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Found 7 results

  1. If you want to use your skin as profile picture, youre failed. Cause the "API"/Site you use to resolve the skin pictures doesnt support inGame names, it wants the UUID of the specific player. Here you can see the failure about the failed profile picture The graphical Adress of this picture is It brings back an error -> Invalid UUID So, the URL must must be set to this format: But, if I placed my UUID (cdf5ce70-079a-487b-8b71-b0ad4ffb4fb3) on the profile edit page in the Minecraft IGN Section, it gives me an error cause its not an valid name.
  2. pianomanbd

    Website/Launcher Banned IP

    I'm trying to play a mod pack with my friend, but he can't access the website and the launcher doesn't work for him. When trying to get to the website, it says "Error 1006 Access denied. The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (his ip address)" I was able to send him the launcher but it doesn't allow him any access. He's not using a VPN or anything and as far as I can tell he is just banned for whatever reason. I doubt that he has ever been to the site before, so who can we talk to, to get his address unbanned?
  3. Mutantoe

    No verification E-mail

    I'm getting no verification e-mail when i click "Re-send verification e-mail." - I use Gmail - I have looked in "All mail" - I have looked in "Spam" Can anyone help? EDIT Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of post?
  4. UncleChester14

    Pack editing page not loading

    I'm not sure if there's a database or part of the webserver down somewhere but I can't get to the right page to edit my pack. I can get to the page that everyone else can see, but when I hit the edit button I get a 504 error. I have tried to wait (2 days now) and I have jumped to Google's DNS servers and still same thing everytime. If this is being worked on or is known about that's fine, just wondering if you guys are aware of it. I have noticed others have updated their packs so I'm not completely sure what's up. ~Thanks
  5. throatcobra

    A New Server Opportunities

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help to start up a new tekkit server which i hope will be able to compete with Tekkify. I plan on having much of the same mods installed but i want to allow as may of the items as i can, only banning the ones that mess with grief prevention. I also want to try and write some custom mods to fill the gaps that other servers wont be able to fill. I'm looking for someone with experience as an op on a server to possibly help me out and answer some questions. I plan on setting up a donation website where people who donate get special privileges, you know how it works. so whoever wants to help out we can split the profit, after i cover the cost of hosting the server. I'm mainly looking for help with setting up the plugins and grief prevention because i want to be 100% sure that's done right. A little about me: I'm a computer science major from the University of Central Florida. I'm going into my Junior year after taking a year off to join the National Guard. I have plenty of experience with more programming languages than I can count, I've just never written a mod before, but i'll pick it up quick. You can download my modpack now from the Technic launcher with the URL below: it comes with a link to my server I'm setting up and you'll log in without build privileges. The server is also up and down allot so don't be surprised if it is not up when you try. Thanks for all your help! The Technic community is great form all the posts I've read
  6. I'd love to be able to better format the entry for my pack's changelog. Right now: all indenting whitespace (line whitespace prefixes) is removed[ any consecutive multiple whitespace is squashed down to one space char. other than whitespace stripping it doesn't appear that bbcode or other markup tags are allowed/processed To get around this I'm currently indenting with varying numbers of ". . . ". Not the cleanest looking but significantly better at visually grouping and showing children for versions, modifications and any descriptions than allowing the editor/markup to remove all indentation/spacing. Definitely keep the fixed with font but please either preserve whitespace or support lists with indentation using either bbcode style tags or standard markup language. Thanks, *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*