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  1. Hey guys, anyone got a good modpack base on nevermine2 with a server download ?
  2. Today i'm advertising a new modpack called EclipseC (it has a server , just click on multiplayer), this server is a dragon ball server where you can battle with other players and be the strongest ! At the moment the server isnt fully ready ! btw you can join and help us building our server ! modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/eclipsec.1059818 server ip (just if really needed): EclipseC.g-s.nu
  3. We're taking a break from the hack-and-slash Aurora Novum adventure to update to Minecraft 1.7; in the meantime, we're taking a crack at the Hardcore Quest Map pack Blightfall, where we'll be tasked with surviving on a hostile alien world and attempting to establish a human colony. In this first episode we get the background story and then head down to the planet to find out how bad things really are. Blightfall can be found on the Technic Launcher: http://technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618 We also are using the Sphax Texture pack for Minecraft 1.7:
  4. Why hello there! I make all sorts of videos on my channel, but Tekkit tends to be one of my favorite. Make sure to leave a like if you liked the video and dislike if you disliked it xD
  5. Activate google traduction please, I'm french. Je vous présente le première épisode de la saison de la série : UNEXPLORED LAND ! Une survie minecraft basée sur hexxit en solo =)
  6. Hey, I just want to know if there is a way to embed youtube videos in a modpacks description, and if so, how, thanks in advance!
  7. I am trying to make a mod pack so me and my friends can play and I have finally figured out why Dropbox wasn't working. When I figured out the reason it wasn't working my mod pack downloaded but there was one problem. When I hit play the mod pack started and I could only play 1.7.10 without any mods. I went on to youtube to search why it wasnt working and why there wern't any mods but nothing came up. I finnaly found one thing and tried to change my link from https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfwh2jqrjjzcazg/trolol.zip? to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/yfwh2jqrjjzcazg/trolol.zip?dl=1 and I fin
  8. I am looking to start a yogscast like youtube team and i need members. I am part of a community called UNITY, and this is what our team will be called. I am gonna start the channel of with tekkit lite. You are not required to record but if you do, you MUST use Sphax PureBDCraft 64x64. I need a server to do this on as well. We will discuss the direction of the series on a group skype chat. Your application will be given on skype as well. All I need for now is: IGN: Age: Skype: Experience with Technic/Tekkit: Timezone:
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone would watch a throwback series to tekkit classic. It's one of my favorite modpacks because of my memories of it. I have a small youtube channel with all of the proper gear to make quality Tekkit videos if anyone is interested. Please reply with any feedback Yours truly- Wes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0qE56SUh7TLZAqYLx3kGMw
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41nbl_gFPJCPqG_TYoSuog Hey there check out my Channel and find out all about Feed the Beast infinity! Lets plays and guides! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41nbl_gFPJCPqG_TYoSuog
  11. So, some people, like me, have been getting some issues with Minecraft and Technic Launcher, where there will be no sound. Following this easy fix will get you up and running...
  12. Hey! Looking for someone or some people, preferably from UK. No more than 3, to start an attack of the b team server with to put on youtube. Let me know by replying! Thanks hope to speak soon!
  13. Go HERE! Or type in OmiTech: Magical Dabblings into the modpack search on your technic launcher to install the pack. Dont forget to leave a like for our Modpack HERE! | WELCOME TO THE OMNIKRAFT COMMUNITY || Were more than just a server, were a community! |+ To be a member of OmniKraft, means youre part of something that is larger than all of us! What makes us stand out from other Minecraft servers is that we define ourselves by the impact we make on those who join. We recognize that its you, the player that matters most, not the server itself. You are joining a family, one that welcomes ever
  14. Here's my house I worked on for 2/3 days. Hope you like it Youtube Video
  15. [NOTE] I could've posted this on the Let's play section, but this has nothing to do with lets plays and I see it as a form of art in a way! If you disagree, let me know why down below! Heeeello lads and ladettes of all ages! I am MH, aka Megapixelz Gaming and I make videos about gaming. I sometimes make Minecraft Machinimas and right now I have a BIG project on the works... "Champions, Rise! Today, we will be victorious and end the dragon of the burning mountain!" Champions of Thunderheim is a minecraft fantasy machinima series inspired by a roleplaying character I had. It is more of
  16. Welcome to the first ever Hardcore Modded Minecraft Challenge. This challenge put you the player (and hopefully youtuber) into the world of our choosing with the mods of our choosing. Every month a new modpack and a new challenge will be issued. This month of March will be "Making a Diverse Restaurant" the seed will be "Restaurant2015Challenge". Rules of the game; * Display Coordinates of Any Villages or Diamonds that are found * No Sleeping the Nights away * Everything Needs to be on Camera * No AFK Crop Growth * Each Episode is a complete Day/Night Cycle (aprox 20 mins) * Must Be in Hardcor
  17. We might be getting a sponsored sever from elite pro hosting for YouTube if you want to be in the series fill out these questions Link to YouTube channel(must have): How many subs: Google hangouts(must have): Link to twitch(optional): How many followers: Can you put this image in every video you do for the series ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > : Will you advertise elite pro hosting in the description of every video on you're Chanel: email: recording software(if you don't have one get OBS it is the best for minecraft and face cam): What state and country do you live in(must be clo
  18. =========================================================================== Brand New Attack of the B Team Server! Come Check it out! Custom Plug-Ins! Survival with your friends! Economy with Spawn and Towns! 100 Slots Plenty of room for you and all your friends! YouTube/Twitch Friendly! Announcements when someone goes Live or Uploads Videos! Need Someone to have their Videos Featured on our posts! VIP Kits and access! Come on down and join our Server Family! Also Builders Wanted! =========================================================================== We are hosting a new Minecraft
  19. ColoFTW


    Anyone else having serious lag when they are trying to record with Technic? If you have a solution, please reply. It would be helpful because I am trying to get a big hit on my Youtube channel! I am using a ELGATO GAME CAPTURE HD if that is needed to help! THANKS SO MUCH! P.S. I am also using a dell inspiron laptop with pretty much max ram and space upgrades.
  20. Hello everyone! I am starting a Twitch livestream server, and I am inviting anyone who wants to participate! The game is simple, there will be a set number of teams all going against each other. Factions are enabled, and the goal is to be the last team standing, be it total domination or peace. Everything else not stated here will be discussed with each other. The rules on the server are simple: No banned items, livestream whenever you are on the server, use Skype as must as possible, and have fun! IF YOU WANT TO JOIN YOU MUST HAVE A TWITCH ACCOUNT AND SKYPE. I AM ONLY GOING TO ACCEPT A LI
  21. Hello everybody! Just thought I'd let you know me and a couple of friends have decided to do a Tekkit Series on YouTube, the first video went up today so go check it out. It isn't that good but we sure to improve in the future! <3 ( I also messed up slightly on the intro but it will be as normal for the next episode)
  22. Many People Dont know how to use most things in tekkit. If you are one of them this is the channel for you! I have a channel which has videos that may help, Also it is 100% survival. Youtube Channel: 1.*snip* or go right to the first episode 1.*snip* hope I helped.
  23. Hey Guys, Just letting anyway who sees this know I am making a small server for Minecraft Tekkit Classic and am looking for enthusiastic people to join. No banned items, but cheats are not allowed. Be friendly. There should be no reason to go to war with anyone and anything bad may be an immediate ban. This will be open 24/7 and should be lots of fun. I will be filming a youtube series on it. People from Australia are mostly wanted, as I live in Australia and people would be more likely to come on at the same time as me. Between ages of 11-16 to join. Email me at [email protected]
  24. I am creating a new Youtube series with Attack of the B-Team, and I want to do something sort of like what Chimneyswift and them did, I already have the server (whitelist), but not the people. I need 6 more people to join me! RULES: Will be established when/if you get picked! Feel free to ask questions, and if you want to join, here are the requirements: - Minecraft Name: - Age: - Skype: - Why you want to join me: - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): - How dedicated are you?: - Why should you be picked?:
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