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Ok so I play on this Tekkit server and a group of people made a INFINITE fint generator that they use to make scrap for UU matter. I just have no idea how they do it!

Things to note:

EE is disabled, so no collectors.

Buildcraft is disabled.

Block breakers are disabled due to huge cobble to scrap generators (this is mainly why I'd like to have a flint one)

I know, I am 99.9% sure it involves an ic2 miner.

So, any ideas how?

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Well gravel can be repeatedly broken using deployers to place gravel over a torch. The gravel then falls at least one block to break into either gravel or flint entities. This can then be picked up by a transposer. Gravel can also be macerated into flint, but this requires EU whereas the other method doesn't. You didn't really provide enough info to figure out more than this, but i hope I've given you a good lead.

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There's probably a lot of ways to make infinite scrap, but you specifically mentioned an ic2 miner.

You just have to convince the miner to mine towards ore, but stop before it gets there. It breaks a piece of cobble, then water and lava form to make a replacement, and then repeat.

Here's an example.

As far as making infinite sand or gravel, it can be done by having two sticky pistons operate on the same block. Do a google search for infinite gravel sticky piston, and you'll find it.

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Ahh, I tried the miner trick in ssp and it worked! BUT, it was pretty slow. I'd need to build a lot of those to get enough cobble to create scrap fast.

As for the sand/gravel, I thought that was all patched? I tried a few different methods in SSP and nothing worked.

I'll keep the miner trick in mind for the future but I'm still on the hunt for the flint generator. Thanks!

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