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[TP][MOMEPack] MO.ME CORP [PvE][52 Slots][Whitelisted][Bukkit,GriefPrevention, LWC, CoreProtect, RP2

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Where can i apply to get white-listed? Well... My IGN is SerbianNinja and i'm all about science and dislike EE and magic stuffs. I also really like turtules and programming them to , mine , build... destroy the world.. Mostly mine and build. I hope this is enough to white list me and if you need any more info i will be more than glad to answer on the server when and if i get white-listed.

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IGN: josh_rox_98

How old are you?: I'm 14.3 years young.

How often are you available and in what timezone?: I'm on about every 1-2 days usually.

How long have you been playing Tekkit / Minecraft?: I've played Minecraft for 1.5 years and Tekkit for 1

Previous bans (include reason): I was once banned from my friends server but he was just kidding so I don't think that counts.

How did you hear about us?: I found the server on the technicpack.net forums section.

Have you read and agreed to our server rules, and read the FAQ completely?: Yes. You guys owe me 30 mins of in game fun XD

Why would you be a good addition to the server?: I would be a good addition to your server because I am a dedicated Tekkitter (if that's a word) and I really love making the ultimate set up. My most favourite mod is Industrial Craft and I always end up running out of space in my houses from all of my machines. I would be willing to help anyone with any Tekkit/ Minecraft related problems when ever it's needed and I would never do anything to upset anyone. It would be a great honour to join this server and my friend and I would enjoy our time here greatly. Thanks for reading my application.

~Josh Rox :D

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Thread title: Silverclawwe

How old are you?:14

How often are you available and in what timezone?:every day central stander time

How long have you been playing Tekkit / Minecraft?:4 year

Previous bans (include reason):no never been on severs

How did you hear about us?:the forums

Have you read and agreed to our server rules, and read the FAQ completely?:yes

Why would you be a good addition to the server?:yes I like to help people and play tekkit

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Hey, my name is DylanCOD i like playing minecraft and COD. I live in cyprus (a greek country under greece) and i'd love to join a server that doesnt have any downtime and whitelisted so none of the people will grief me.I have played tekkit for 2 years now and i pretty much now ALOT about it.Thanks if you accept, if you dont no problem i can always join another. =) BYE!!

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I started playing on this server yesterday. I thought it was a great server. Some of the players were very helpful and very nice. I made a comment as to the likes in chat. Sicken the admin says in chat that they really werent nice at all but tolerable. Another person spoke up and made a joke about the admins especially sicken being asses. I said "I plead the fifth." Darn..little did I know that statement would result in sicken truly being an ass and started bashing americans (one of which I am) and about how stupid americans were and so on. I felt like he was being very disrepectful to myself and anyone else who was american. I didnt have the need to sit there and bash him and who he was...he doesnt know me so what gave him the right to bash me? I sent off a pm to another admin about the whole situation and how I felt it was wrong. I said I had just started playing and since I had liked the server I had considered donating but had gotten side tracked. I told him that I was glad that I hadnt after the way I was treated. Well, I sent the pm and then glanced on the chat on the dynamap and this admin had made a snide comment to sicken about being anti american and laughed as if it was all funny that he had treated me this way. I knew then my pm was useless.. BUT WAIT...there is more... oh yes...not only did I get treated like crap by these immature jerks..they banned me. I got a reply pm and was told as much that there wasnt a problem and it was all drama. Funny thing is...I said very little in chat during the whole thing so if there was drama..you best look towards your admin...not me. You gotta love how the system works... Join server....be polite....get berated by being called stupid ... get banned and all the while not saying a word back in my defense. If you join this server, make sure you arent american because apparently according to them...we are all stupid idiots and apparently worthless by the way I was treated. I highly dont recommend this server to anyone.

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