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Found 10 results

  1. This is the official release of Tri-Universe's Tekkit Classic. We expect while playing on the server, you're polite and friendly to other players. We wan't to keep the community family friendly. We're currently looking for active staff-members since the server is still under construction. We're online 24/7 and we're lag free. We hope to see you play with us! Server ip: Server Rules: Use common sense Respect all members Stealing is not allowed PvP is not allowed unless both parties agree to it No pestering No spamming No offensive language No advertaising No cheating Info Few banned items Expected uptime 24/7 Our Discord Our website Still under construction
  2. [</Cyber Punk/>] Tekkit Classic Server IP: Features: No Banned Items Towny Ranks World Anchors ARE NOT a donators' only item Custom Plugins Daily Kits 24/7 Fresh Map 8 Gigs Ram Permanent Server Grief Prevention Economy Our mission statement is to provide a place to enjoy all of Tekkit Classic unrestricted by donation or voting restrictions while offering a professional and unlaggy server. Your factory is waiting for you at Cyber Punk!
  3. I need someone to answer this please! Can you only have 1 server on hamatchi as there is only one ip4address to use? I have tried creating a new network but it loads the same world due to it being the same ip4 address If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  4. Server IP - About the server TekkRealm is a Tekkit Legends server made by myself and my friend. We made the server because we could not find a Tekkit Legends server that met our standards so we decided to make our own. We take requests on what to add or remove in the server and we are working closely with our players to make the server how our players would like it (With our input also). The server is Two weeks old and we average around 15 players + on the weekend and around 10+ on weekdays. The community on the server is amazing and we love having so many amazing members on the server. The server is hosted in France since Tekkit Legends lack EU Servers. Our server has up to ~5 FREE Ranks. 1 of these you are able to get from the store. Others you will earn by playing on the server. Staff on the server is more than happy to explain these ranks to you in game Our Enjin Website – Our Website --Banned Items - Any type of loaders, Ring of Arcarna, Destruction Catalyst, Repair Talisman, Explosives. We did not want any ban items but while we were in Alpha Stage of the server we noticed that having these items left in caused lag and a lot of griefing. So these items are ban to help improve overall gameplay The expected uptime of the server, 24/7, we do random restarts when needed but we will warn people on the server before doing so. (It's mainly when we input a new plugin) Server rules - 1.No Griefing 2.No Spamming 3.No Advertising 4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing 5.No Trolling/Flaming 6.No Banned Items 7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items 8.Respect all Players 9.Obey Staff 10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks. 11. No Mods/Hacks 12.No Full Caps Messages 13.No Builds Near Spawn 14. No EMC Farms Thank you everyone for spending your time to read this, it is appreciated by me and all other staff at Tekkrealm. We hope to see everyone soon
  5. hello How can i play with a friend on tekkit classic online? We have tried to do it with hamachi and tekkit server but it didnt work at all. We both tried it and made many acounts and it didnt work. so do u have any tips or can we play with each other in another way?
  6. Hey this is my first time on the forums! About 3 months ago i had a tekkit server that i hosted and played on with my step-brother. It worked great until we just faded away from playing tekkit. But, today I was trying to get another server to play with him on because I got a new computer and lost the other server. To my dismay, the lauch.bat file will not open. I get an error message that says "C:UsersrtmsrDesktoplaunch.bat is not a valid Win32 application." I would really appreciate it if i could get some assistance soon. Thank you in advance!
  7. Yo, Stonebrew here, just got into this whole tekkit lite thing and it seems really cool, problem is: I downloaded the server for tekkit and its version is 1.6.4 . Well when I run tekkit lite, it says my minecraft version is 1.4.7, and it will not let me connect to my own server because it is out of date. I don't really know how to force update the version of minecraft through the tekkit loader. Ive tried the current build, and 1.6.4, but that doses not seem to change my version of minecraft. Just a side note: when I play regular minecraft it says im running version 1.8 through tekkit or stock loader. Thanks for you help in advance if anyone can help me.
  8. Hello guys, I've decided to buy 2 powerline ethernet adapters due to my weak wireless signal. Now the problem is.. my server doesn't want/cant connect to the port. Does anyone know what I need to do in order to make it work? And if it's even possible to have it working like that. (works great on wireless). Thanks in advance!
  9. Rules No griefing No duping No request items from admin No cheating no mods removed NO BANNED ITEMS!! Plugins Auto Message Auto Save Plus Citizens Craft Book Essentials Essentials Chat Essentials Spawn mcMMO PermissionEx Vault WGFix World Edit World Guard Tekkit Permittor 3-7 People plays on this server Server opens on mood :-( Very small people plays on this server