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Found 13 results

  1. This is probably never going to be read ever, but When you log into Technic Launcher the screen asks for a name and password, however some people might wrongly assume this is asking for their username. Simply put, I think the header should be changed to something like 'email address' or have it written in parenthesis in order to make the UI clearer.
  2. Hi Technic Team! I have been seeing posts from people who are trying to run large, resource-intensive modpacks on older machines that can't handle them. For example, I was just over on Talonos' issue tracker trying to explain to a user why Blightfall won't open for someone who has only 1GB of RAM to dedicate to Minecraft and is running a 32-bit OS. This got me thinking - why don't you integrate a feature into the Technic Launcher that will allow modpack creators to set recommended minimum specs to run their modpack, and if the launcher is running on a PC with lower specs will warn users that the modpack may not play correctly (or at all)? For example: There's a good chance you will need at least 2GB of RAM to run Blightfall smoothly without any crashes. If the amount of RAM dedicated to Minecraft is set to be only 1GB, when a user tries to play Blightfall they could be prompted with a message like: "This modpack ("Blightfall") has a recommended minimum of 2GB RAM. If you proceed, the installation may fail or the modpack may be unstable. Do you wish to proceed anyway?" Options: Proceed, Cancel, Help. ("Help" can be a link to an article with common issues, such as having too little RAM, running a 32-bit installation of Java limiting the RAM options, etc) I think this might help to reduce the volume of people with topics like "Helpppp modpack wont openz" or "black screen then crash, plz don't ask for crash report bc i dont know wer to find them". Thoughts? P.S. I know the crash information and the location of the crash log is output to the Technic Launcher Console, but why not have a more elegant way of displaying this information to an average user? I'm sure the Launcher, when re-opened following a crash, could pop-up an alert that says "Minecraft has crashed. A crash report has been written to [file location]. Would you like to view the crash report?" This might confuse the average user though so maybe it's better left as something we have to continually re-explain to everyone who wants help...
  3. I don't see a partition in the forum list for suggestions, so I don't know if they are just like a taboo, or if I'm blind and I didn't see them in the rules, so I'm not exactly sure where to put this. My point being, I was wondering if it'd be possible to make it so that players looking for new packs could filter the packs that list their mods in the 'Mods' tab, on what is or isn't on the last, and by which packs don't list them at all. It'd be a good tool, as well as put it to the pack-makers to actually list all the stuff they put in there. I'm not aware as to whether or not this is a planned feature, but I'm a long-time player of Technic packs, and I thought I'd pop onto the forums and see if this was ever going to be a thing. Crossing my fingers that I'm not stepping on toes right now.
  4. Hi there, I saw an issue posted on this in the Tracker, and it was pointed out that Platform Pagoda would be a better place to discuss it - since I don't see a related discussion here, I thought I'd start one. Overall I like the look and function of the new Launcher (at least, I will once it has stabilized a bit), but I do have a very minor gripe with it opening to the Discover tab instead of to Modpacks. If my own experience is representative, the 99.9% use case in opening the launcher is to play a modpack that is already installed. I know it's only one extra click (as I said, very minor gripe), but a major tenet of UX design is to make the most common use cases easiest/shortest. I'd suggest then that the currently installed modpacks be returned to front & center. My two cents, --Zack
  5. I think you should add more mods with these themes: 1.technology 2.storage/backpacks 3.mobs Ex. Industrial craft 2 iron chest backpacks etc.
  6. This is a thread to post some suggestions for mods to add to the modpack. Don't come in here slinging giant mods left and right. I want to see some of the smaller mods that can add to the overall experience of the modpack. Personally, I would like to see both the Iron Chest Mod and the Crafting Pillars mod added to the pack. I know there are storage systems but I think the iron chest mod offers one of the best storage capacities. As for the Pillars mod, seeing as how the whole pack is designed around being a mad scientist what's more mad scientist than Holographic displays and a trash can leading to the void!
  7. Hey guys, xEvo here, just found this awesome mod, and was wondering who else wanted it added into Attack of the B-Team?! The mod is called Mo' Bends, and is made by Gobbobb__Antivirus this mod adds mroe shape to players and mobs giving them more personality, here is a link to the mod's page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/146-mo-binds-steve-have-forearm/ Thanks for reading!
  8. I have a possible suggestion for a Technic modpack: Technic Ultimate. Now, what does this entail? I'm glad you asked. It'd be a modpack containing EVERY SINGLE MOD in the 4 main Technic modpacks (Tekkit, Hexxit, Attack of the B-Team, Voltz). How about it?
  9. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1852335-sspsmpforge-kris91268s-light-bridges-and-doors-version-17-mc-164-create-bridges-and-doors-of-light/ This is the link to the light bridges and doors mod by kris91268. I think this mod would go well with attack of the b-team and I would love to see it be added in.
  10. Hi. I had come up with a very good idea for modpack loading. Currently when using forge or something, you put it as modpack.jar the only problem is if you want another mod that requires to be in the jar, but with error with forge. So I had the idea where you could have multiple jars. The first would be modpack.jar(would be the main, primary focus in case the others error out). The second would be modpack2.jar and so on.
  11. Hi guys, I want to give you a suggestion that I think could be VERY VERY useful to all those are using this crazy modpack. Why don't you publish ( maybe in the main page of the modpack, or even in the forum ) a comprehensive wiki of all the mods in the package? Maybe this is a very long work, but even if you publish a list of the relating wikis of every mod (the available ones at least), I think it could be a great things to do for all the users, because I think that googling every time you need to know something about an item or a recipe sometime is bit annoying. Thank you anyway for the great job you've done assembling this fantastic modpack, it gives to minecraft a new way of playing and I think in future it will became very popular. eseven_
  12. Hello everybody! if the attack of the b team creators see this then you should listen carefully! I want to suggest you to add 2 new mods which are: 1) ThaumCraft 3 2) IndustrialCraft 2 I really think them both will make this modpack even greater and more awesome than what it's already is. Thx
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