventually loads further, and I can hear the music, but it never stops being minimized. I was able to play all of these modpacks on my old computer, which was running windows 7. Even though this computer only has an intel i3, that one was dual-core 32 bit and these packs still worked! Is anybody else having or had this problem, and can anybody help me?
  5. when i press m the map change to Galaxy and i don't know how to change back ...... HELP
  6. [EDIT] I seem to have solved it but I don't know how to delete this post I'm not very good at making modpacks and I seem to have an issue with this newest one. I have the console log but I don't know how to read them so can someone who does know how to make sense of this help me please? Console log when attempting to boot the pack: https://pastebin.com/QtRE8Uyy
  7. Hi, so I have put together a custom 1.7.10 modpack here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nakazo-modpack.1076669 The issue is that on play instead of opening for me it is crashing and bringing itself back to the technic launcher right away. Below is the log for the crash inside technic launcher: [B#349] 2017/08/09 17:30:17 [WARNING] File version.json not found in Z:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\nakazo-modpack\bin\modpack.jar [B#349] 2017/08/09 17:30:18 [INFO] Running C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60\jre\bin\javaw.exe -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversF
  8. I have a custom modpack (actually two very similar packs, MCMinersPack and MCMinersPack Lite) in which I added the Hats mod. The Hats mod GUI will not open. (In either modpack) I believe this is classified as an in game bug. And it happens every time attempted. When I try to open the GUI, the screen will briefly "blink", that is, the journeymap minimap and such will disappear momentarily as if in preparation for the Hats GUI to open, and then everything goes back to normal. Also, when I kill a mob wearing a hat, I do not get a notification that should pop up telling me that I have un
  9. So, I recently uploaded a new version of my modpack to my dropbox and changed the file location. I also updated the pack on the technic platform to the new version. It's not showing the new version on the launcher, though, and I can't download the pack because I changed the file name. I take it I just need to wait for the change to propagate to the Technic launcher? Because the change took a few minutes to propagate to the Technic pack website. EDIT: Reinstalling the technic launcher did the trick.
  10. I need a way to make a computercraft turtle detect when a crop is fully grown. since tekkit has an older version of CC i can't use inspect neither use compare because it's not seed not wehat. tryed block update detectors but sometimes they skip a stge and i cant harvest it Edit: found out we have ocs and a crop sensor card
  11. So I went to install my modpack today on another computer. Here is the link to the private modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/magicaldivinationnsp.590455 As you can see it is a valid modpack. Now when I put that into the launcher search engine I get "Horse Mod"? Now the odder part, it was working just fine about 6 hours ago and I haven't been around to touch anything or play with anything. So clearly it is an API bug (not on my end), but does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve it? All my other Solder packs work swimmingly, so I know for fact it is not my api or my configur
  12. I just spend an amazing amount of time getting this to work, and I have seen no known solution for it so far. So, here's mine. It may be outdated now, and may not work for you. I haven't tested it well, but my server booted, and I could log in. Related problems - https://github.com/MinecraftPortCentral/Cauldron/issues/1657 https://github.com/MinecraftPortCentral/Cauldron/issues/980 Poor SW9876 of Github, I can't message you directly. -.- Anyways, this is upgrading Ultra Modded Survival Server v1.4.6 http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ultra-modded-survival-pack.266012
  13. So I have been trying to design a simple railcraft station using Train dispensers to put down trains, which are collected by a cart dispenser later. Whilst I can pipe the carts out of the pickup mechanism, I cant then put them into the train dispenser to be reused. Using pipes causes the cart item to vanish. How would I go about this? Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: Nevermind, i solved it using tubes.
  14. As the title says "Can Technic Solder connect to an already made modpack?". I've already set up Solder and it works great, but my modpacks on page 2 of top modpacks and I don't think I can get that reputation back by starting a whole new modpack. So if someone new how to do this that'd be great.
  15. Hi there, im a lil confused. I really cant find aluminum ore to build galacticraft stuff. I've read some rumors in galacticraft forums, it was replaced by steel ingots? But i can't produce something with steel ingots instead of alumium. I digged for days with no success, have a 100x100 quarry also. Found a lot diamonds but no aluminum. Searched it on height 13 and caves. What im doin wrong?
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