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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, like many others I like to record my adventures on Minecraft and put them on YouTube. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the Technic launcher's settings to open Minecraft with a fixed resolution, such as 1080x720, which would be conducive to making, editing, and publishing YouTube videos. I can't find a way to do so. Currently, my solution is to change the resolution on my computer to 720p and play in Full Screen mode. I was hoping there might be a more elegant solution? If not, is there any chance of us seeing this capability built into the launcher in the future? As far
  2. Why hello there! I make all sorts of videos on my channel, but Tekkit tends to be one of my favorite. Make sure to leave a like if you liked the video and dislike if you disliked it xD
  3. Link to video Okay so if you don't want to watch the video I will explain, basically I created a world with two pages. One of them being Pink Slime.name Block and the other being Ocean Biome, in that order. After doing so and visiting the world you will notice the pink slime liquid turns to slime, this causes the game to lag and freeze up. If on a server you get an error that basically tells you you don't have enough PC power to render it. Thanks for watching and please don't create the world like that, I found it was okay to use the pink slime page on its own as it makes small pools.
  4. Hey guys! I've just started a new map in AoTBT and along with it, a new chapter in my LP of the modpack! Give it a look if you're interested
  5. Hello everybody! So I've been working on this speed art lately, which is actually pretty cool! It's a drawing of something you can see in the video of course! So here is the video! And as always enjoy! http://youtu.be/W83bIy4vgFc About me I like to do speed arts and that what I do as a hobby, and then post them to youtube. Creativity is just my hobby in general! Why? You probably may wonder why I would upload speed arts? Is it just because to look badass? No it's not. I do it because I like it, and enjoy it. And people can learn by my mistakes, and I can even learn! So
  6. Hello all! So over on my YouTube channel I'm doing a series on Tekkit Classic. I used to play almost 6 months ago and now I'm getting back into it. I've forgotten how to play and I'm figuring it all out over again. I'm open to all and any suggestions, so go ahead. If you guys could check it out that would be really awesome. Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDineco Videos in a playlist -
  7. Hey everyone! I just started a new channel on youtube, and im posting a new attack of the b-team lp series. Here me and my friends build, explore and try out mods! As I have noticed youtube is very hard to get people to find you, even if you have good content. So that lead me here in hope of making some new friends and pushing my channel a little further. Please dont hate as this is just a way to get my channel out there, and theres probably people that like looking at Lets plays! So if you enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe! That is what motivates me and makes me do videos. Remembe
  8. This is a tutorial on how to build an automatic tin , aluminum, copper, iron, and gold (T.A.C.I.G.) farm! It uses thermal expansion and oreberry bushes to get you loads of metal with no work involved!
  9. I just wanted to share my first episode of Attack of the B Team!
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