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Found 3 results

  1. Long story short, I managed to get KCauldron-1.7.10-1517.168 and World edit 6.1.3 to work, but whenever anyone including myself tries to connect to my server, it crashes their client immediately. I attempted to remove World Edit from the server's plug-ins and the crashing happens regardless. here is the log from my client, hopefully it can help http://pastebin.com/5yhp5r83 The server works just fine, and has yet to crash, but if you need logs from both, here is what happens when I connect to it. http://pastebin.com/KH7zJRWc
  2. Addicticraft Tekkit Server We are a Survival Tekkit Server but we have many other servers in Progress. On Top of having to survive the outside against the mobs, you are able to build with friends. We have plenty in store for the server and to make a place where players can have a challenge with mobs, craft Tekkit Items and go to the Moon. The owners Bruce and I have previously owned/ran minecraft servers in the past and know the ropes and experienced minecraft/tekkit server owners. We do our best to ensure our players can play somewhere where theres friendly players, helpful staff members, fun events and as well as pvp. We have an effective protection system for blocks placed as well as your stuff. Come join us in the Tekkit server by using the technic launcher and using the bluerocket picture for Technic. IP: Rules: 1. Placing blocks to cover people is bannable. 2. No spamming or advertising 3. No hacking/ exploiting/ cheating of any kind 4. If you find any exploits, tell a staff member 5. No griefing. 6. Dont ask for staff position. 7. Respect both staff and the players on the server Some items are banned due to the issue they are used to dupe items or cause major destruction to a server. Dont have a complete list but there are some items listed on our enjin site. We are currently still going through all the items. Some are: Turtles, matter cannons, needleguns, SPAMR launcher, sacred rubber tree, plastic bag, florb, confiscate module, anti personal module, descinagration module, sponge module, block breaker, minecart tnt, plasma, trade booth, and drums. Disabled Mods: Balkons Weapons, Inv tweaks, redstone in motion and more. Message me or join in the server at IP: Website: http://addicticraft.enjin.com We also are almost done with our MOB ARENA!!! We have been big before and are working our way back up!!
  3. Sturlie

    Chunk Corruption

    Hello, so I recently started having a problem with a few of the chunks in my Tekkit world. I've done a bit of research in an effort to resolve the problem, but have come up against a wall and there is nothing else I have the expertise to resolve myself or find a resolution too. A couple of weeks ago I started having a major lag problem in a handful of my chunks. It's only occuring in this one handful of adjacent chunks. Basically when I enter any of these handful of chunks I get extraordinary lag unto the game being unplayable within this area. I haven't done anything in these specific chunks aside from placing some torches and mining out some ores. I can't just reset the region as my hq is nearby to these chunks and I am not sure how to tell if my hq is in the same region as the offending chunks. My research has turned up three possible ways to resolve the problem, but one involves delving into the game code so I don't feel comfortable with that one given my lack of technical expertise. The other two involve tools I feel more comfortable with but I am not certain how I can use them alongwith tekkit. The first option is to use MCEdit to regenerate the chunks, but I have been unable to figure out how to set up MCEdit to be able to read all of the mods in tekkit. Currently I am only able to figure out how to set up MCEdit to work with vanilla minecraft, MCEdit reads my world with numerous 'unknown' blocks in the place modded blocks, which is a problem because I assume this also means that MCEdit cannot generate new chunks with modded blocks the way a Tekkit world should have. The other option is to use World Edit and regenerate the chunks from world edits in world interface, however I do not know how I could add World Edit to my single player map. Any help would be much appreciated.
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