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Found 16 results

  1. Basically the website to download is toast because it "has nothing to download".
  2. As you should know, you can edit your avatar and change it in your Minecraft Head, but as I see through the code, you are using Crafatar.com for the converting, but they no longer support ingame names. But you only allow IGN's on your website, so it doesn't work for me. Crafatar now only supports UUID, so you could use this little website https://mcuuid.net/?q= you could just read from this view-source:https://mcuuid.net/?q=hopfulldyingsoon (this is my profile) there you can read line 91 with the keyword: "value" (its always line 91) this line returns the UUID you can use for Crafatar, you jus
  3. If you want to use your skin as profile picture, youre failed. Cause the "API"/Site you use to resolve the skin pictures doesnt support inGame names, it wants the UUID of the specific player. Here you can see the failure about the failed profile picture http://prntscr.com/l0e424 The graphical Adress of this picture is https://crafatar.com/avatars/KleinDev?size=60&helm It brings back an error -> Invalid UUID So, the URL must must be set to this format: https://crafatar.com/avatars/cdf5ce70-079a-487b-8b71-b0ad4ffb4fb3?size=60&helm But, if I placed my UUID (cdf5ce70-079
  4. I'm trying to play a mod pack with my friend, but he can't access the website and the launcher doesn't work for him. When trying to get to the website, it says "Error 1006 Access denied. The owner of this website (www.technicpack.net) has banned your IP address (his ip address)" I was able to send him the launcher but it doesn't allow him any access. He's not using a VPN or anything and as far as I can tell he is just banned for whatever reason. I doubt that he has ever been to the site before, so who can we talk to, to get his address unbanned?
  5. Hey everyone started a new technic top site. Let me know how it is and if you could give me some feedback on it. [![alt text][2]][1] [1]: http://technictoplist.net [2]: http://imgur.com/qDpdbPn.png (technictoplist.net)
  6. Hi, I hope this is the correct category for this issue. So my problem is, I can't import a Solder modpack to the TechnicPack website. I clicked "Create new modpack" -> "Import from Solder", I select my modpack from the list and it says The modpack name you entered has a slug that already exists. So I thought OK, someone has modpack with same slug. So I changed it to something unique, hit F5 on the TechnicPack page, but the same thing happened. Then I tried to do it the normal way, thinking I would link Solder later. Well, I either get "The name has already been taken.
  7. Hi there, we're glad you are interested in playing our custom mod pack in our custom server too. Well, let me introduce you to "Forsaken Border's Trinity". Our new custom mod pack consisting of 146 mods with 133 Active Mods in it, including Optifine, NEI, and Inventory Tweaks to enhance client side game play.What is Forsaken Border's Trinity?It's a very open source custom mod pack made with the best known mods and a few obscure mods that need to be heard off, with a mix of 3 genres in it for "Trinity" we have Magic, tons of magic mods such as Thaumcraft, BloodMagic and more. We have technology
  8. I was wondering if you could add an option to remove the background image from a modpack. I want to go back to the default background (no background at all) I tried uploading a transparent png but it will show as a white texture. I also picked a single solid color. The results aren't satisfying. Right now the only way to remove the background is deleting the modpack and creating a new one. Is there another way I may have missed?
  9. I can't seem to embed my video on my modpack description page. I know it is possible though because I see a number of modpack pages that have an embedded video. Anyone know what the correct format to embed the video is? I tried the standard iFrame embed code that YouTube generates but it appears that the html is not parsed when the post is made. I also tried using the "Ask Us" feature on the main page only to be greeting with "There was an error processing your request." Reminder: I am not talking about embedding on the forums, I know how to do that. I am talking about embedding
  10. Hello. I have recieved permission from the owners of darkade to distribute this. The link to the download for the website belonging to 'The Darkade Network' is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/245388212/Darkade-master.zip Again, note, I have permission to distribute these. You can use these as your own website files as you wish. Just edit the images and JQuery to suit your needs.
  11. Hey! I currently host a tekkit classic server called bedrock creations. I am looking for someone who has experience behind php, mySQL, Javascript, html and css to make me a website. If interested add me on Skype or come on my server and we could sort out some sort of deal! Skype = TheBedrockKing Server = Cheers!
  12. Hi, i had a profile on the old website, but now when i try to register on the new one, it always says "something went wrong". Please help
  13. I Know this is not a correct forum for this topic I Can't Do Anything On Website All the Time Got Error 504 When I Try to Edit Modpack or Go to Home Page and this is no Because of My Internet !!! and Sory For My Eng :c
  14. Hi all, I love the technic platform however something has been bothering me for a while now. the website is just so, so, slow.. whenever I try to visit it, it keeps loading for ages. sometimes this problem occurs sometimes it doesn't. but when it does, modpacks in the launcher are offline. now I know for sure it's not my internet connection nor my computer. I have a 100Mbit/s glass fibre provider. I'm not sure if this is just where I live (The Netherlands) but as far as I know, technicpack.net is cached on a server in Amsterdam to decrease load on the servers of technicpack and pos
  15. I'm getting no verification e-mail when i click "Re-send verification e-mail." - I use Gmail - I have looked in "All mail" - I have looked in "Spam" Can anyone help? EDIT Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of post?
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