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Found 3 results

  1. For some reason my Tekkit server pauses after launching the console and then it dies instantly when i press any button, My pc is german so if you don't understand something just ask or google translate, your choice. Here's the Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12334451/ Mod edit: log moved to paste.ubuntu.com
  2. So I am trying to put together a server on my computer before I purchase a host for it and I am having issues setting it up properly. I have finally figured out how to get Tekkit and MCPC+ working, but beyond that I havent done anything. All I have is the Base Tekkit and MCPC+ Infrastructure. My questions have to deal with how plugins work in general, but I will ask about specifics and just use those situations as examples and base everything else off of those. 1: Are plugins dependent on the server build like mods are? IE: Tekkit is currently in 1.6.4, are there plugins that are more recent than that that I can not install or are they reverse compatible? 1.1: Are there plugins that are too old to be used in the modern versions of Minecraft? (If there aren't, is it really worth using old plugins anyways?) 2: How exactly do I go about installing them? Do I just Unzip the file and drop it in the plugins folder in the server? 3: Is there an easy way of setting permissions for groups of people? 3.1: Do I need to be in game to set groups, can I use the Server command prompt window, Or can I use a Text File to write out the permissions I want and load it in? 4: Will I have to change anything with my server folder when I upload it to the Hosting site? 5: Am I able to upload my current single player world with the server file? Not just the seed, but everything I already have done in it. 6: How can I get regular backups of the world when it is hosted, or is that unique to each hosting site that I need to discuss with them? Thank you for taking the time to read and help me out with this. I've only tried running a server once before and it ended up crashing into the biggest snowball of errors on errors causing more errors that I have ever seen. (I blame Dimensional Doors and my friends that decided to spend 3 straight days going through the dungeons and creating thousands of dimensions for the server to track.) 7: Actually, from the text above, is there a way to stop the Dimensional Doors mod from spawning and keeping thousands of different dimensions? I like the concept but it just seems to grow the world file so fast and so much and I cant clean it up.
  3. when i launch my server i get an end of stream error and i have checked all the things that i think that is causing it can someone please help the server is being port forwarded
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