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Found 25 results

  1. I've played tekkit for a couple thousand hours now and never once encountered the battle I'm going through now. I haven't played in about 6 months or so. Some things to note: - I have both java 32 bit and 64 bit runtime environments and I have experimented with a variety of different versions (many recommended on this forum) -I have 16Gb of RAM, a dedicated GPU and my nVidia driver is up to date. I have also rolled back to previous versions and encountered the same issues. -With any 64 bit java installed on the PC, Technic Launcher will not launch. -When I uninstall 64 bit java, launcher starts (in 32 bit) but obviously ram cannot be changed etc... However whilst running, I can install 64 bit java and then change ram settings. -Packs will download in this case however will not launch even when RAM is set below 6GB. I get a little java pop-up window saying "Hello". -https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5MGrYNsP44/ Please please please provide any assistance as I'm not ready to give up just yet!
  2. Every single time i try to launch a modpack the technic launcher goes away then re pops back up and the mod pack wont load please help pastebin:https://pastebin.com/MJfFsHUj
  3. I've been getting back into The Crafting Dead. I played a session just fine yesterday. Then when I tried to open it again last night it would open Minecraft showing the Mojang logo, then close it and open the launcher again as if nothing happened. I played just fine again earlier today but when I tried to open it just now, it doesn't want to work. Here's my log: https://pastebin.com/JDJmNQ5q Thanks!
  4. ive been having this issue, cant figure out the problem. Ive tried updating java, restarting my computer, changing settings. Nothing is working. need help, thanks Screenshot here
  5. Hi, I am playing on Windows 10 and have Vanilla MC and the Tech-launcher up to date. Vanilla works fine but every mod pack on this site has no audio whatsoever when I'm playing. Please help. Thanks.
  6. So my Friend just updated his java a while back and before that his minecraft was working fine then once he got a newer version of java modpacks wouldnt load up and they would just white screen so then i helped him get a new version of technic and java and now it doesnt load up at all not even in task manager could someone help please Link to video showing whats happening
  7. Whenever i download the launcher and try to start it up, i get a blue spinning circle around my cursor, and then nothing. The launcher isn't starting up, there is no sign of it at all. I have the latest version of java and i have tried downloading the launcher multiple times.
  8. Hey guys, I need ur help. I downloaded the launcher but when I click on the exe, nothing happens. I don't know the problem but I hope someone can help me.
  9. Each time I try to launch any modpack from the Technic Launcher my application doesn't boot and I get this crash log from the console. I have installed the lastest 64 Bit Java and have reinstalled my display adapter driver. My specs are: Intel i3-2350M 8GB RAM 750GB Hard Drive crash-2016-08-23_14.21.37-client.txt
  10. I have removed TechnicLauncher from my PC (with Windows 10) because i couldn't play a modpack because of the RAM limits So i wanted to reinstall it BUT when i press download, it asks me if i want to: open it, save as, cancel well i click open but it does not open up, then i downloaded it again and saved as when i tried to OPEN that one it did absolutely nothing. does someon know how i cna download it if you readed this, thank you -YZEROgame PS if you know how i can get 2 RAM instead of 1 RAM for the modpack, i would like it if you tell me how to do that thanks again
  11. Every time I try to download a modpack on the Technic Launcher, it gives me http:/files.minecraftforge.net/maven/com/typesafe/config/1.2.1/config-1.2.1.jar And I've searched the web for everything on this. and nothing was helpful. I even uninstalled Technic Launcher completely to see if that was the problem. I downloaded Minecraft Forge and that didn't help, and also downloaded Maven 3 and installed it and that didnt work either. If anyone could help me with this, I would be so thankful.
  12. I have a problem when trying to open the launcher. When i click it, it will give me a loading symbol, but then it won't go any further. Trying to open the installer won't work either, with the same problem as the launcher. Im on Windows 8, Java 8 Update 91 I updated Java from 32 bit to 64 bit, because my Minecraft was out of data while playing Tekkit. I tried to run both as administator, same problem. Please help me, i just want to play some Tekkit
  13. Hello. I just installed the Technic Launcher, and when i try to launch it, nothing happens. I do not know why it does not launch. Help PLEASE!!! Willing to give information to help solve this problem. Nevermind. Problem solved. Please lock
  14. I have encountered a problem where the program wont work. I click the shortcut and it shows the blue technic logo(with a bar underneath saying "Query update system 0%). Almost straight after that, the blue logo stops responding (after the grey bar disappears). plus the only way to close it is through task manager. I have been looking for different ways to fix this and the closest i have gotten was when i went and troubleshot for problems and in the end it said "Not Compatible (!)". I would really appreciate some help As soon as possible :/ -Akira
  15. I'm having trouble playing any of the mod packs since technic only allows me to add up to 1 gig if memory, and everything keeps crashing. Any solutions?
  16. Whenever I open Technic Launcher it brings me to the login screen, then when I login nothing happens, or sometimes the login screen wouldn't even come and nothing would happen. Instead, this file comes in my folders Also, before when it would let me in earlier today, tekkit wouldn't launch. It would open up minecraft then a few seconds later it brought me back to the tekkit launching page. Please help. hs_err_pid10124.log
  17. Hello guys, I have created a Modpack and it worked fine but as i lastly updatet it the download of my pack did never work again. I Always get the error that the download of the file doesn't work. The console only says "started download of (link) with 3 tries remaining" Then the download starts again nd the console says "started download of (link) with 2 tries remaining" No Error or anything. Well in the Console at least. The launcher says Error downloading a file for the following pack: ViOs Official Pack.(translated it from german) Failed to download https://www.dropbox.com/s/41ofl0e1b2c9gkx/VO Modpack Version 1.2.zip?dl=1 Please Contact the Modpack Author (I am the owner fyi) I even turned the firewall off and my Antivirus. I Also installed the launcher again. I even Reuploaded the pack to dropbox and got a new Link but nothing works.
  18. Whenever I load up Minecraft using the technic launcher, it always crashes as soon as I connect to a server, and it goes back the the modpack's screen. Really annnoying just wanna play Minecraft so please help! >:(
  19. Hi, I have some problems when I try to login to the Launcher, the following error occur: "An error occurred while attempting to reach authserver.mojang.com" Here's the log : http://pastebin.com/n6qyG3A0 Thank you
  20. When I try to install the gentscraft modpack on techniclauncher, i get an error message saying "failed to download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/408348864/modpack.zip Please consult the modpack author." I've tried deleting anything associated with .technic, the techniclauncher, the gentscraft modpack, etc. Also, i've restored my computer to four days ago( i have never even heard of gentscraft 4 days ago). AND I've uninstalled my Trend Micro Anti Virus and still had the same error. Is my ip blocked from downloading the pack? or something ridiculous? p.s. I've research online for hours and found no help what should i do???
  21. I've been trying to play Tekkit off of an external drive. The launcher runs fine, until I get to the log in page. The point of playing MCTechnic off of a USB/External Drive is to use the launcher on computers without installing it on said computers. But what if that computer's network has a firewall that prevents you from verifying your account! Without the ability to alter it or disable it?! That would be a very big problem for someone who wishes to play MCTechnic on that computer. So, question: Is there a way to port the verifying process through a proxy site, allowing it the ability to connect to Minecraft.net? Is there a way to trick the launcher into remembering your verified account, bypassing it then? Can you log into that specific installation of the launcher with a different device, and use that same installation once more on the 'blocked' device to bypass the log in? I've been wondering how to do so, and I think other users may, A: Have the answer. Or B: Have the same problem. I've created this topic to help discover a safe way to do so. Without bypassing the log in entirely, to ensure that you still need an MC account to use the method. (If one such exists.) So I call upon normal users, instead of the Technic staff. Because they have enough to worry about, and it's about time we solve basic things like this ourselves. This is not a 'bug report' or a request to 'fix' something. (Entirely) To me this is a discussion upon allowing more users to freely play MCTechnic without these limits. For the sake of curiosity, and expanding the minds of others of 'possible issues' of the future. (A lot of 'OFs'.) Think of it like a puzzle, that can benefit others. If you find a method, simplify it as much as you can. Make it easy for others to use. Be sure it doesn't exploit any bugs, legal-loopholes, or 3rd party software. Remember, this should be a safe method, that doesn't require an arm and a leg. So, if you're bored, and/or have this 1st world problem in your life. Try a few things and share your thoughts upon it. ~<3 Yours truly, Tae.
  22. You have entered an Age where the philosophies of man have been split. Humans have discovered ways of progressing their lives, but there have been... well.... disagreements. Do you have what it takes to survive between the factions of magic and technology? Join us, on an epic war against Tech and Magic, Where you shall be known as a wizard or an engineer..... Or maybe even a rogue. Download: http://technicpack.net/modpack/age-of-enlightenment.604784 Official Server (This modpack and server was just made yesterday! Keep in mind that there will be glitches and Problems still happening! The server spawn isnt made fully yet either, so for now Just enjoy playing survival )
  23. I Know this is not a correct forum for this topic I Can't Do Anything On Website All the Time Got Error 504 When I Try to Edit Modpack or Go to Home Page and this is no Because of My Internet !!! and Sory For My Eng :c
  24. Can Someone Tell Me What is This Error ????? I Put this correctly to my public folder in Dropbox and Link It Correctly You'w got the idea what's happen =_=
  25. I have tried downloading the technic launcher many times today and cannot even get it to open. Heres what happens: - I download(it takes a split second, a little odd) - i double click and it does nothing. - I tried looking in %appdata% to see if i could open it a little more directly(nothing in there) So to sum it up, the tecchnic launcher i am downloading doesnt do anything and seems to have nothing in it. I read the pinned topic regarding dropbox downloads not working but I have no idea ho to use the information. Please help fast im very stressed out by this lack of things working today. also ive tried using magiclauncher and minecraftforge to no avail. Im on newest version of windows 8 and have java.
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