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[DEAD] Geistes's TPPI Server [PvE][20Slots][Whitelist]

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IGN) KrazedKirb Age) 16 Location) U.S. How long have you been playing Minecraft) 4 years ago in Beta 1.5. What keeps you playing Minecraft?)  Playing with friends and huge modpacks like TPPI can keep

Hola, Mokkamann98, Dovregubben98, and wolfleaf. I've whitelisted all of you, welcome aboard Again if you have any issues, just let me know.

IGN) Baseball_Legion Age) 16 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) I've been playing Minecraft since the 7th grade, which was four years ago when I played Beta 1.5 with Krazedkirb an

IGN) asavva

Age) 15

Location) Latvia

How long have you been playing Minecraft) about 3 years, have been taking breaks though

What keeps you playing Minecraft?) i like building and mining, mostly, new mods get me excited as well


Also, I'd like you to add a frend of mine, his info is: 




How long have you been playing Minecraft)about 2 years

What keeps you playing Minecraft?)he likes mining and exploring, as well as messing around with mods


IGN) Nick1000823

Age) 16

Location) Illinois, US

How long have you been playing Minecraft) Several years, on servers of all kinds.

What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Interesting modpacks and friends.


Whitelisted all of you! Welcome aboard! 

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IGN) JacobPlaysGames

Age) 15

Location) US

How long have you been playing Minecraft) 4 years I believe

What keeps you playing Minecraft?) I think what keeps me playing minecraft is the amount of fun you can have with others in this game. Knowing that I can come on and have alot of fun with friends is amazing.


Hello Govern'er, Added you to the whitelist!

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Applying for my friend.


IGN) Rasconza

Age) 18

Location) Canada

How long have you been playing Minecraft) 2ish Years

What keeps you playing Minecraft?) "Fun with friends"


Added to the whitelist! 

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Is the server updating or some thing today?


Thanks for letting me know, It appears someone may have accidentally corrupted the map. All I can tell you is that it was in relation to bees.


If anyone has any knowledge on the topic, please let me know. 


The map has been rolled back to the 15th/FEB/2015

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Now now lets not jump to any conclusions, my bees did nothing wrong thank you very much.


Edit: Can you turn off Moonstone meteor block damage in the am2 config please? " B:MoonstoneMeteorDestroyTerrain=true" [where true do: false] I don't appreciate it blowing holes in my lawn every 5 minutes!


Post Edit edit: I think my bees are determined to to corrupt the world and have done so again. Could you put a copy up of the crash/corruption log for me to pick apart?  I would like to continue with my precious, precious bees.. and thus I would appreciate knowing what causes the issue.  I did a quick check on my setup and there is nothing noteworthy that may cause a crash. However, it seems to only happen shortly after breeding a 'Wight' Bee. 

Edited by Tatters
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Well at least i know whats up with things being down hehe. Glad I haven't done much the past few days to worry bout a roll back. Also good to note that bee breeding may be an issue, though I haven't started working on bees yet. Hope to see the server back up soon, and thanks Geistes for keepin' it goin for us.

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Now now lets not jump to any conclusions, my bees did nothing wrong thank you very much.


Edit: Can you turn off Moonstone meteor block damage in the am2 config please? " B:MoonstoneMeteorDestroyTerrain=true" [where true do: false] I don't appreciate it blowing holes in my lawn every 5 minutes!


Post Edit edit: I think my bees are determined to to corrupt the world and have done so again. Could you put a copy up of the crash/corruption log for me to pick apart?  I would like to continue with my precious, precious bees.. and thus I would appreciate knowing what causes the issue.  I did a quick check on my setup and there is nothing noteworthy that may cause a crash. However, it seems to only happen shortly after breeding a 'Wight' Bee. 


Ladies and gentlemen, ready your rotten tomatoes and heft them with speed at Tatters to dispel your anger at the world corruption.


-- Tile entity being ticked --
        Name: gendustry.IndustrialApiary // net.bdew.gendustry.machines.apiary.$
        Block type: ID #2276 (tile.gendustry.apiary // net.bdew.gendustry.machi$
        Block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000
        Block location: World: (XXXX,XX,-XXX), Chunk: (at X,X,X in XXX,-XX; con$
        Actual block type: ID #2276 (tile.gendustry.apiary // net.bdew.gendustr$
        Actual block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000
Edited by Geistes
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Right. Considering that the log you put up has either been edited, or does not show the actual co-ords all together (  Block location: World: (XXXX,XX,-XXX), Chunk: (at X,X,X in XXX,-XX; con$ ), I suppose I have no choice but to retire the bees entirely. Sorry for all the trouble I (involuntarily?) caused, how can I make it up to y'all assuming I haven't actually destroyed the map entirely?


Note: I'd appreciate not being pelted with rotten tomatoes or angry posts. Either or. Whatever works for you guys Q_Q

Edited by Tatters
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*gets ready to chuck an overly ripe tomato, then sets it to the side*  Looks like a fun time with something involving that apiary, possibly. Though no worries on my end, since if another roll back occurred I haven't done anything recently. Sorry to hear that your bees have to go but maybe they will fix the issue eventually.  So no worries.

Edited by Nisafei
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Haha, It's not a huge problem, I'm going to remove the block that is causing the error and then use that map. That way we do not have to roll back. Tatters I've PM'd you the coordinates of the block in question.

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No, I just broke it again, sorry. Apparently there's a whole plethora of confliction issues centered around Magic bees. Either that or my base is obscenely corrupt and is causing issues with blocks in regards to bees. (Forestry, Extra bees and trees, magic bees, gendustry, etc.) It would appear to me that only the chunk is corrupt, but is causing the map and server to go down regardless as removing the offending block resolved the issue without performing a roll-back. However, this is just speculation on my part and its more than likely I corrupted the map for a third time, my bad.

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From my past experience with world corruption. The chunk in question is likely bad, and if anything is in that chunk loading it, the server will crash. Be it a player or of course a chunk loader. Im no expert though so its hard to say. Ive never messed with magic bees or gendustry. Not even sure what gendustry does exactly.


No worries on my end though, it happens and its kinda nice not being the main culprit of a server crash/ corruption for a change (I seemed to be the main cause of it with my last group for some odd reason)

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Hello all, I'm removing the block that is responsible for the world corruption as we speak. Tatters has decided against pursuing a career as a beeologist, So we probably wont have this issue again.


Please be aware the map size is in the range of tens of gigabytes, and when working with files this large most operations do tend to take a while to complete.


I expect to have the server back online in about an hour and a half.



2:00 pm
Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Edited by Geistes
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Just a quick update and a minor announcement. 


Things have gone smoothly and the fixed map is being uploaded to the server as we speak.




As for the announcement; In order to keep the tick time under 50ms I ask you to keep chunk-loaders to a minimum.

In concordance with this, I have removed all chunk loaders placed by users who have not logged into the server in over a month.

This is to reduce the tick time back into a nominal range.

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Sweet stuff there. Just learned my RL friend's sister plays this pack haha, so we got to talk about it a bit XP. Thanks for the continued hard work. ^.^



EDIT: Guess my luck is just against me XD. Go to log in and its down, but its possible I just cant connect due to being at said friends house on their internet. *shrugs*  But its all good, I had to do a check on UTC to PST time to see how different my time zone is. Its pretty drastic haha


EDIT2: Eh seems up now, mighta just caught it during a restart or something. Huzzah!

Edited by Nisafei
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IGN)  Solidus85

Age)  29

Location)  US

How long have you been playing Minecraft)  On & off since 2010

What keeps you playing Minecraft?)  The modding community and all of the content for the game


You're on the whitelist! See you online :3

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      Here at Evolution Servers we try to provide the best gaming experience to you the players. Our game servers are hosted on top-notch hardware and is maintained daily. Our server is equipped with mods and plugins to keep game-play fresh and entertaining.. This server is not white-listed but don't worry, your items are guaranteed to stay safe. I hope after reading this you will give our growing community a chance! Hope to see you on(:

      Evolution Servers Modpack required!
      (Click the link above to be sent to the technicpack website)   Our server and mod-pack are still under development. That being said we are looking for builders and staff members. To apply please message me on the forums or post here.

      Key Plugins:
      Grief-prevention Nucleus Ultimate Chat
      AdvancedMachines BuildCraft Biomes o' Plenty BloodMagic ComputerCraft DynamicTrees EMC Forestry IndustrialCraft ProjectRed RailCraft ThaumCraft ThermalDynamics Thermal Expansion CofhWorld Many more to enhance your MineCraft experience. Additional Notes:
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      A fun, medieval themed PvE server featuring claims, custom content & plugins, no banned items, world anchors, kits, custom terrain, active staff, epic builds and much much more...
      discord.gg/gjjqVQR ~ www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com
      Server IP: tekkit.sphgaming.com
      Discord Server: http://discord.gg/gjjqVQR 
      Website: http://www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com
      ABOUT US
      We are a sever for the players - everything we do is aimed at a more enjoyable, fun, fair experienced for our player. Our management staff have years of experience under their belts, and our moderation staff are trained and disciplined. Our team is always around to help you out and make your experience here the best that it can be. We are oriented around service and quality.
      We strive to be different - we aim to provide a unique, original experience in Tekkit Legends, and put an immense amount of effort into our server, that many other networks are unwilling to do. Everything must be of as high a standard as possible, and we'll always do our best to achieve quality results. Our sever is constantly being updated to ensure we are up to date with the modern community, and to ensure we are always bringing you fresh, new content.
      We prioritise integrity - You may have seen many servers in your time, that use fake accounts to boost their numbers, use proxies to vote for themselves, lie about their specs and their community, and only care about their donors... Spearhead will never do this to our community, because we aim for absolute integrity and value an honest experience for our players. 
      Plugins: Many different quality and custom plugins that disable dupes, bugs, cheats and issues, and give the server an active economy, timed ranks, fun things to do, multiple worlds and much more. For security reasons we do not publicise a precise list of plugins.
      Server Rules: The server does not allow hacking, cheating or unfair play of any kind. The chat, while controlled is fairly chill, we just ask you to keep it PG. A list of rules is available on our Website, Discord, Server or just ask any staff member.
      Server Uptime: 24/7!
      Not convinced? Here's a few reasons that our server stands above the rest....
      The server is managed by staff with years of experience on modded servers It's Developed and Built by experts Our mod/admin staff are highly trained and disciplined Custom plugins have been developed to keep the bugs away Advanced security systems are in place to prevent cheating/griefing We allow claims to protect your builds, but have provided an arena in which to fight if you want! Large, detailed, epic exclusive builds are present everywhere you look We feature massive areas of custom, unique terrain We do not cheat our numbers or lie about our sever's stats No banned items World anchors and other highly useful items are available Nice donor perks are available, but the server is not pay to win Timed ranks And many, many, more reasons... Questions? Feel free to join our discord server, to ask any questions or get any help from staff (or just to chat!). http://discord.gg/gjjqVQR
      Server Trailer Video: 


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