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No aluminium (or bauxite) spawning?

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The title basically explains it.

Im playing voltz and there is no aluminium. Its not in the creative inventory, not in NEI, and all aluminium-requiring items are gone from the creative inventory and the NEI one. There is no crash report or anything. Maybe I'm missing a library or something?
Note: This originally cropped up for me on a multiplayer voltz server, but I have had the same result in single player.

If you need a console/crash report, please comment below telling me how to find one. The below links show me attempting to find some aluminium in the NEI/creative invent. Creative Inventory Search Circuit Fabricator Search - Creative (aluminium-requiring item) Aluminium NEI search

As mentioned before if you need some more information please tell me below

Including how to find it would be much appreciated)

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Normally this spawns due to galacticraft in tekkit 3.1.2 beta. (make sure you are not playing the default voltz as far as I know)

(little cogwheel under voltz on the left hand side, make sure it is not loading recommended for example)


Make sure that mod is there and that in the config it is generating it, then go to a new not explored chunk a bit away and set up a quarry to gather the ore.


You could try resetting the modpack so that it would download the mods again, but be warned backup your saves first just in case.

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