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Found 5 results

  1. I recently started a Tekkit Legends world and decided to manually add Galacticraft back into the modpack. I've been playing for around 50 hours. After returning to Earth from my space station, I noticed an insane dip in TPS. The /TPS command reveals a TPS of 0.3. I have no idea what caused this, but if anyone has any insight into whatever's going on, it would be much appreciated. Information: World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3mk2wq3u5kesuyq/Tekkit.rar/file RAM: Java using 3.4GB of allocated 3.5GB If any more information is needed, I will add it here.
  2. Hi, After a few hours of playing I experienced a huge TPS lag on my two player server. If I try to break a block, it appears again... The TPS is usually 0,48... And even the server stopping takes ages... However in the nether, or even farer from my house everything is okay. How can I debug what block/entity/mod causes this? My PC is strong enough (I gave it 2-10 GB of RAM) and my Java 8 is 64 bits. Thanks!
  3. Should start off with apologies if this may be the wrong section, but I figured it was the best match for what I'm looking for. Anyways, I'm having just a bit of trouble right now with my modpack and TPS issues on the server it's being hosted on. I've been working just about nonstop the past few weeks trying to straighten out the issue. I even overhauled my modpack (which previously had TPS bad enough it couldn't be played in Singleplayer without an extremely good computer) removing major issue mods and generally large/useless ones to try and resolve the issue. That made it playable in Singleplayer and helped at first for the server, but it's gotten to the point that even with only 4 - 5 people on, the TPS can suffer. I've even turned town the server view distance to 6 so far and it's barely improved. My best guesses right now are that it's either the box's processor not being able to handle things as well as it should, or one (or more) of the mods in the pack are stressing things way too much/creating too much worldgen. (If it's a processing issue, I'm guessing the extremely low Ghz is the issue, and possibly an overclock attempt would prove valuable?) I will note, I did finally add in ClearLagg which has seemed to have helped things a bit. TPS is still horrid getting around 6 - 8 at best most of the time with several players on, but oddly enough block lag and most entity lag isn't actually that bad. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please do share them! I'd like to try and get things more stable so that people can actually do some proper exploration and general building without suffering massive dips in the TPS. Maybe there's some mods I'm not aware of that are just generally blacklisted for most packs because they cause major issues? Here's the server's specs: AMD Opteron 6174, 2.20ghz 16GB, Windows 10 Here's the modpack list if that proves useful to anyone (does not include core mods; does include client-side mods): https://pastebin.com/pnXefb1Q If anyone needs more information, please ask~
  4. Hi guys. I'm having a bit of trouble - Just today I went and got my new dedi, and tekkit classic runs fine on it, more then happy, but tekkit space is running at about 10 TPS and its still indev - meaning its only bound to get laggier with more players, right? It seems to be galacticraft is causing the issue from what I gather in the timings (http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=7999421) but i'm not sure what I should do, Removing galacticraft would result in a largely unpopulated server . So, is it possible you can help me and try and diagnose this issue? I believe I do have a moonbase setup, and it is kinda large. Yes, it does use galacticraft oxygen etc. The funny thing though, is as the servers running 10 TPS it doesnt seem to be lagging at all, it seems to be running with no lag whatsoever. But I suspect theres soemething going on behind the scenes like a memory leak perhaps? Thanks. Joseph
  5. IP: factions.random-craft.com Random-Craft Tekkit Classic servers--Factions Edition. Here at this sever we provide a unique factions experience with the famous Tekkit Classic modpack. The server was started on 3/28/14 and plans to keep going on for a while. We have one world--the raiding world. Factions is the primary plugin. Raiding and griefing is allowed(cause it's factions). Certain items have been nerfed, including Quantum Armour(You know why...). PVP combat logging is enabled. Nano Sabers have been buffed up. We are a very fair factions server that aims to be the best. Come and join us now! (Votifier coming soon) - Virtually lag free - Average of 18+ TPS - 30+ Plugins - 20 Slots total(+ any donor reservations) - Nearly 96%+ uptime Unique Features: - Industrial Credits can be traded for money(1 IC = 10) - IC credits are dropped randomly by mobs(no crafting them) - Nano armour only holds 75000EU(not the normal 100000EU) - Quantum armour is only 2x better than nano(meaning it holds 150000EU) - Nano Saber holds 60000EU(not the normal 40000EU) - Nukes are nerfed to about 2x TNT - Destruction catalyst and destruction catalyst nerfed - Timers can go down to 0.8 - 20 Slots(Will be upgraded soon) Mods Banned: none Perma-Banned Items: - Ring of Arcana(A big mess..) - Ring of Ignition/Harvest Goddess Band - Gem armour - Power Teleport Pipes(Crashes) - DM Pedestal(Lag) - Watch of Flowing Time *Restricted Items. Format=item:rank its unlocked: - Usage of water/lava(buckets):Member - Nukes:Member - Dynamite,Cannons:Member - Lava/Water Amulet:Experienced - Black Hole Band:Experienced - Desturction Catalyst/Catalytic Lens:Experienced - Void Ring:Donors - World Anchors:Donors *Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban. Donor Perks: - Multiple Homes - Color, magic, and chat format - Special Kits - /me, /back - Colors in signs - Disguise as: chickens, pigs, cows, silverfish, ect. - Perms to make/use void ring - Teleport cooldown bypass - /nick - /near, /ext, /weather - Use of world anchors RULES: [1] No hacking, spamming, or advertising [2] No harrasing anyone! [3] Respect the staff [4] No repetitive killing(E.I Killing the same person 5 times in a row) [5] No AFK machines! [6] Make sure your machines are properly built and do not spit items [7] No X-Ray or duping [8] No asking for any ranks Failure to follow the rules will result in banning! Auto-Ranks: Guest: Less than 12 hours playtime on the server. Member: Obtain after 12 hours of playtime. Experienced: Obtain after 48 hours of playtime. Come and join us! We would love to have another player with us playing! IP: factions.random-craft.com Website: www.random-craft.com By the way, moderators or any other higher rank have no teleporting powers. This is to prevent staff abuse.
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