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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all first post here outlining a bug and short term fix. Been playing tekkit for years and have finally decided to give space a go. I have discovered that certain Thermal expansion blocks (tesseracts, pulverizes redstone furnaces etc.) disappear (do not drop, cannot be made to come back) when placed within 1 chunk of multiple oxygen sealers. The only fix that seems to work for this is: 1. Remove all oxygen sealers (disabling seal WILL NOT WORK) 2. Open a hole in your previously sealed space (I did a 1x2) 3. Placing thermal expansion items. 4. Fix hole. 5. Replace oxygen sealers and re-initiate. I hope this helps someone as we lost many items trying to figure out what was going on, additionally if anyone has a better fix I would love to hear it as I couldn't find any pertinent information by searching here on the web in general.
  2. Hi all, I'm setting up some reactor since the first versions of BigReactor mod and I'd tried to keep-up with the several changes over the different versions. I was mainly working with one passive set-up (1700 RF/t) for powering my sorting, processing and crafting system on the overworld and Two active reactor setup to produce steam to sustain some turbine in order to power some laser drills and be able to bear with 16 Quarries in the same time. It was going well ... more or less ... Lately we've decided with my friends to setup a Mars base and to try to, as far as possible, be autonomous in term of sorting, processing, crafting and power generation and this by using ME network instead of Logistic Pipes and we all know that this is a bit more power consuming. So we came up with the idea of setting up a BigReactor and some turbines on Mars and we want this setup completely separated from the Overworld. I explain all that because for the beginning we used tesseract to bring power in order to set-up the oxygen system and also the shield on the base, then once this have been achieved we start building a big Big reactor based on the design of "The Core" except that we do not want to attach all the turbine in the same way that for "The Core" but we prefer to use less but bigger turbine. So here come my questions : Do someone know how BigTurbine are requesting to BigReactor the flow rate that they need ? (I know that we set-up the amount we want in the GUI and then it should work but sometimes, when more that one reactor are providing the steam I still not understand how the load balancing is made). Do someone know how to ask BigReactor to produce at full speed all the steam that it could possibly produce ? Do someone know why even by using different tesseract frequencies on different dimensions for the steam I still see my Mars reactor producing the exact amount of steam that one single turbines, out of the three OverWorld turbines, is requesting ? Do there is a relationship in between the water and the steam request ? (because I take the water in some tesseract that have the same frequency for water). Do someone know when, and how often, the steam flow request are made/updated in between BigReactors and BigTurbines ? I know that's a lot of questions and that, maybe, my english level is a bit poor to express clearly my questions. But I hope I made them (my questions) understandable. Best regards and I'm looking forward to see your answers and experiences.
  3. I just barely got on tekkit again after about eight months of not being online. (Was waiting for friends to finally download the damn thing) I get online and to my pleasure I find that the game has been updated and changed a whole ton. Most of these changes I applaud, as there is even more content in the game... Except I can no longer figure out how to work tesseracts. At all. I used to use tesseracts to get 'infiinite' energy in the overworld via lava streams in the nether. Previously Tesseracts were fairly simple to use. I would build two of them, one in the nether and one in the overworld. I believe I would hook up a pump to one of the tesseracts via a redstone energy conduit, and after setting both tesseracts to transfer/recieve liquid on frequency 1, there was magic and I had an endless supply of energy... by hooking up the tesseract to some magmatic engines. But now, nothing works. I can't figure out what different types of pipes will actually connect to the tesseract, and when I do manage to hook up a transfer pipe to the tesseract, it won't connect to the engines or a pump, etc. Redstone energy conduits still seem to connect but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get energy transfering to happen. The whole thing is a mess. If someone could give me a basic rundown of how to get liquid transfers via a tesseract to work, that would be great. I would like to know the different types of pipes to use, and how to transfer the energy to the tesseract and to another tesseract. Also, how to store the energy for later usage. Thank you so much, guys. <3