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[3.1.3] IonGaming Tekkit [PvE] [200 Slots] [Towny] [iConomy] [24/7] [Great Community]


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I have to admit, This server is Survival Mode Upgraded. I love the ability to survive, but also to expand and experiment with energy and harness it to defeat foes. I admire the face that so much is dedicated to this. Great server

In Game Username: Ixarias

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this server is crap now, 3 of the owners left and took 3/4 of the donations for the server, most of the mods left as well. after that they removed most of the EE items, then reset the map without notice or even a forum post. and now the current owner tyantelf is downtalking every user he interacts with.

the server is always down

always crashing

always getting griefed

people ddos the server constantly

the one good thing about the server is the users but i think that is going to leave very quickly with how they are acting

the server pays people in game money to post here, so i wouldn't believe 90% of these posts

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