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Found 11 results

  1. The resource pack itself works. I tried removing MapWriter as someone said that could cause issue and without it the game won't even load up. I tried inserting JourneyMap instead. No dice. I think the issue might be with the patch itself. When I run it without MapWriter/with JourneyMap instead, the game just cycles through "Not Responding" and stays on the Mojang logo. Here is the log when I actually get the game to load up and it crashes. https://pastebin.com/embed_js/sE06r1Km
  2. when I try to use the Sphax texture pack with the tekkit classic add on, some textures such as cobble, stone, tools, wood logs, leaves, glass, ect. are default textures. other default blocks have the sphax textures. Its like its missing a certain file. I've tried the 16x, 32x, and 64x. I have 6gb of RAM allocated to it and I have reinstalled both the modpack and the texture pack with add ons multiple times and it still won't work. I never had this problem before. Does anyone know a fix? I have also tried the texture pack without the add ons and it does the same thing.
  3. I am looking for the Big Dig patch for Sphax. I am hoping for a x32 version. ANy help will be gladly welcome because I have looked everywhere and found nothing.
  4. I am looking to start a yogscast like youtube team and i need members. I am part of a community called UNITY, and this is what our team will be called. I am gonna start the channel of with tekkit lite. You are not required to record but if you do, you MUST use Sphax PureBDCraft 64x64. I need a server to do this on as well. We will discuss the direction of the series on a group skype chat. Your application will be given on skype as well. All I need for now is: IGN: Age: Skype: Experience with Technic/Tekkit: Timezone:
  5. I am having an issue when trying to load Sphax Pure bdCraft in Tekkit Legends. This only started with the most recent update. I go to the resouce packs, load the one I want, but then it acts like it's loading it, and goes back to the previous menu, but it's just the default textures. Is anyone else having this same issue or know how to fix it?
  6. I really want to use the Sphax resource pack in my Attack of the B-Team modpack. However, I'm using the Technic launcher to play and I can't seem to figure out how to install the resource pack. I've opened the folder and placed it in correctly. It's just not showing up on the list. Any suggestions as to how I get this to work? Am I doing this completely wrong?
  7. I have downloaded the AotBT Sphax texture pack from Sphax' website, but it's only partially complete. Some mods aren't in that pack, and therefor don't have the Sphax textures in game. I really hate the look of the regular MC tp mixing randomly with my Sphax tp. Does anyone know if there is a more complete Sphax pack out there for AotBT, or how I could add mods to the pack? Some mods, like Natura and Tinkers' Construct (there are more, I just can't think of them), do have Sphax tp's, but they aren't added in the tp for Sphax' AotBT pack. I had found a way to add them individually on my old computer, but my new one isn't letting me.
  8. HI there, I changed the Texturepack from Default to Sphax AOBT Texturepack 128x128. I tried to play Singleplayer, but when I click on "Play world" the client window closes and the the Technic Launcher appears again without any error message. Can someone help me, because I'd like to play with that Texturepack. My System: MB: Asus P8Z68-V Pro/gen3 CPU: Intel i5 2500K RAM: 20GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 GPU: Club 3D Radeon HD 6700 Drive: Corsair 60 GB SSD(AOBT is installed here) WD Caviar Black 1TB PSU: bequiet! PurePower 720W Supply I gave 15GB RAM to AOBT. Arko17
  9. I'm trying to install the sphax texture pack for attack of the b-team.The modpack is running perfectly but it just wont install the texture pack i open up resource packs in the video i watched he said "it might look like its gonna crash but it will load" but mine just looks like its gonna crash and then i doesnt do anything :/ it says v 1.6.2 it maybe because of that this is 1.6.4 can it be because of the version or do you think its something else?
  10. Hey guys! I would really appriciate any help you can give me on this matter. A year ago or something me and my friends played Voltz with Sphax texture pack. We wanted to do this again but now for some reason we cant get the texture packs to work. What ive been doing so far is: 1. Download 128x Sphaxpurebdcraft. 2. %appdata% -> texturepack 3. Open technic launcher 4. Run Tekkit 5. Open Texture pack in options 6. Nothing happens... I might very well be missing a step or two here but i really cant find any help on the web. Do i have to find an old texture pack? Do i have to change the build in the technic launcer? Please help. Have a nice day!
  11. Although in real life striking a quartz crystal on a piece of steel is just as effective as flint on steel (for making sparks), there seems to be no plan to implement a quartz and steel striker, possibly because gravel (thus, flint) is more common than nether quartz, so it is cheaper to use flint anyway. -Minecraft Wiki Screw that. This mod adds a new item, quartz and steel, and a new block, overworld quartz ore. Overworld quartz ore is just quartz ore in the overworld. To make it not overpowered, and to encourage nether travel, the overworld quartz is much rarer, as rare as gold. Quartz and steel is basically an upgraded flint and steel, with 4x more durability than normal flint and steel. Pics: Download: http://minecraft.cur...quartz-n-steel/ Resource Packs: Llama Farmer made a patch for Sphax PureBDCraft for this mod. Check it out at http://bdcraft.net/c...7010.html#p7010 Note: In addition to texturing the stuff from the mod, it retextures vanilla quartz. In the PureBDCraft resource pack, quartz has a chunk of netherrack on it, to make it look like it came from the nether. Llama Farmer replaced that with a more dimensionally ambiguous white quartz crystal. Edit: Fixed a few things. I suck at HTML. Edit again: I forgot to say, anyone who wants Quartz 'N' Steel in their modpack, you're welcome to put it in, just tell me. I know legally you aren't required to tell me, because of EULA and stuff, but it would be kind of weird if you didn't. If you want to make a texture pack patch for it, you're welcome to do that as well.
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