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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Me and my friends started a server for 2 months ago, one of my friend is the host and we disabled the dolphins spawning in the server config files (Mo'Creatures).However,now they started to spwan on one specific place (at my friend's house) and they make lagging the server if we are on the nearby and make us dropping out from the server,we couldn't realy find any commands that would help us to kill those buggers,(we're on 1.7.10) and tried the" /cofh killall [entity] " command,(CoFH mod) but this is only kills the hostile mobs, and the only solution what we can do is take out the Mo'Creatures mod what I realy don't want,so please if someone know what can we do then please reply to this topic !!! THX!!!
  2. I've have problems with the launcher. every time i open it, it gets stuck on "Downloading launcher asset open sans 0%" ive tried redownloading it, doing admission start trying to find help online but so far nothing has worked! can anyone help me please?? Thanks
  3. This is the first time I've made a custom modpack ever, and I'm having difficulties reaching the Minecraft title screen. This modpack has roughly 50 mods, all of which should are running MC Version 1.7.10. The problem is that I have yet to reach the title screen; I load the modpack from the launcher and see only the background of dirt textures while music plays. After opening up the Launcher Logs and analyzing them (to the best of my beginner's ability) I found that it could be the result of: Lengthy modpack load times (more of a guess than actual fact-- it's not exactly a small pack and may just take more than 15 minutes to load) SLF4J error (followed the link, began to speak about classpaths, at which point it lost me completely, though I did note in a post commented on by Munaus that the error is irrelevant) Biomes O' Plenty 1.7.10 latest version not compatible with current Forge loader (but would this actually be the cause of the title screen not loading up?) Ars Magica 2 data is "obfuscated," "IllegalArgumentException" The audio has a "deprecated Carbon Component Manager" that will be unsupported soon (shouldn't have an effect on the game yet) Many of the mods apparently don't have an MC Version, though it is present even in the file name There were errors earlier and the modpack was not undergoing "mod initialization" My giving the launcher 4GB of my 4GB of RAM, vs. giving it 3GB, which is supposed to be more effective I'm sure this problem is quite obvious and is explained somewhere else in the forums, despite my lengthy search. Below I will paste the pastebin log I copied from the Technic Launcher "log" file. Any help on this matter would be appreciated, and don't be afraid to ask questions pertaining to this issue. http://pastebin.com/3aaUubu4
  4. I recently downloaded the technic mod pack and tried running it. It loads up fine but it won't install any mod packs. When I try to install one it downloads a bit then stops, sits there and then cancels the download. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running 64 bit windows 8.1 Intel i7 core 8 gb ram 1 tb hard drive java 8 and 7 Here is the log for the launcher: http://pastebin.com/FVdUeGzr
  5. Hello, I have a very big problem. I have created a modpack, it worked at first with about 40 mods, then I changed the name. Now after this, no-matter what I do (reset, taking mods in and out etc.) it justs launches the modpack when I click launch, then it closes and returns straight back to the technic launcher. Any help please, this is so annoying.
  6. I recently made a modpack and posted it on technic platform. i used dropbox to get my download url or whatever it's called into the modpack profile. when i used the platform url link to try to run the pack on my launcher, it says this: Error downloading file for the following pack: Joel's Super War Pack Failed to download https://www.dropbox.com/s/n5mxk2ehxwk1o7h/Modpack.rar Please consult the modpack author I dont know whats wrong or how to fix it does anyone know?
  7. Hey! I already posted on this forum to ask help for a custom modpack,but,since there were too much problems,I decided to go and make a new one,but,guess what?I'm having trouble with this one too x(! I don't think the problems are the same so, can you please help me? My modpack : http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/feed-the-steed For now,the main problem is that once I click play on the tecnhnic pack launcher,the launcher disapears and reapears after a few seconds. Help me please!
  8. Hey People's of Technic Forums! I've been trying to install Sphax for hexxit and haven't been able to. Before you say, I have followed every instruction. I've moved the patch to the base folder, then put that in <.technic/modpacks/hexxit/texturepacks>. It should be worth noting im putting in 1GB RAM, but i can't put any more in. Screenshots:
  9. Hello , I Really Need Help!!!!! Whenever I Open My Technic launcher and click on attack of the b-team , the mods start loading then after like a minute , the launcher goes away and nothing pops up!!! , ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling and deleting all files for attack of the b-team before re-installing and it still doesn't work! can someone help me plz!!! -Colllm~
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